I saw the Porsche 919 tribute close! @ Fuji Speedway

Porsche 919 hybrid tribute

An earthquake with the epicenter of Osaka Kita Musume

Yesterday, there was an earthquake with Osaka Kita Meguro as the epicenter, so we stayed at the parents' house in Kyoto, we did not see Hakone Turnpike driving of 919 tribute and arrived home one way from Fuji.

The parents' house seems to shake considerably,All the family members are safe with the dishes being brokenwas. However, as my heart hurts when I think about the victims and their families, I must also pay attention to the aftershocks in the future, so they should not forget the consciousness that they are living in an earthquake great country I thought again.

"919 tribute" Opinion

Last week, did 919hyblid · evo run in the Hakone turnpike? The news that it was flowing to the net was unfortunately found from the fact that it is an error of "919 tribute". Well, evo will come, or 919 tribute will be amazing.

919 tribute is the one which made 919 hybrid an EV car(I do not know but that ...).

My husband"If you are not an engine, do not do sounds at all"He said.

The figure of moving 919 tribute too!

So, at the Fuji Speedway on the 17th, we had the opportunity to see the 919 tribute stopped at the circuit at the grid walk, but unfortunately it was a wonderful person.

Fuji Speedway Grid Walk

Because I was able to capture that figure only a little,

Well I could see what was on display and I thought I'd be good with this ... Most of the people returned to the Porsche Lounge, but when we were walking in the pit without returning,

What a 919 tribute is moving (゚ ∀ ゚)!

When my husband got the photo, the driver opened the door and was able to grasp the way of driving in the back.

The handsome driver of the blonde blue eyes was driving. I studied, I guess it was a wonderful person, but I did not know anybody. It seems to be a person not in Porsche's Works driver.

So, the essential sound is ... Because it is an EV car, it is silence after all. It was like the Prius somehow.

About Hakone Turnpike driving

According to twitter information on Hakone Turnpike run on the 18th, the rain stopped running, it was only exhibition.

@ puyybomsQuoted from twitter.

Even so, because I was away for two days, my second daughter would not stay away from me today (lol) Today, I do not think I will get to work, so I think I will spend time with my children on the first priority.

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