Why are Japanese "white / black / silver" cars selling well?

Porsche 911 crayons
Living with Porsche

I started, Inst.

Only recently, I started an instant. At that time my husband"This guy's instinct is good"I was taught,porsche.sport.germanyMr.

He lives in Germany and gives pictures of various models and colors of Porsche every day. Every photo is very beautiful,The number of followers is 529,000 people! !(As of May 2018)It is amazing. How will I be able to collect so many Porsche pictures ... I wonder if I'm hunting for Porsche all day and taking pictures ... Well, I wonder if Porsche is full of streets in Germany (lol)

By the way, the picture looks like this.

I thought it was colorful and beautiful ~ and I thought while looking at it.

"Why is German Porsche such colorful? (゚ д ゚)?"

Although there are many white, black and silver, there are many vivid and colorful Porsches compared to Japan.

To my husband"Why is this such a colorful? Porsche of such color, I have never seen it in Japan."When asked,

"Since Japan can be sold at high prices in white, black, silver, and so on in the second-hand market, there are many people who choose white, black, silver even when purchasing with a new car Actually it is considerably cheaper when selling "

He said. I see.

Is the color lineup different?

Because I became concerned,"Maybe there are more color variations in Germany than in the rest of Germany?"I thought, I compared the sites. By the way, this is the site of Porsche of Germany mainland though it compared with 911 of normal.

Source:Porsche official website "Porsche 911 modellÜ"

And here is Japanese.

Source:Porsche Japan official website "911 Carrera Models"

Although the color selected at the beginning is different between "white in Germany" and "black in Japan"Just because there is no special color crayon in Japan, the color lineup is the same except it.The price was about the same. By the way this is crayon.

It is a shame that in Japan this color 911 can not be chosen at this stage in Japan (-_-).

Production circumstances of car manufacturers

Although I have heard about it in a glance before, car manufacturing takes a certain amount of days, so car makers mass-produce safe black-and-white silver at the outset and let them down on each dealer. Since they become inventory for the dealer, the salesman preferentially sells from black and white silver stock.

When customers say they want red"If it is red, it will take 3 months to produce it from now, if it is white it can be delivered instantly.""Red is lower when selling, so it's better to have black that is safe"I will explain. So as a result people who buy white, black, silver are increasing more and more.

Does the Japanese trend have a great influence?

However, I think that there is a bigger cause than "We are addicted to the strategy of car manufacturers and dealers." that is,Unique air feeling full of JapanIt is.

Japan is"It is good to be the same as the surroundings"I think that the tide is strong. It seems to be extremely disliking to float ... Because it is a single ethnic group in the island country, it may be useless, and if you actually have the same feeling of security, you can get a sense of security.

A typical example of this is job hunting conducted by university fourth graders at once. When lifting a lifetime of employment, everyone dyed his hair black, wearing a black suit, going to a joint briefing session, studying SPI, desperately trying to acquire a promise of a famous company. Also from parents and teachers"Do your best in your job hunting and get a job at a big company or a famous company"He often gets advice and does not have the option of not hunting. But, if you think carefully,

"Why do all of them have to hire them all at once?"(Even I did not have any question and I did not have any question and I hired a job about 15 years ago)

I do not have to hire yet, but I can start working freely, and if there is a company I want to go to, I think that even if the company is not recruiting recruitment, I may be willing to contact him. Even if I do not come with a black suit, I'd like a suit of color I would like to come, and if I make my hair brown, I wonder if I can be hired by staying brown.

Common sense is not always right

I sense that the values ​​that had long been regarded as good are all collapsing these days.In the past it was said that "overtime workers are great!", But now it is said that "Do not overtime work, go home early!"In the past, "Work = to work at a company" was, but more companies introduced home work and remote work. The common sense of the public, I am acutely aware that this will change by 180 degrees.

"The same thing as everyone" is never the case and the life that takes the same actions as everyone without any doubts, rather than being brittle, is "I do not know what I want to do, I think that it is better to cherish what you want ". Because, because life is a leading role in life.

I will buy the bright red!

So, also about the color of the car, if you are blue, you can choose blue or red if you like red. Let it float from the neighborhood, although the purchase price will be somewhat cheaper, if you want to do so, do so.

... or something like that, but at the beginning Panamera in our house"Let's make it sapphire blue!"I was saying that(This ↓)

"No, it's truly Panamera and sapphire blue is too conspicuous" Panamaera in Oh, that floor does not float in the city "and finally made it dark blue (-_ -)

But if you buy a Porsche by yourself I would like to pick "red red".

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