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Porsche 911 991 first half
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Porsche 911, 991 early model

The other day, as a substitute for Boxster's vehicle inspection,991 type early 911 CarreraI was able to borrow. And at the same time,I was also blessed with the opportunity to ride the 911 Carrera S in the early 991 model.At the same time, I had the valuable experience of riding the Carrera and Carrera S of the same era, and the options for both cars were quite different, so I made various discoveries.

This time, I would like to review mainly around that area.

The early model of 991 is a regular model, 911 with the last NA engine so farIt turns out that. The engine installed in the original Carrera is 3.4 liters, and the engine installed in the Carrera S is 3.8 liters. The AT model is equipped with a 7-speed PDK and generates 350ps and 400ps, respectively.

First of all,Let's start with the original Carrera.This time Carrera will be a car with quite rare specifications. The main options areThe exterior is a cup aero, the suspension is PCCB, and the sports exhaust is a hard specificationIt is. Nevertheless, the suspensionNormal suspension without PASMIt is.

So, about this car,Normal suspension without PCCB and PASMI would like to focus on that point as well.

Porsche 911 991 Early Carrera

Porsche 911 991 Carrera Cup Aero

Genuine cup aero is installed

Early 991 type Carrera

The 3.4L engine loaded on the original Carrera is the same as the engine installed in my Boxster GTSIt is. However, the power is 350ps and 20ps higher than Boxster's 330ps.

First,The sound when the engine is started is lower in 911, and the volume is a little quieter.When I put the PDK in D and started running, the engine was heavy and astringent. Although it is an individual that has only run 25,000 km,I've been a substitute car for a long time, I've been riding in the city, and I've spent time without having to turn the engine too much.I wonder.

It feels like something is stuck in my throat, and the engine's original beautiful voice does not come out, and I feel that it is not in a good condition.After all, the engine must be turned appropriately.I feel overwhelmed.

Porsche 911 991 Early Sports Exhaust

Compared to Boxster's curb weight of 1360 kg, 911 Carrera weighs 1430 kg and the difference is about 70 kg, so although there is a difference of 20 ps,911 is a little milderIt is.

The shift shock of PDK is small, and the suspension without PASM conveys a small shock steadily at low speed. I have experienced some suspensions without PASM, but to some extent depending on the model,The difference in ride comfort at low speeds is a big difference from the suspension with PASMI think that.

So,Once you get on the speed to some extent, you won't notice much difference.The car this time also became flatter as the speed increased.

By the way, in addition to that, the brake is PCCB.PCCB not only provides braking performance, but also contributes significantly to reducing unsprung weight.It is about 1/3 to half the weight of cast iron brakes, so it is said to have a significant effect on ride comfort.

But this timePersonally, the combination of normal suspension without PASM and PCCB was not very good.It certainly feels like the lightness of your feet, but on the contrary, in this case, it backfired, giving the impression that the moist feeling due to the weight was lessened.

Of course, this also doesn't bother me if the speed comes out to some extent, but I thought that the ride quality at low speed was negative. No, the combination of Porsche options is deep and difficult.

Porsche 911 PCCB brake

By the way, needless to say,The braking effectiveness and controllability of the PCCB is excellent.The car's stuff works so well that I think the low speed range works better than my GT3 PCCB, and I can't afford to brake even in winding. As expected, it is a brake that is only expensive.

To be honest, the effect is completely different from the normal brake.

If you try one or two corners in your usual winding,The roll is a lot of feelings.This is a little different from the one with PASM. With PASM, although it rolls, there is a feeling that it is straddling from the beginning, but with PASM, it rolls slightly at first, the roll stops at a certain point, and cornering is done while straddling there. It's a feeling.

Of course, I don't feel any anxiety or difficulty in controlling, but it is very interesting to see the difference in behavior when compared.

Drive with Porsche 911 Carrera

Try turning the engine in a straight line.. After all it is a good sound unique to the NA engine.The engine with a stuffy throat finally makes me hear the original roar, but I feel the bass is a little stronger than Boxster. This may be due to the fact that the length of the exhaust system is different due to the difference in the mounting position of the engine.

However, they are basically very similar. I don't know the difference in power of 20ps. It's about the same power.

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  1. Tephteph

    I am always looking forward to seeing you.
    "Comparison of Porsche 911 Carrera and Carrera S of the same period" I learned a lot.
    A series of accidents at 911, including the accident that occurred in Kumamoto on November 29, were reported, and I was made to think about how to enjoy 911.
    At that time, I read this article and felt that the light was shining a little.
    The whole article conveys the leeway to thoroughly enjoy the car in detail, and even enriched my heart.
    Thank you.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!

      > On November 29, a series of accidents at 911, including the accident that occurred in Kumamoto, were reported, and I was made to think about how to enjoy 911.
      It was a sad accident ... I've run on a road once, so it's not that an accident happened on such a road.
      I was reminded that it was not another person's affair.

      Because Porsche is a high-performance car, I think that you must be conscious of safe driving and improve your driving skills.
      We would like to continue to deliver our own car life ^^
      Continue to thank you!

  2. Bardock

    I read it every time.
    I am currently selling the first half of 997 and switching to the first half of 991.
    Looking online, PASM is a must-have option for the 991 Carrera.
    My 997 also comes with PASM, which is more stable and feels good at high speeds.
    May the next 991 Carrera also hit a car with PASM.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Bardack
      Thank you for always seeing the blog.

      > I am currently selling the first half of 997 and switching to the first half of 991.
      Oh, that's right! !! I hope you have a good relationship with the 991 Carrera in good condition with PASM.