718 Cayman GTS 4.0 test drive | 981 Boxster GTS, 991 GT3 Review from the owner's point of view

718 Cayman GTS 4.0
Porsche Cayman

The other day, my husband had the opportunity to test drive the 718 Cayman GTS 4.0, and he wrote down his impressions. Please take a look if you like.

Porsche 718 Cayman GTS4.0, test drive

The other day, when I went to the dealer to change the oil of GT3,There is 718 Cayman GTS 4.0 in the test driveAnd that. Although it was a short time, I was allowed to test drive it, so I would like to review it, although it will be a short comment.

Until now, the 718 was only a 4-cylinder turbo model, but this timeStarting with Spider and GT4, NA 6-cylinder model GTS 4.0 has been added to GTS.It is.

This 4-liter NA engine has the same bore x stroke as the 4-liter NA engine installed in GT3, but the genealogy seems to be different, based on the 9A2 Evo type engine installed in 911 (992 type). It seems to be a thing. In order to comply with recent environmental standards, it is also equipped with a cylinder deactivation system, etc., and although the current Japanese specifications do not have a GPF filter, the engine is environmentally and fuel efficient.

This test drive is 718 Cayman GTS 4.0 colored in aventurine greenIt is. I saw Aventurine Green on the body of 718 for the first time, but it is quite cool. And the wheels colored in the optional satin aurum match the body color very well.

718 Cayman GTS 4.0

Porsche Satin Aurum Painted Wheel

The interior of the driver's seat is the familiar 718 interior, which is the same as the genealogy from 991 and 981. It can be operated without any discomfort. When you start the engine, it's buon! Barking and the deep bass echoes.As expected, there is only 4 liters, and the exhaust sound is lower than the 981 generation GTS and slightly higher than the 4-cylinder turbo 718 GTS.It is.

The weight of the clutch is just right, not particularly heavy or light.A little lighter than the 981 and a little heavier than the 991 GT3. The clutch connection is very easy to understand and easy.If you raise the clutch slowly, the car will automatically increase the idling speed, so even beginners of MT should be able to reduce the number of engine stalls.

718 Cayman GTS4.0 Interior

The torque from the start is much thicker than the 981 GTS and 991 GT3.Therefore, it is very easy to drive. It's so easy that you can move around the city freely as if you were driving an AT car.

In particular, even if you suddenly release the accelerator in 1st or 2nd speed, you do not feel much engine braking or engine back torque, and you can drive very smoothly even in situations that tend to be jerky with GT3 MT etc. It is. This will make people in the passenger seat feel more comfortable.

718 Cayman GTS4.0, sports mode, etc.

I tried running in normal mode for a while, but I could hardly tell the cylinder deactivation.It was the same with the Panamera turbo, but since there are no indicators etc. in particular, I wonder if the engine sound has changed a little. I think that it may be paused when I think. In any case, I don't think the driver feels anything if he concentrates on driving normally.

It's an annoying engine sound, but from the start to idling and startingImpression that it is very similar to 992 with a reasonably loud soundReceive. However, once you start running, you won't claim the exhaust noise so much. Than thatWhen it's cold, the growl of the gear called Vienna is better heard in the room.It's a feeling.

When it comes to the zone around 3000-4000rpm, engine noise and exhaust noise are insisted as it is, but the exhaust noise at the 2000rpm level, which is often used, is honestly a little lonely compared to the 981 GTS.

718 Cayman GTS4.0 Sport Response Switch

Then, when you make sports or sports plus and step on the accelerator, the NA4 liter horizontally opposed 6 cylinders wake up with a super sharp response.The sharpness of this response may be 10% more than the 981 GTS.

In a blink of an eye, the needle of the rev counter passes through the middle rpm range and aims at the high rpm range. At that time, the feeling of acceleration and the G applied to the body are considerable, and you can enjoy a considerably fast feeling of acceleration. The engine sound and exhaust sound at this time are wonderful. As expected, it is a NA horizontally opposed 6-cylinder engine. "After all it is this!I think there are many people who think.

The touch of the brake is also wonderful.The vehicle speed drops and shifts down with just one step. Auto blipping in sports mode is also very comfortable. Buon! Howling, the rotation is connected neatly.The blipping and backfire sounds are modest and not as flashy as they were in the 981 era.People who like this kind of gentle and natural exhaust sound will be welcomed with a favorable impression.

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  1. Ishi


    I used to test drive the GTS 4.0, but as my husband said, the ride was very comfortable.
    I thought it was more like a GT car than a sports car.
    But I wonder if it's too cohesive as a second car that seeks extraordinary life.

    This 4.0L NA engine and the seasoning that is comfortable to ride, I thought that it would be better to put it on the 992.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi
      Thank you very much!

      > I used to test drive the GTS 4.0, but as my husband said, the ride was very comfortable.
      It's amazing that it's so comfortable to ride ...!
      I imagine that the passenger seat will surely be easier.

      Is the 718 Svider better as a second car that seeks extraordinary life?
      I'm also curious about this ...!

  2. Ratamu

    Thank you always for the fun articles.
    I will use it as a reference.
    As a person who chose Cayman gts 4.0 as the first Porsche this time, I was very happy and empowered with this article, so I made a comment without hesitation.
    Since this is my first Porsche, I wanted someone to affirm that this choice was correct. (Lol)
    I placed an order without a test drive, so I was a little worried, but thanks to you, I was completely blown away. Thank you!

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog.

      > As a person who chose Cayman gts4.0 as the first Porsche this time, this article was very happy and empowered, so I made a comment without hesitation.
      Oh, that's right! !! Congratulations!
      I'm glad it helped you even a little (laughs)
      I would be grateful if you could tell me your impressions of the car being delivered, actually riding it, and being owned ^^
      Continue to thank you.

  3. Nak

    Hello Mina,

    Actually, I also tried the test drive, GTS 4.0.
    I was wondering what kind of car it was because it had the same engine.

    The test drive was a car with PCCB and sports chrono.
    I think there were many other things, but ...

    It's the same engine as the GT4, but with a finished product that makes you think that it will change just by setting it, the impression is that the sharp parts are rounded and smoothed.

    It was a test drive for about 30 minutes, but it was an easy car to ride.

    Neither the accelerator nor the brakes require delicate control like the GT4, and although it is a slightly stiff suspension when you think about it normally, it is excellent in riding comfort compared to the GT series (^^;

    I think that the accelerator opening is low even if you step on the accelerator as much as GT4 when you step on it.

    This is more suitable for city riding.

    The effectiveness of PCCB is not comparable to GT series due to its small diameter, but I think it is necessary and sufficient.
    I asked the person in charge to apply the full brake, but the initial braking was slower than the GT4 and I had to step on it more.
    I think the master diameter is different.
    The sensation was that the operability was close to that of Cayman's red caliper, and it was more effective.

    It's a 3-cylinder mode, but it didn't switch in the city during my test drive.
    GT4 does not switch to the amount running at about 60 km.
    In the case of GT4, it switches when running at a constant speed of about 100 km at high speed, but I do not use it because the bass increases and it becomes a little annoying and the vibration also increases and the ride quality deteriorates.
    The sound is like when the engine died 1.2 cylinders, so I think that people who have broken it in the race do not feel good.
    You said in the test drive of YouTUBE that the sound will change a little even if the writer is switched, but my GT4 is quite different.

    Overall, I think it's a car that anyone can drive, regardless of the rider.

    If you can do anything with this one, I feel that GTS 4.0 is the best choice.

    • MinaMina

      Everyone says that it's very easy to ride, but that's true!
      Nak has a GT4, so I'm jealous that you can compare your own GT4 and GTS4.0 and taste it ...!

      > Overall, I think it's a car that anyone can drive, regardless of the rider.
      > If you can do anything with this one, I feel that GTS 4.0 is the best choice.
      So that's it…! My husband, who buys Porsche for the first time, has everything and I think it's great! When,
      He said the same thing as Nak.
      I also want to test drive ...!

  4. Kazugane Hills

    I also took a test drive.
    The character was so different that I couldn't believe that the displacement was the same as GT3.
    Mild and easy to ride.
    But what I want from Porsche is not ride comfort or ease of handling, so my index finger did not move.
    This test drive was very significant in the sense that I was able to reconfirm whether I was asking Porsche for Nani.
    I'm looking forward to the new GT3.

    • MinaMina

      Kazugane Hills
      Gobusatashiteorimasu! Thank you for your comment.
      My husband saw the comment and said, "I understand ...! What I'm saying, I really understand ...!" (Laughs)
      There are many pictures of the new GT3, but I'm curious about how it actually runs!
      I'm sure it's insanely high performance ...

  5. kiyo

    I will post for the first time. I always study on my blog.
    I am very interested in the ride quality of this GTS 4.0.
    I have one question,
    The standard suspension of GTS4.0 is PASM sports suspension.
    The demo car of the nearby PC was not a sports suspension, but an optional PASM suspension. (Sorry for the complicated story)
    Is the car you tested on a PASM suspension? Was it a PASM sports suspension?

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!

      > Is the car you tested on a PASM suspension? Was it a PASM sports suspension?
      I heard that it was a standard PASM sports suspension! That's why it's so comfortable to ride, isn't it?
      I didn't know that the 718 GTS 4.0 was a sports suspension as standard. Thank you!

  6. Tetsu


    The other day, Mr. H signed a contract for Cayman GTS 4.0 LHD. Since it is a full order, delivery will be a little earlier (if there is a corona influence, will it be earlier?).
    With this, I can join the ranks of Porsche owners (laughs)

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Tetsu
      Mr. H also contacted my husband. Congratulations on this time!
      It's LHD, it's cool! !!
      When the car is delivered, please try running such as Ashi ^ ^

  7. Tomozo

    I am always entertaining.
    I also tried the 718 GTS,

    The ride was really good, and the low-speed torque was great, so I felt it was easy to ride.
    As my husband said, it wasn't as loud as 981, and I felt quieter than that.
    S + is strange to say.

    In my personal taste, even if I know that the 718 is better
    I wonder if I would choose 981 even at the same price.

    By the way, the other day, I had the opportunity to drive a 992-element fog.
    As written in this blog, my legs felt much stiffer than S!

    The wheels were the same 20 and 21 inches as the S,
    The air pressure was also comfort pressure, so
    I was surprised at how different it was,
    I felt that choosing a Porsche grade was annoying.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!
      As for engine sound, the newer the model, the more regulated it will be.
      I think it's difficult ...
      I wondered if engine sounds like 981 would really become rare.

      > 992 I had the opportunity to drive a bare fog,
      Thank you very much!
      Was it hard after all!

      When I tell you about the comments I received from my husband,
      "That's right! When I was told that, I was a little relieved that my sensor wasn't crazy!"
      I was saying (laughs)

      Choosing a Porsche grade is really difficult ...
      It would be nice to be able to test drive all grades, but it will still be different depending on the individual ...

  8. Zabuton

    Thank you for reading the story that is always exciting for Porsche lovers.
    I was riding a 981 Boxster GTS PDK, and the other day I bought a 718 Spyder. I'm worried that the 718 Spyder can be used everyday, so I can't let go of the 981 Boxster GTS, and I'm using two of them together. It was a car that was fun to drive if I was driving, but I rubbed my nose, buttocks, and stomach, and thanks to the difference in vehicle height of 1 cm and the protruding lip, it is still suitable for everyday use such as commuting. I couldn't use it (I couldn't clear the entrance to the underground parking lot at my workplace). The manual hood was also covered by sudden rain (I thought I knew it because I used to ride Elise ...). I want to drive my favorite car every day, so I have a hard time. And the other day, I accidentally tried the GTS 4.0 (equipped with Cayman PCCB) and was surprised at how comfortable it was, so I ordered the Boxster GTS 4.0 (production confirmed in February). I think it's the best car to use for commuting, going to the mountain pass on weekends, and occasionally using the circuit (although only the mini circuit runs). I'm a little worried that the wonderful ride was due to the PCCB of the test drive ... (I ordered the normal brakes).
    In addition, 981 was made PDK because my elderly mother said "I want to drive a Porsche convertible once", but after all PDK is the best on the circuit, and even if I switch from Spyder to GTS 4.0, it seems that I will eventually let go of 981 No (laughs)

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!
      981 Boxster GTS, and Spider, GTS4.0!
      It's nice ^^! !! !!

      When I asked my husband about the ride quality of GTS 4.0,
      "I did a sports suspension because it didn't have a PCCB, but I thought it was okay because it was so comfortable to ride!"
      I was saying.

      > In addition, 981 was made PDK because my elderly mother said "I want to drive a Porsche convertible once", but after all PDK is the best on the circuit, and even if I switch from Spyder to GTS 4.0, I will eventually let go of 981 Not in (laughs)
      What a wonderful story ...! I want my son to grow up like Zabuton-san (laughs)
      The 981 Boxster GTS is really a famous car ...!

  9. Locker c blue

    Thank you for answering the unscrupulous question of your first post the other day.

    Actually, I am preparing various things to get Porsche (981), but the last step is
    I can't attach it. People around me tell me to think again because it's a waste.

    The regret is that I haven't run the Ashi Driveway yet, and I'm a Porsche Ronin.
    Without Porsche graduation is really difficult.

    I'm really sorry for the bittersweet comment.