Vehicle inspection of Porsche 911 (air-cooled 964 type). What is the cost and content?

Air-cooled Porsche 911 (964)
Air-cooled Porsche

Porsche 911 (air-cooled 964 type) vehicle inspection

The other dayWhen I got on the refreshed Porsche 911 (air-cooled 964 type), it looked like a new carIn the article, "The contents of the vehicle inspection will be described at a later date", so this time I would like to write about the cost and contents of the vehicle inspection.

This vehicle inspection has been taken care of since delivery due to the maintenance of 964.BeforthI decided to ask Mr. First of all, the cost and contents of this vehicle inspection are as follows.

・ Vehicle inspection
・ Engine oil change (8.5L)
・ Front wiper blade replacement
・ Wheel balance adjustment
· Change brake fluid
・ Legal expenses, etc.
・ Total (parts fee, wages, tax included): 165,800 yen

"There is 8.5L of engine oil for 964! ?? I thought that it would cost much more if I did an old Porsche scrutineering"If you say husband,

Well, I had done a lot of maintenance before this vehicle inspection. I had you look at various other things,There was nothing special to fix this time, so this time it was settled at this level.I guess that.
Also, in 964, dry sump and engine oil are circulated to cool the engine. Sora has a little more oil than modern Porsche.

I was talking.

Air-cooled Porsche 911 (964)

"I mean, what did you do with dry sump ...". I had my husband teach me several times before, and even though I did some research myself, I couldn't think of any of these things, so I wrote an article in the past (I studied about "dry sump method" adopted in Porsche), I understood the outline.

... but I'll forget it soon (explosion)

Air-cooled Porsche brings it closer to the state of a new car ...

About the contents of this vehicle inspection My husband

I'm glad I only had to change the oil, adjust the wheel balance, and change the brake fluid.Wow. Also, it seems that the engine has some oil bleeding, but it seems that it is still okay at all.
So far, I haven't really noticed anything about running, but I think it's the scratches on the stepping stones, the dirt on the wheels for many years, and the cosmetic surgery part. I want to do this next time.

I was talking.

How close will the air-cooled Porsche 911 (964) of my home be to a new car (laugh)

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  1. Hiropon ☆ ☆

    It's Maid~ (^.^)
    I always enjoy reading it.
    The cost of the car inspection itself is the same as a normal car, if it is different, it is ok (laugh)

    It's important how long it takes for regular maintenance and how much it costs.

    Depending on the distance you are running, the oil change time will change, and you will need to maintain each part.

    My child exceeded 260,000 kilometers the day before, but he is still fine.

    • MinaMina

      Hiropon ☆ ☆
      Thank you very much!
      > The cost of the car inspection itself is the same as a normal car, if it is different, it is ok (laugh)
      Certainly, it would be strange if it was different (laughs)
      I wondered if it would be a car that would still run well if various maintenance was done.

      > My child has exceeded 260,000 kilometers the day before, but he is still fine.
      It's insanely amazing ...! Porsche is also amazing, and I'm sure it's because the way of gluing and maintenance is solid, isn't it?
      it's great-! !! !! !!