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Test drive report for each car

I will test drive the Subaru WRX STI (VAB)

Thanks to writing this blog, I have had the opportunity to drive many cars so far. Especially my husband said from an acquaintancePlease try it out and let us know what you think.It seems that the number of people who say "" is increasing recently, and every time I go to the Ashi Driveway, I drive a new car. (Good w)

Meanwhile,Thanks to the kindness of the blog readers, we have decided to drive the WRX STI (MT).It is said that it is a new car that was contracted just before the end of the order in December 2019 and delivered in April. He came all the way from Kanto to the Ashi Driveway for a drive trip.

On the day, I managed to bring the weather, and I went with the 911 Cabriolet (992) and the Cayenne E-Hybrid.

Porsche 911 Cayenne

By the way, the Subaru WRX STI that I tested is as follows.

Grade: Type S
Engine: 2.0L DOHC Twin Scroll Turbo
Drive system: AWD (all-wheel drive)
Transmission: 6-speed MT
Maximum output: 227kW (308PS) / 6400rpm
Maximum torque: 422N ・ m (43.0kgf ・ m)
Equipment: 19-inch tires, RECARO seats, Bilstein dampers, brembo 4-wheel ventilated disc brakes, etc.

Compared to a few years ago, I was able to drive a Boxster and GT3 of MT, but I was a little worried because there was an image that it seemed difficult for Subaru MT cars.

That's because my brother is a Subaru, who has been inheriting the MT legacy for a long time, and had the experience of not being able to even start when he was once on board. (Because it was a time when I couldn't drive an MT car at all)

Then how was it actually ... (laughs) I'm not familiar with the structure of the car, so unlike my husband, I can only write sensuous things, but to the last, "Impressions of women who like cars a little more than the general publicI hope you can read it.



For advanced users, WRX STI

In conclusion,I felt that MT's WRX STI (VAB) was a car for advanced users.For those who are confident in their driving skills such as handling and accelerator work, I think it is a very fun car.

The 911 (Type 992) of my home is so high-performance that it feels like there is not much room for people to intervene, and even someone like me can drive on a mountain pass such as Ashi. I don't feel scared even if I speed up, and I feel like I can still go.It bends like a cut without thinking too much about "because it is RR" or "load transfer"So I even feel like my driving has improved.


On the other hand, the WRX STI was a car that reflected my driving level as it was. If you just try to turn a curve without thinking about anything, the tires may slip, and if you speed up, you may feel scared. Of course, there is no auto-blipping function, so you have to operate the clutch yourself to shift down.

Also, the shift lever is also for advanced users ... "Oh, are you in 3rd gear now? Maybe 5th speed? No, but the engine sound is 3rd speed ...Sometimes I say, "I thought I was able to drive an MT car completely, but when the car changes, it's still a long way off.I was keenly aware of that.

It ’s not about the performance of the car, but “How much you usually rely on your carI felt like I was shown off.

The MT cars I have driven so far are BMW 320i, Porsche 911GT3, 981 Boxster GTS (981 ・ 718), Mazda Roadster, Honda S660, Subaru Legacy,Driving the WRX STI (especially the clutch) was honestly the most difficult of all.

The meat point is narrow, or if I connect it somehow, a shift shock will come and it will be stalled (actually it stalled when parking in the back), so I thought that it was a sports car.

But my husband said,Really? Was it so difficult? I didn't think soIn fact, the owner of the WRX STI also said,

My husband was able to handle it from the beginning! I was very good at it! !!

I think the problem with my driving skills is quite big (laughs), so next, I would like to write about the whole story of the test drive.

WRX STI, interior, running, etc.

When I got inside, "This is a sports carThere was an atmosphere like that.



The clutch is neither too heavy nor too light, just the right weight.

When I started the engine, the engine sound was milder and quieter than I expected. I think my brother was more noisy (I wonder if he had remodeled it quite a bit). And I tried to start the car slowly, but "Boon! !!When I was surprised to loosen the accelerator, I got a shift shock with Ga-kun.

According to the owner,

"When my husband got on board,It's a long time before the clutch is engagedthat's what he said"

And that.

Certainly, I thought "I wonder if I can connect here" with the feeling of Boxster or GT3, and I stepped on the accelerator at that timing, but the meet point of the WRX STI clutch was closer.

When I drove with that in mind, I managed to make some shift changes.


When you start runningAs expected, the horizontally opposed engine made a very good sound.Somehow, I felt that the sound quality was similar to the engine sound of 718. However, although I know that turning the engine makes a good sound, when it comes to the first car to ride and the car of a person, I can't step on the accelerator as I expected.

Often from my husband

"If you take the plunge and run, you won't know how good the car is.Even if it's so bizarre, you should always drive as if you were driving your own car. "

And from the owner on this day

You can pull it more (laughs)It ’s not a passenger car, it ’s a sports car (laughs).

Said, "That's right ...!I took the plunge and stepped on the accelerator in a straight line, and as soon as I stepped on the pedal to a certain level, suddenly a tremendous acceleration came and I suddenly slowed down.

It used to be called a turbo, but I think it has a similar acceleration.

Wow, is this a Dokkan Turbo ...!

In the case of Boxster and GT3, when accelerating by stepping on the accelerator, the car body sinks sharply and the feeling of ground contact increases, giving a feeling of acceleration like crawling on the ground, but in the case of WRX STI, when running on the rail, it is behind It was like being pushed by a tremendous force and moving forward as it was. (I can't find a good expression ...)

If you drive on the highway, it will be insanely fast.

The ride was smoother than I had imagined. The owner ran a long distance this day, but he didn't get tired at all.

On the way, I was allowed to ride for about 20 minutes by experiencing the passenger seat by driving the owner and letting me drive again, but as I wrote earlier,MT's WRX STI is for advanced riders and is the most enjoyable sports car for those who are confident in driving.I felt.

After that, I asked them to ride my 992, and I am glad that they were very pleased!

Porsche 911 Cabriolet

Even so, I have to do my best to improve my driving!

Thank you very much for your valuable experience, owner! (I'm planning to have my husband write a test drive article later, so I hope you'll look forward to it w)

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