Panamera parking in front of Temmabashi station - OMM parking lot is recommended.

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Keihan City Mall Parking lot

At the recent Tenmabashi, job appointment entered, I took the second daughter and headed by Panamera Turbo. The parking lot I looked for in advance was just about anything less than 1900 mm "By the way, the parking lot of Keihan City Mall seems to goAs I looked into it, I only wrote "height" restrictions.(By the way, up to 2.1 m car height.)

I thought that I wanted to know the width, but when I searched for an image, it seemed to be stopped without any problems, so I decided to set up navigation.

The expressway on that day flows relatively smoothly, around 9:45(Appointment is from 10 o'clock)Although it arrived at the entrance to the entrance, the entrance was closed and it was not possible to enter with a chain (-_-) After confirming it, parking available time was 10 o'clock in the morning.

To OMM parking lot

I was forced to go east as it was and then to the OMM parking lot. It is available from 7 o'clock here. When I entered inside, I was quite free and I could stop it anywhere.

Looking at the side, Audi Q5 was also stopped, but the car body was big, but the width of the parking lot was quite affordable. After that, appointment ended successfully,I parked a little for 1 hour and the charge was 900 yen.It seems to be a bit expensive for Temmahashi ... There seems to be no maximum fee, but there is no lock plate below, there is a roof, because it is directly connected to the station, it is convenient. It may be nice to stop for a while.

When riding a large car, it is quite convenient to know the easily parkable parking lot for each station, so I think that we will try to explore various things from now on.

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