Eight of the things that I tried to become Google search first in "Porsche Blog".

About Porsche Blog

I got first place

It was on the 13th of last year that I started this blog.

I started my blog! - No Panamera, No Life. (No Panamera, No Life)

More than a year ago ... First"I really like Panamera!"I write only something like that, there are twists and turns from there, Recently I've been updating articles keeping in mind the fact that it is "Porsche's blog." And finally yesterday,

I ranked number one in Google keyword search "Porsche blog"!

Everyone, thank you very much for reading this blog that all the Kansai dialects are daily. Nonetheless, since the number of mothers of Porsche blogs themselves is small, I think that it is easier to go up than the usual keywords, but I have summarized the method I went to be the first place .(If a person writing a car's blog is there, it would be helpful if even a little ...)

Status of the last month

Incidentally up to the present, the number of articles is "219". And as of June 20, 2018, the cumulative figures for the past 28 days are like this.

■ User attributes→ Men: 90.2%, Women: 9.8%
■ Age →18 to 24 years old: 9.06%, 25 to 34 years old: 23.77%, 35 years old to 44 years old: 29.31%, 45 to 54 years old: 26.54%, 55 to 64 years old: 11.32%
■ Language→ Japanese: 98.27%, English: 1.73%
■ Average page staying time →00:01:55
■ Bounce Rate→ 56.52%
Inflow route: Google / organic: 49.67%, yahoo / organic: 28.91%, direct: 14.52%, twitter: 2.56%, blog village: 0.97%, facebook: 0.59%
■ Most accessed articles →A testimonial of a new type Panamera turbo, a story that was hit by the sense of defeat.
However, this article is a bit too joking and it's embarrassing content (-_-)

The situation. The number of accesses is not written because it is somewhat irritating because it is somewhat like a Kansai people how much it is so far ..."Top 10% PV monthly bloggers"It seems that, so if you think so, well, it may be worse.

However, the access of this blog grew and the start of the keyword search started since my husband began to support blog management in full, so the measures that became a point in that blog are summarized this time saw.

① Transfer from Hatoba to WordPress

Originally it started with "Hatena Blog"I moved to WordPress on April 4, 2018. I think that this decision was great.The reason I thought about shifting from Hatoba was because there was a limit to customization in terms of design and operation.

Nonetheless, I wrote about 150 articles at that point, and since the number of readers was over 100, access was drastically reduced(I heard that)I was hesitating for a while considering the trouble of migrating risks and all URLs.

But, someday I will move to April as articles are fewer sooner as it is better. It was this article that I referred to at that time.

Let's move from Hatena Blog to WordPress. A thorough explanation of the flow of the method and the notes of setting.

As a result, access temporarily dropped as a result of migration, but it recovered in about a week. I was able to migrate the URL without problems. I wish I had made it at a earlier point in such a case.

② Server uses AWS

In general, I think that I use a server that can process with Sakura rental server and domain and set,The server of this blog is using AWS (Amazon Web service). AWS is an EC site that is deployed in the world Server service that Amazon offers for companies.

It's an Amazon server that is performing tremendous transactions every second every minute, so the site speed is also fast, as expected, no matter how much access it gets, it never goes down(Because it is not such a huge amount of access, so far it is quite small for cats ... (- _ -))

However, the site display speed is an important point to get Google's evaluation, and if the display speed is slow, I think that the user is also irritated and leads to withdrawal, so I think it is an important part.(By the way, I can not use AWS because I am completely ignorant about server, because my husband's main business is an IT store)

③ Design uses TCD theme

Designing a blog is an important thing. However, since I am neither a web designer nor a system shop, I am deeply handling this subject and handling a large number of WordPress themes"TCD"I purchased the template.

The theme of TCD is cheap, beautiful, easy to use even for amateurs. It is better to use the theme as it is than to customize it strangely with a design that corresponds to both personal computer and smartphone.By the way, the theme of this blog is "Bloom".

WordPress theme "Bloom (TCD 053)"

Although it is the theme for women, the impression changes considerably only by changing the site color and the photograph. Also I was worried about this "MAG".

WordPress theme "MAG (TCD 036)"

All themes can be purchased in the range of about 10,000 yen to around 30,000 yen.

④ Keyword analysis

I look at the Google search console and analyze keyword inflows so that I write articles that are not frequently but suitable for it.For example, in Panamera type, "test drive", "car delivery", "fuel consumption", "sports tourism"Considering the upper keywords such as.

However, I am not good at analyzing systems like this, so my head is "KEK !!!" and I do not think too much, so I do not see it frequently because I want to write what I want to write.(But he must barely see it)

About this place, my husband who likes cars and likes analyzes checks and tells us.

⑤ Maintain quality articles

It is not comprehensive of what is known by looking at other media and the contents of Porsche related news"Well, are you going to find out !?" "Well there was such a point of view!"In this way, we try to be able to write stories that are interesting, helpful, and convincing as read as possible by readers.

Nonetheless, the writing skills are still more. Also, since it is difficult to write only articles of whole body everyday, I sometimes write articles I took out.

Depending on the direction of the blog"A short article on light, how to give multiple items each day"It seems to be strategically, but it is not suitable for my personality.I want to read myself back and read confidently this! A person can not post unless it is content that can saySo, I think I will do it at the pace of the article one day ahead.

⑥ Utilization of SNS

Because this blog is doing it anonymously, it does not almost announce to acquaintance. So, I'm starting twitter, facebook and instagram completely from scratch.

Inflow from SNS to blog is increasing little by little,While doing it for a while, I think that it would be nice to understand their characteristics and usage.At this point,

■ twitter: Tweets about cars exchange information with car lovers
■ facebook page: Mainly blog update information
■ Instagram: Pictures of Panamera and Porsche

I guess that. Among them, the instagram is the most interesting for me.From the famous overseas racer, normally it is good! And comments come, the picture can be easily exceeded the wall of language and nationalitySo exciting about the future possibilities.

⑦ Blog village

For blog village, I am doing it for the time being.Category of PorscheAnd then it was a German car ... or something. There are access from several blog villages on several occasions every day,At the end of the article I do not put a banner flying to "blog village".It is not very good as my blog that the withdrawal increases, so it is"I'm lucky if there's an inflow from a blog village."I use it to the extent of.

Also, since Blog village 's blog news information' has been getting rid of this blog since 13th June, it is under investigation now.

⑧ Minkakara

Japan's largest SNS of car lover"Minkara"But from her husband"Because Minkara has many people who are truly familiar with cars, I wonder if this blog is getting much accepted"It is said that ... The only thing you can do is get the ID.

I wrote a review of Panamera once or made several friends application, but I was somewhat uncertain about how to use it, what is where, where things change, sinking ... (- _ -). Since it is not currently done, there is almost no influx.

Next aim is!

Just because I first ranked in keyword search, I think that the ranking will change day by day,

When I ranked number one in Japan, I think the next aim is to be the world's No. 1 (laugh)

Fortunately for Porsche, there are fans all over the world, and in Japan and overseas the specifications and situations of cars are different, there are many parts that can be found together. So, if people in the world can see it, this blog seems to be more interesting.

As my husband got a translation function plug-in using Google's artificial intelligence "TranslatePress", I hope to change some of the strange things separately and increase the influx from English-speaking countries thinking.

Everyone who always reads, thank you for your continued support!

Follow this blog if you like!

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