[With animation] My husband participated in the Porsche driving school "Warm Up".

Porsche Driving School
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"Porsche Truck Experience"

everyone is"Porsche Driving School"Do you know what it is?

Driving school which Porsche owner who is over 1 year old after participating in domestic regular car driving license can participate in own car own car Porsche. Formally it should have been "Porsche Sports Driving School"When I saw the site for the first time in a long time, it was changed to the name "Porsche Truck Experience".

What is the Porsche Truck Experience?

In "Porsche Truck Experience", there are five stages of programs from basic contents "Warm Up (Plus)" to advanced users "Fast Truck", and roughly in spring (June) and fall (October ) Has been held twice. Actually, my husband has been participating every time since 2016, and every time I go, I said that "I became studying so much" and "It was fun."

So I came to worry a little, so I looked at the site, but I do not know exactly what content is going to be owing so much information ....

So I asked my husband. "What is Porsche Driving School specifically?" Then an unexpected reply came from her husband.

Oh, every time I go and set a car and I take a whole picture with a movie, so I will try (¯ ー ¯)?

…Huh! What?
...... for what purpose (-_-)! What?
(It seems that there is no big meaning in particular and it seems to be completely hobby)

No, who are you and whatever ... So,Today, I will introduce my husband's video when I joined the most basic course "Warm Up" program.

Publish movies when my husband participated.

The "Warm Up" program is a half-day course (held in the morning when in husband).The aim is to master the braking, steering wheel operation, accelerator control, etc., which is the basis of "running, turning, stopping"A lot After learning the basic things such as driving position, how to grasp the handle, how to tighten the seat belt, it will be transferred to the following four practice exercises.

① Braking (ABS brake): Braking Lesson
② Emergency Avoidance: Emergency braking Lesson
③ Slalom: Slalom and handling lesson
④ Wet stationary circular turning: Steady circular training

So, let 's watch a video first.

Purpose and meaning of each practice.

How was it? My husband 's Boxster is MT so saying "Doing this with a manual car well" is saying "You can be up to 2nd speed only if it is okay" (explosion).

(* Husband Boxster GTS, MT)

Looking briefly one by one,

① Braking (ABS brake)I feel the performance of the Porsche brakes firmly,
② Emergency evasionFirst of all, while you stepped on the brakes steadily and remembered to avoid cutting the steering wheel, I felt that I did not skid at all even if I cut off the brake while cutting the brake,
③ SlalomThen, at the curve, at what timing will the handles be bent well, practice how to bend with not the brake but the strength of the accelerator,
④ Wet stationary circular turnAt the same time, while experiencing what state the car slips sideways, PSM (Porsche Stability Management System), I feel that the behavior stabilizes without further slippage

It seems to be said.
* The Porsche Stability Management System (PSM) is a system that stabilizes the behavior of vehicles and further enhances safety when vehicles traveling fall into a dangerous situation.

When asking her husband "What was good with you joining?""Driving is normal well, driving is getting much smoother, even on a daily, running on the mountain road, this Warm Up is the most studying than the advanced class"He said.

The schedule of the spring held this year has already been released.

By the way, this year's "Porsche Truck Experience" will be held at Fuji Speedway in June. Applications for the spring season are on a first-come-first-served basis, but the application start date is currently being adjusted. (* As soon as decided, announcement on the website)
Details are introduced on this page.

Previously, female participants had a notation that there was a special souvenir, but now it has disappeared ... Everyone is glad I participated ... I guess I should join first.(I'm afraid a bit w)

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