I stayed at the Amakusa sky boat and touring to Milk Road in Aso.

Travel with Porsche

To the hotel "Ambassador Ship" in Amakusa

I went to Amakusa in Kyushu this time, I am in Amakusa with my home tax payment "A skyboatIt is because you got a ticket for your stay. There was a deadline to use that ticket during this year, so I decided to go through this period by doing family work and adjusting kindergartens.

First of all, from ferry to Osaka Nanko to Shimoji Port. From here, we will take Kyushu Expressway and go down south of Kyushu.

Despite weekdays this day, Kyushu Expressway was pretty much cars. Leaving Shimoji Port around 9 o'clock, eating lunch with a gust in the middle,(Because it is not a very gourmet family, it is about Gust and Moss if you go to a trip and stop by a restaurant)Other than going straight to the inn without stopping in particular, finallyArrived at "around the sky in the sky" around 14:30.

The check-in was at 15 o'clock but it was possible to enter inside while checking in at 14:30. The lobby overlooks the sea and it is very beautiful. It is November now, so climatically the pool was cold so I could not put it in, but it seems to be comfortable if this is summer.

Even so, it was a windless, quiet, very beautiful landscape. Welcome drink is apple juice for children.

Hot tea with fashionable smell for adults(I do not know what tea but w)

I was drinking it in a moment as I was thirsty, but I should have tasted it more carefully (Baku) And after checking in,There is an explanation that heading to the remote room by cart... To go is the leader of the staff, if you wish, the hotel staff will be driving you,

My husband did not hesitate and said "No, I will drive myself!" (Lol)

However"Sloping road absolutely AGAKAN! Even though the accelerator stamps!"I was saying(Compared to Sora Porsche, Akan Bomb)I was informed about the room in about 2 to 3 minutes, but it was luxurious and very beautiful than I imagined. Until now, I have stayed in many hotels and inns, but I thought that it was a tough business here, regardless of the scenery, the size of the room, the facilities and cost-effective.

It looks like a villa.

If I buy a villa, the maintenance fee is not stupid, but I think staying in a nice accommodation nationwide and feeling a cottage feeling, I do not need fixed costs, I do not need the labor to manage, so I think that it is really nice . In the evening at night, with a tremendously beautiful view,

Although the inner bath was not included, it was very large and big. I can not taste it very much overnight.

The atmosphere of the hotel at night is also nice, and dinner will be served at a stylish restaurant sticking out to the sea.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was nice, and the dishes were delicious. As expected, the eldest daughter is about 4 years old so we eat it for you, but the second daughter has gone violent ... No, thank you for the thoughtfulness of the staff.

Touring to Aso in the cloudy sky.

Well the next day, I left for Aso. Although the weather managed to manage somehow it was cloudy all the time, so good photos of the Panamera turbo could not be taken. Aso was closed due to the influence of the Kumamoto earthquake last year, construction was still being done in many places now.

However, as I was able to run the road normally more than I thought,I wonder if the tourists are starting to return little by little.

From Aso 's Milk Road, I changed my driving from husband to me, but as soon as I replaced it, the car increased and why the rocky weather continued to the Taikan Peak (- _ -)

Panamera Turbo's principle can not be exerted at all.

Finally arrived at Taikan Peak but unfortunately the cloudy sky. Well, despite the fact that I was a foggy, I decided that it was okay because I could overlook the scenery without fog that day. The temperature was around 8 degrees and it was a little cold.

So, at the time of Shimoyama, she changed her driving to her husband, but for some reason the car ceased to be able to catch a glimpse of the power of Panamera Turbo. Regarding fuel economy, I made gasoline full before I go, but when I arrived home my fuel memory was 2 more.

90 litters of gasoline had reached 18 liters, so this Kyushu trip consumed 72 liters of gasoline. Since fuel consumption was 9 to 10 / l, the mileage is about 700 kilometers.Because I did not use the ferry, I was glad that I could keep the mileage as low as possible.

Despite having flapping with children, it was a good trip. Even so, I want to quickly run with Panamera Turbo under clear weather, and take pictures. The weather is too bad to go anywhere(I can not help it because I am a rain girl misty w)

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