Child vomiting Panamera's leather seat! Measures to wipe off stains on the sheets.

Porsche Panamera

A child spit in a car

Yesterday's blog continued, the eldest daughter spit at home ten minutes to go home. Although I am totally bad, because the Wi - Fi is connected inside the car, it seems that my daughter was drunk when I was showing the iPad ... The eldest daughter does not usually get car sickness at all ... I'm really sorry.

So I decided not to bring my iPad again in the future.

Our child's seat

"How can we handle the sheet that the eldest daughter has spitted ..." That means we wereh the child seat first. This is the child seat for our eldest daughter. Certainly, I use this child seat from around 3 years old.

I do not need a big child seat anymore and it is very convenient because I do not take space. Under this junior seat, this sheet protector is laid.

As a result, there is no need to put the child seat directly on the leather seat, it also protects the leather seat. Also this time it was good for my daughter to exhale this time because the thing which I spewed thanks to this sheet did not take directly on the leather seat.

Let's wash the child seat!

I was thinking that it was very stupid at such a time, or that there was no common sense ... I was wondering what I thought "I wash this child seat with a washing machine", so I wash it all in a washing machine.

Well, it's good to wash safely, but for the first time when drying it, I know that only the cover can be removed ...

In this body, a lot of washing water entered,I entered from a small hole in the center of the main unit)It took me a while to pull this water out of that small hole. I swayed around many times, so today my arm is myalgia w

To her husband,

"Well, I wash it in the washing machine as it is?" Once the thinking circuit is with Hidekazu Kano and put in Maseki entertainment company w "

It was said. Certainly, the remarks and action patterns of Kano Kanako seen on TV are "natural, stupid and funny", but I also think about the same thing as Eiko Kano, and the behavior patterns are very similar There are times when you can not smile to laugh because there are.

Talking back to me, my husband wiped the seat, but I could not get through the small holes in the seat ...

I could not take it even if I sucked it with a vacuum cleaner, I sprayed it with mist blowing and absorbed it by holding down with microfiber cloth, it seems that I managed to get it.

No ... When you ride a leather seat car while you have children,

① Always lay a child seat mat
② Wet sheet standing
③ I do not show the iPad or iPhone in the car

It was studying that it was an iron rule. Well, today is the last day of 3 consecutive holidays. Let's go somewhere with Panamera turbo because it's awesome!

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