The everyday conversation between a car lover's husband and his wife is still a little crazy.

Everyday conversation between car husband and wife

About my husband and my character

Suddenly but ... I"Okay if you understand things in general"It's a type like that. It is satisfying and tiring if you know about 60%, so feeling that it is wide and shallow anything. Even if you buy an electric appliance, you will never read an instruction manual. Reading a thick manual is very troublesome itself(I'm not good at typing in the first place), I think that I will understand if I use it, in fact there is nothing embarrassed with that.

Meanwhile, my husband has a true opposite character from me"Investigate one thing until it convinces 100%"type. Read all instructions and manuals to every corner and thoroughly investigate things you do not understand. I ignore anything that I am not interested in, and what I am interested in is conversely a type of work.

I like Porsche

The same can be said about vehicles. I think that I like Porsche compared with people in the general public, but knowledge is rather shallow compared to those who are genuine Porsche fans. Also, I am not familiar with the structure of the car.

Recently it has finally become clear that the meaning "there is torque" is sensuously understood, "An inline engine, a horizontally opposed engine, and a V8 engine refer to the difference in shape of the engineI understand that it means "... to the extent that it is.

Just remembering knowledge is a type I want to use immediately, so I will write something like that on my blog, but from my husband,

"How to use PDK is incorrect" "I wrote that today's blog is totally wrong"

It is often pointed out that (explosion)

Air suspension, Vanessasu

And suddenly I remembered such a thing. When you purchase the 970 Panamera edition before, Mr. H who is in charge of dealer"The test car was an air suspension, but because it is a springsus that is actually delivered, it may be slightly different ride comfort."That is what I was saying. I can tell that the air suspension and the spring suspension are differences of whether the suspension is air or spring, but what does that mean?

So casually in husband,

Hey, what's different about "Airsas" and "Banasusu" (* _ *)?

I heard that this question seems to have pushed her husband's motivation switch ...

Starting from "what is a suspension in the first place" and I am going to ask questions that are out of the question for me, so my husband has gradually heated up and, as I noticed, about 30 minutes passed. Then as I expected I was gradually getting better and better,"No, yeah, I can understand, thank you (¯ - ¯)"When trying to forcibly end,

No, Akan, not good.

Suddenly she stood up and flew into another room to pick up something. When coming back after a while it is "radio control" in hand.(And Porsche lol)

And beginning to decompose somehow,

"That's why you say Banessasu ..."

I began to explain.

(Figure in explanation)

Wow ~ Is it a real demonstration of the rain? (* _ *)! What?

When I come here somewhere, I also set my back and talked to me Akai ... I thought it would take about 1 hour to "Difference between air suspension and spring suspensionThe lecture ended successfully. So, I feel I could understand somehow (Baku)

I wonder if the conversation between a car lover's husband and his wife is like this everywhere. I wonder if my house is strange ... Oh well but thanks to my husband, I think that I might have memorized the importance of deepening things a little bit today.

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  1. Utsunomiya

    The same thing was done about the structure of the manual car when the bride was canceled AT limited w

    • MinaMina


      > We did the same thing about the structure of the manual car when the bride released the AT limitation w

      After all ...! Lol
      There is such a couple in the world (laughs)