Is "Porsche doctor's child dislikes Porsche" true?

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Is this true?

I found an article saying "Porsche children are disliked by Porsche".

Polseki newspaper Porsche school education is educating children to Porsche First half:
Porsche is not a comfortable car that is clearly comfortable to ride. The interior is narrow and the ruggedness and the car bounces according to bad roads. The engine sound is noisy, the old Porsche does not work with the air conditioner.
Children to be accompanied are unbearable. Still, if you got on the passenger seat you are still lucky. In the case of a Porsche which cars are only Porsche for one family, children will inevitably be sitting in the back seat when going out with their families. It will be hell like this.
*Porsche 911 Days

Looking at the net, there seems to be a pros and cons about this article.(Or do you agree or disagree?)

Certainly, if it is a narrow Porsche or an air-cooled Porsche ... it could be a possible story. But this article was written in 2007. Since it is an article 10 years ago, it seems to be a bit different from the information about the current Porsche.

Porsche is not a comfortable car that is clearly comfortable to ride. The interior is narrow and the ruggedness and the car bounces according to bad roads. The engine sound is loud,

... So I tried to think about Porsche again in 2018.

As of 2018, my consideration.

① The ride comfort of Porsche has improved

I had the test ride 911 last year, but the ride was not bad at all and I felt comfortable riding though it was rather a sports car. There is no luxurious and smooth feeling, like Panamera, but it is quite solid, but it was not a feeling that the impact of the road surface would be rough as it was.
Also, Boxster GTS currently owned by her husband is not bad for comfortable riding, and even if he bends so hard on the mountain path, I have never been drunk.

To say that, the SLK 350 that my husband had previously had a feeling that the seat was deeply submerged and the impact of the road surface got mild. Well it might be different if it is GT 3 or the like, but if it is 911 of the current normal it thinks that ride feeling is quite good.

② Is the interior of the Porsche narrow?

With Cayenne or Panamera, the interior is large, but this article is about 911, so to speak about 911, the interior is certainly narrow. I also got on Panamera and when I got on 911 and Boxter, "Close to the driver's seat!There was a thrusting thought without thinking.

If you are accustomed to recent mini cars and indoor space cars, it certainly feels narrow. In addition, with respect to the rear seat of 911 ... Who is the narrowest (explosive) whatever it is to be able to ride relaxedly on the rear seat, is not it about the age of 6 years old until reaching elementary school is about the limit?

③ Is the Porsche engine sound noisy?

Certainly the air-cooled Porsche may be an engine sound that is always saying "Garruleuru ...", or there may be idling sounds, and some people may be interested in it. But in the recent Porsche, the sound insulation material is solid and in the room it does not matter to that.

However, the moment of putting on the engine is "Bouwon!" That sounds quite large. But compared with Lamborghini and McLaren, I think that it is a little smaller.

Problems with fathers' relationship?

And thinking variously ... After all, Porsche is better than anything else,"The problem of relationship between father and child"I think that. In other words, is not it "a child of a Porsche dislike Porsche," is not it not a feeling that "a child disliking a father hates Porsche by having a father and a Porsche?

If you like fathers, even if it is a Porsche Drive, whatever you do for a bicycle to go to a supermarket will be a fun time for the kids.

Especially on weekdays I am busy with work and when I can not play slowly with my father on holiday only,"Let's go for a drive in Porsche!"When asked by my father, my child is determined to be glad.

On the contrary, what if the child usually hated the father?

If you always scolded, you are intimidating, awesome and afraid, you are bullying your favorite mother, or just about work and you have not seen yourself at all ....

It is "torture" to go to drive with a father in Porsche alone. In a tiny room, the father is more absorbed in Porsche than herself. Sorry, I do not like Porsche.

Mother's presence is also important

However, I think that this composition seems not only to his father but also to his mother. Mothers from ordinary"Dad is just about Porsche!Porsche is more important than the family! "When saying that, the child would think "Dad is crazy""Keep it for your father's secret!Because my father gets angry again if my father knows such a thing! "As I say it, the child has a nice face in front of his father, but he will also dislike his inner feelings.

Therefore, I think that the part that depends on the relationship between the child and the father driving Porsche is whether the child will like Porsche or not.

In other words, as long as you are a good family, whatever it is, it will rain. Let's get along with all the family members in 2018 w

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