OMM parking lot is recommended if you can stop Panamera in front of Temmabashi station without problems.

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The parking lot of Keihan City Mall is from 10 am.

The other day the work appointment (from 10 o'clock) was in Temmabashi, so I took the second daughter and headed by Panamera Turbo. The parking lot I looked for in advance,(Near Times or Mitsui Repak)It was almost all within 1900 mm. When I looked into the thought as "Do you remember that Keihan City Mall 's parking lot?", He wrote only the "height" restriction.(By the way, up to 2.1 m car height.)I thought that I wanted to know the width, but when I searched for images, it seemed to be stopped without problems, so I set navigation and headed.

Although the road flowed relatively smoothly and arrived at the entrance around 9:45,The entrance was closed and could not enter with a chain! !After confirming it, it was 10 o'clock to be stopped.(Like this, the paws are sweet)

I was forced to go to the OMM parking lot and it was fine.

I was forced to go east as it was and then to the OMM parking lot. It is open from 7 o'clock. When I entered, it was quite fine and I could stop it without problems. (Hot)

When looking at the side, Q5 was stopped, but it seems to be big, and it is quite a margin of width.

Appointment ended successfully,I parked a little for 1 hour and the charge was 900 yen.It is slightly expensive. There seems to be no maximum fee, but there is no lock plate below, there is a roof, it is convenient because it is directly connected to the station. It might be good to stop for a while.

When riding a large car, it is quite convenient to know the easily parkable parking lot for each station, so I think that we will try to explore various things from now on.

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