Why do not you drive with Porsche Panamera's PDK - paddle shift?

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Driving by paddle operation

Yesterday, I was called by my acquaintance, so I took a ride in Panamera and headed by my family. Because I was impatient, my husband had PDK driven by paddle shift and I decided to observe the situation.(On an expressway it will always be eight speeds so I drove at AT)

The other day I felt driving Panamera by paddle shift,There is a time lag in reaction after shift changeIt was that. "Well, it is not supposed to have made it to second speed now (-_-)Thinking that, once you grabbed the paddle, it became 3rd speed, there was a case of hurried downshifts ...(It is simply not a driver)

My husband says, in normal mode, it will give priority to advancing the shift shock and smoothly, so time lag will be born in shift change.If you put it in sports mode or sports plus mode you get better response.

New type Panamera lever

Panamera is equipped not only with a paddle shift but also with a lever on the center console for MT operation. Car of the PDK specification up to now"Gear raises when lever is pushed forward"It seems that there were many settings.(In general it is presumed that there is a sense that "push before = to give up gear.")

On the other hand, racing cars and GT 3,It is set to raise the gear and the gear will rise.Since the racing car drives at a considerable speed, the driver takes considerable G. In that case it is easier to drive by pulling the lever and raising the gear. This Panamera is the same as a racing car"Gear turns up as you pull on lever"Because it became a way, "It is good to be able to do the same operation as a racing car with such a car"My husband was saying.

Does the MT car seem fun?

However, although sports mode has no time lag of shift change, it is not necessary to dare to drive in sports mode at town ride ...So if you want to operate gears at your own timing and drive happily, you should probably choose MT instead of PDK. My husband also

"You can drive as you want with MT, you can taste sporty shift shocks even in normal mode and shift change as you want in town traffic.The Panamera's AT system is smart, so after all you will get a little time lag"

He said.

Range Rover · Evek test drive!

Then, at the house of the couple they called to my house, there is Range Rover · Evok ...

I was kind enough to drive a little.

The glass roof is also bigger than I thought and very comfortable.

It was sporty and SUV, so my line of sight was high and it was a very easy-to-drive car. Mr. and Mr. S, Thank you very much!

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