Next to my husband who likes Porsche, I wrote my honest wife who was not obediently pleased for many years.

Porsche 981 Boxster GTS rear Porsche 981 Boxster GTS
Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband

I want to buy it myself.

A friend of a car lover who I met after a long absence from college years said such a thing.

"I saw my blog! But even though I am in Panamera, I am writing to Panamaera's goal to buy it ... by myself, I do not understand something at all ... but my husband bought me and got on Panamera I wonder what he still has goals he or she wants to buy "

When. Sora, I wonder what I am like myself (- _ -) ....

From long ago, with a strong personality

From a long time ago, I am saying that it is unbalanced ... It is a character that I want to do whatever I want with myself. Since I was a baby"Baby food eats yourself!"He insisted that all the rice that the mother had eaten with a spoon was discharged as "え ぇ っ", it seemed that she grabbed it and grabbed it by herself and was eating himself,

From my mother, "You were a child you wanted to do something by yourself from a childhood" is still told.

I was very happy when I felt that I wanted to live alone for a long time, I became a member of society, left my parents and realized that I had covered all my living expenses with my earnings,"Do not ask someone for what you want, but buy yourself!"I lived with a stance called.

Even after I got married, for example, even if my husband told me that I wanted to talk about the watch I wanted and buy it like a birthday gift,

"I do not need a watch that I want to earn by myself and I will buy myself! I do not mean buying myself!"And say refusing to say something I do not understand ... No, I do not think I love you anymore.

So, also about Panamera, because you originally wanted to buy it yourself, even though you are on a ride now, the goal of buying Panamera GTS yourself is still ongoing.

Is it strictly strong or cramped?

Because it is such a personality, I think that my husband's ability to ride a Porsche, somehow"I am taking sumo with someone else's"Like ... What he says is "I'm not my skill but I felt a desperate need." Yes, until quite recently.

Even if my friend told me that "You are riding a Porsche! What a rich!

"No, just being a husband is rich, not me (-_-)"I was dismayed,(It is really disgusting guy, rather sarcasm)

Even if my husband told me to go on a panamera and go alone with Ash and get in touch with people on a Porsche ride,"Porsche bought by my husband, but it seems like I'm getting on my own car feeling and I'm on a rainy day (- _ -)"I have not told you forever.(Nobody cares anything like that, I'm overconsciously self-conscious ...)

One day, I became obedient

That's the beginning of this year, a word from a senior who has been indebted has changed.

From what story,"It is because of my husband that I am living now, so I have to grab it properly by myself"I told a story like this, he said like this.

"But that's really a lot of advantage, even if you are a minor ... Yet it is minor ... The only thing that is minor is that it's strength and value in the market, there's no way to make the best of today's environment!"


A, Advantage ... (* _ *)

It was strangely convinced (bomb) that it was somewhat convinced when it was replaced by a business somehow (explosion), "Well, there was such an idea?" And "Is this environment amusing and also my advantage?" It came to think from.

If I abandon the guts that I had twisted and accepted obediently, I might be able to open the door to the world I have not seen yet by taking advantage of this environment, and may be able to go fast to the world I want to go.

Yes, exactly, life is dorakue!

Even if your level is weak, even if you wear only clothes and clothing,If you enter into a strong party, you can have a reasonable weapon, defeat a strong enemy, gain high experience value, you can quickly level up.

Depending on how I perceived, depending on how I used it, I appreciate the environment that I appreciate and I felt that if I became obedient it would be a steady acceleration.

Since then"Let's go out with Gangan Panamera!"And,"Let's write blogs as well!"Or, it came to think.

While it is me, it is a troublesome personality (* _ *)

However, the goal of buying Panamera by oneself is ongoing.

Even in the same car, when you ride a car that someone bought and buy with your own money, you feel the joy at the time you got the handle, the sense of accomplishment, the pleasure of running, etc. at the time you suddenly Because I think that the sense of satisfaction is surely the difference between the clouds.

I absolutely must experience this!

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