Participated in the super car @ Hashimoto participated for the first time! Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche ... etc.


Super car gathering @ Sunday AM's Ashiburi

From about 8 o'clock in the morning on Sunday every Sunday, there is a super car gathering (?) At the observation platform of Ashi Driveway. Rather than gathering, it seems like a loose feeling that came freely, runs freely and returns freely.
Although I live in the vicinity of the Ashio Driveway (a distance of about 10 minutes by car), I have never been there. that is"There seems to be many people coming for the purpose of showing a car, it looks flashy, it seems somehow not fit for me"Because I thought.
Also, because there are two small children, preparing to wake the child from early Sunday morning is troublesome as it is.

Just this time ... I decided to seriously manage this blog and H (Mr. Lamborghini Urakán) whose family is indebted to us, with a friend I met (Ferrari California, 488 Spider) I heard that you will come to, and decided to go for the first time.

The weather today is fine weather! Drive is a day!

I decided so, I got up at 6:30 am this morning and did not need to get up early w. I left the house at 8 o'clock in the morning.

My husband and daughter are Boxter, and me and my second daughter headed by Panamera.

When I arrived at the observation deck, Mr. H already was waiting and guided by "hands over here" with hands, so I parked next to each other and parked.

If you look at this ...

I had him sit in the driver's seat of Ferrari 488 Spider.

S, Mr. and Mrs. S, who came with Ferrari 488 Spider, thank you very much for your daughter, even though we meet for the first time,"You can take a picture of a car freely, whatever you drive, you can drive."When! ! But, as expected, if you drive by something, you only have to die and apologize ... I decided to take photos only with my words.

A crimson Ferrari is really a picture. It was very beautiful and the form was beautiful.

The owner, Mr. S, also had an image that "Ferrari is flashy like a ride" at the beginning, he said he was not interested. But at the moment I went to the dealer and saw it, I fell in love with this beautiful styling at first sight.

The character of Ferrari also firmly on the caliper. Tires and wheels seem to be very high w.

"Because it's a precious spider, do you also see a roof open?"Thanks to Mr. S's kindness, I had a ceremony with a roof getting close at hand ...!

It's amazing ... It's getting like this. After all it seems that the mechanism is similar to opening and closing the roof of Boxster GTS, but it feels subtly different. I wonder there is a difference between manufacturers.

further"Because it's a big deal, please sit down in the driver's seat."And Ms. S. Oh ... I'm going to spoil your words and riding it!

The view of the driver's seat is like this.

The interior red stitching is stylish and cool. Like Porsche, the car navigation system does not follow in the middle, it's simple interior. A brilliantly placed key casually puts me nice.

Because I am impatient, I drive the Mecca. Truly a supercar. Because the seat is submerged, it seems like crawling on the ground when driving.Although the width is about 1950 and it is almost the same as Panamera, the line of sight is low, so it may be difficult to drive until you get used to it.

And also such a picture. To what extent, emblem or character? I like throat up pictures.

Next, we asked Lamborghini Urakan 's driver' s seat to sit down.

Well this time, Mr. H is Lamborghini Urakan! ! No, the engine sound is exactly an explosive sound, a tremendous force!

H as well"Please get on the ride ~"I told him that I improved my mind to Ferrari and went to the front of the door, "Yes Yes," but it got settled there.


... ... How can I open this door ... (- _ -) /! What?

When I pressed the bar came out, but I do not know what to do after this .... Then, Mr. H taught, "I can pull out the bar I can open and open."

Wow ~ Wow ~ Fashionable ~ Innovative ~! ! !Why is it such a design, even one door, there must be a reason to be sure there.

Lamborghini's driver's seat seems to be called "cockpit", however,

It is exactly like that when you ride inside. High-tech equipment buttons seem to be arranged simply, very cool. Really, it looks like a cockpit of an airplane (Actually, I have received an airplane pilot flight test at work time)

The accelerator pedal and the brake pedal are like this.

Accelerator pedal length (゚ ∀ ゚) · ∵! !

Is it because foreigners have big feet ... Is not it such a thing? Lamborghini emblem is also decorated on the seat. Shibui!

Up the emblem. This is Rambo! It is a feeling.

I also had the handle held, but Mr. H was tall and his legs were long, so my feet did not reach the accelerator pedal at all and I took it in an impossible state that half ass was floating.

(Was I like brown on such a hair quilk ...?)

I felt like going to Ashi-yu on Sunday morning for the first time.

After that, everyone continued running ashi as one run(I said that my eldest daughter wanted to play, so I watched it at the observatory), Lunch at the Rokko Garden Terrace with everyone. While looking after the children I could not talk more about it, but my wife is also fresher and cheerful(And a stylish beauty)It was nice people.
Oh ... I regretted a little why I came here in the form of whole body UNIQLO.(But it is useless because clothes I have are nearly UNIQLO w)

Until I went to Ashi, I thought that many people did not suit me, but I felt that it was just a mindset.

I heard everyone's story, it was positive for life, rich in ideas, I heard that the antenna sensitivity is very high. I should not be caught in this way, "I think it would be fun if I do such a thing!" I heard very much about the discussion, "It is not fun to do such a thing!" I learned a lot.

I felt that everyone seemed to be very fun and living a rich life.

Here are some of the things that I recently placed in my situation, and I had a lot of points to reflect on. Also, "Because I am doing my best, I can open the road one day." I thought that way. But, waiting, I can not open the road.Standing in front of the door, opening the door, unless you jump into the future world, there is no growth and I can not go to the next stage either.

From now on I think I will challenge you to expand the breadth of people I'm going to and that I thought it was not good until now. And, with Ashi on Sunday morning, let's go again!

What is the fuel economy of Panamera in this Ashi Moto driving?

In Panamera's sports plus mode this time I ran ash retraction ashi, but when I arrived home the fuel consumption was "8.3 km / l". It was "9.1 km / l" at the time of the slope to the last home, so well, maybe it was worse than I thought.
(Afterwards, it was said from the husband who saw this article, "Sora Rokko Mountain was on the downhill slope only so I'm going to fuel economy 9.1." I'm sorry, I see.As for traveling in sports plus mode, we plan to add another article.

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