Family and usability are also important, but I do not want to throw away sports, if it is Panamera!

Porsche New Panamera Turbo
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Sporty, everyday use too.

I got this comment on twitter the other day.(I wonder what the expression "comment" is old?

If it is told that "Do not ride with care about your family!" Or "Buy it for as much as you can buy a second car for your family!", Until then it is still time to think about the number of trunks and doors I will. But I do not want to throw away sports. For those like me, I long for PANA, GiRietta, M series and RS.

When. That's right."I do not want to throw away sports, but my family uses it everyday."Since both are contradictory factors when thinking normally, the husband who likes a car surely will be suffering. And importantly,

To buy a car is not a goal but a start.(With marriage or w)

Since everyday life with the family begins immediately after buying it, it can not be said that "buy with Eyega!

What happens after buying a sports car.

Although I bought a sports car, this frustration will certainly come out when there are many things my wife normally uses.

"Why is the luggage space so narrow?! I can not go in for shopping even if I go shopping!"
"Why are we two people !? No one can get on!"
"Why are there only two doors though it is a four-person ride! Do not ride each time you ride!"
"Why is fuel economy so bad compared to the Prius?"
"Why did I buy a car that can not be used like this?"

Husband in a position to listen to it often does not get on weekends only because of work on weekdays,

"Why do you drink coffee in the car, you are spilling!"(My ears hurt)
"What a bit rubbing!"
"The footprints of children's shoes are on!"(My ears hurt)
"If gasoline decreases, it's time to go! It's always empty when I get on!"
"I mean I'm on the world's longing Porsche! Thank you more!"

It will become. As dissatisfaction gathers each other, and there is always a fight of fighting, every time there is a "car" a challenging happens. And finally"I should have bought it if I do this"... I become like it.(This is completely my imagination (- _ -) /)

Panamera is a sports car.

I think that Panamera is a sports car that everyone can become HAPPY.

"Why is the luggage space so small?" Even if you go shopping at supermarkets, baggage will not enter! "
→ I can also put golf bags in Panamera and two suitcases too!
"Why are we two people !? No one can get on!"
→ Panamera can ride four adults comfortably!(5 people can not get up but w)
"Why are there only two doors though it is a four-person ride! Do not ride each time you ride!"
→ There are 4 doors properly in Panamera(If you put together the trunk as well, 5 pieces?)There is smooth getting on and off!
"Why is fuel economy so bad compared to the Prius?"
→ Panamera's fuel economy ... If you buy a plug-in hybrid you think that it is about the same as the old Prius (explosion)!

Is it feeling? And the amazingness of Panamera is, in addition, "it is a sports car."It is not a car with a sporty seasoning added to the luxury sedan, but a car that was made as a sports car to the last, plus elements of luxury there.Both are similar.

So you can use it without problems, and you can enjoy sporty driving anywhere on the mountain road, on the country road, on the highway, anywhere.
Furthermore, many new cars and second hand cheaper ones are cheaper than 911.

This is amazing! ! (° o °)!

If my wife does not feel dissatisfied with everyday use, if you can feel the goodness on the other hand, your husband can ride on the weekend and you can go to the touring with your family anything. I think panamera is a nice car in many ways.

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