One day, my brother-in-law may be buying Porsche Panamera.

Porsche New Panamera Turbo
Living with Porsche
Car-like brothers.

My brother-in-law, also my husband's brother, likes cars. I feel brothers and car lovers are pretty rare. However, I think that there are also kinds of car lovers, but in my husband car otaku system, my brother like lamborghini, Maserati, Italian cars, cars with power later?

I feel like that.(Maybe ... but I have not heard directly, so it may be different)

Do you buy Panamera Turismo? What?

And the other day. My brother called me for the husband. From the content of the story, how about Panamera? It seemed to have heard something like something. My husband"It's a mess, yeah, 4S, are you going to eat?4S sounds better than turbo. "I was saying.

When I heard that the phone is over, "Mr. ◯◯, do you want to buy Panamera?", "It seems that something seems to come to see the Porsche dealer, it seems Panamera Turismo is advised." If you buy Panamera Turismo, though it is thought that you can write a comparative article with Panamera, it is about an elderly family, so where I do not know what will happen.

Panamera's new catchphrase, which was grabbed by the heart.

And the other day I saw Panamera's new catch phrase.

Four wings.

I want to continue riding a sports car.

I could see what I needed to stand on a new stage.

Porsche gives wings to your way of life. Panamera.

Four wings. Porsche Panamera Fair - Porsche JapanQuoted from

Looking at this catch phrase, it is not only me that it became extremely unexpectedly becoming crying ...

I want to say ... but,

Such a pervert probably is about me in Japan (- _ -) (explosion)

Continuingly, I think Panamera's marketing staff will know the charm of Panamera well. I wonder what kind of person you want, what kind of things you cherish in life. I have not thought that "I would like to continue riding a sports car" from long ago, but now I am about to go to a new stage at work, so my heart was grabbed by Don Pissha somehow.

Let 's do our best.

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