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Porsche Panamera's touch panel
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Touch panel operation

Panamera turbo was delivered, a month and a little. When I go out, I also touch the touch panel somewhat, so it seems I wonder if I'm getting used to a bit of operation.

However, I have a lot of functions I do not know yet, I think that I can only use the minimum necessary. By the way, what I use

① Navi
Destination setting, current location etc.
② Assist
Release of lane keep assist etc.
③ Vehicle
ON / OFF of spoiler (feather), change of underbody etc.

There is only it. Although,For assistance and vehicles,If you remember the setting when you ride on the keyThere is no need to change each time,I may use almost only navi. It seems that there are a lot of convenient functions in cooperation with other applications, calling in the car, but so far it has not been used at all.

People who listen to the radio with cars think that they will often use buttons on the media, but I do not use them because they are fundamentally silent in cars. Also, recently I understood,Rather than operating directly on the screen of the touch panel, with the buttons belowIt is easier to operate.

Even if you are driving, trying to touch the screen of Navi will cause your finger to shake and push a different button, but here it is not like that. Moreover, the sound at the time of pushing "pochi" can not be said at all and is comfortable. As far as the touch panel operation is concerned, there is only this thin information ... If I can use it a bit more, I think that I can introduce it in articles as well.

Although I have nothing to do at all, from my husband my husband goes overseas business trip for a while, and recently kindergarten pickups are walking for exercise(20-minute slope on one way)It seems that it is hard to get on Panamera Turbo. Why do not you try going to Ashi, having a look at it?

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