Impression that Porsche 911 elementary Carrera Cabriolet (992 type) was delivered and ran 500 km

911 Cabriolet Aventurine Green
Type 992

My husband wrote an article about his impression of running in the 911 Cabriolet after delivery. Please take a look if you like.

First impression of the 911 Cabriolet (992)

It's been about half a month since the Porsche 911 came to my house at the earliest. I haven't been able to run long distances, which seems to be a long distance, but I would like to find a gap and ride, and report the impression that I ran just about 500 km.

First of all,Impression of the moment when the car was delivered, received, and started runningI will talk from. Actually, the impression at this time was quite bad. I honestly say. "Ah, I wonder if this will be sold within a yearThat was my first impression.

BecauseThe suspension is quite rugged, and I often pick up unevenness and swells on the road surface.On the way out of the dealer and running on a congested national road, "What's this? GT3? No, does it even come with a PASM sports chassis?I thought.

The 992 type has 15% front and 14% rear legs that are harder than its predecessor.But even so, it's hard. No, it's astringent.

Immediately check the TPM (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) and check the air pressure.The air pressure setting is standard pressure, and the air pressure deviation is about 0.1 bar higher than the standard value.Is out. Well, even if it's a little higher, the air pressure is within the proper range.

In addition, this car dared to emphasize ride comfort,19/20 inch Carrera standard wheelsIs selected. Nevertheless, this rugged feeling is a little terrible.

I regained my mind and ran the car, analyzing whether this was due to the air pressure or the astringency of the moving parts peculiar to the new car.

As you speed up, the ride quality will improve accordingly.To some extent, there is not much dissatisfaction in the speed range of the national highway level.However, the legs are clearer and stiffer than the 981 Boxster GTS, and the vibration is transmitted steadily.

By the way, long agoI thought the same when I tried the original 911 Carrera Cabriolet of the predecessor 991.2 of the new car.I remember. When I read back the memo of the impression at that time, "It's hard and stubborn in the city, but it feels good to speed upI had the impression that it was the same.

Also, when I bought the 981 Boxster GTS and got on the highway for the first time, the slight vibration transmitted to the steering wheel was larger than the SLK350 I was riding so far, so I asked the dealer to check the wheel balance just in case. After all, it'sIt disappeared as I ran the distance, and now it has a super smooth ride.It is.

After all, thinking that way, I thought that it might come from the first astringency peculiar to the new car, and once I went back home.

After that, I had my wife ride alone, but "It's hard, but it's not unpleasant at all.Reply. Recently,Cayenne hybridSince I have many opportunities to ride, I finished the day's drive thinking that my ride sensor might be out of order.

Changes in the 911 Cabriolet

The next time I get onTry riding with the tire pressure set to comfort pressure. Then, the ride quality has improved considerably.However, I still feel that it is hard and astringent.

On that day, I decided to take the usual drive course from Maizuru Wakasa Expressway to Kitakinki-Toyooka Expressway, and then to Road Station Sugihara Paper Village Taka via the famous road R427.

The impression on the highway is very good, unlike in the city.It's fairly flat, doesn't feel like it's touching the ground, and traces the line accurately as if the road had rails. High-speed stability is just one word. It is exactly a mini Panamera.

The ride at high speed is certainly firmer than Boxster, but it is comfortable.

911 Carrera Cabriolet

On that day, I ran about 200km lightly, and on my way home, I was running around the city. "Oh, by the way, the hardness is gone, right?I suddenly felt. My legs are moving more and more, and I feel that the astringency of the moving parts has disappeared.

Even in the zone around 40km / h to 60km / h, the unevenness of the road surface will be dealt with well. ThenI gradually feel that driving is fun.

There is one thing I can say for sure here. Carrera 4S, Carrera S, etc.Compared to the S series, the bare suspension is a little firmer... This is the same with car critics, but I think that this time's original Carrera has a sportier seasoning undercarriage than S, unlike the past. I'll review this in detail again, but it feels just like the difference between S and GTS in 991.

The 992 type has a wide tread and a steering ratio of 11% quick.You can handle it exactly at the driver's willI feel that again. In particular, the quicker steering ratio has a great effect, and I feel that the amount of steering is considerably reduced. However, it is not a quick seasoning like an Italian car from the beginning.

After all, there is a traditional Porsche secret sauce, there is a little playful part, and there is a time like "tame" until the car starts to react. This willYou can drive with a very natural feelingIt is.

The evolution of PDK is also wonderful.Even in the sloppy stop-and-go in the city, there is almost no shift shock, no, I think it is a good level to say that there is none this time. The slight shift shock felt in 1st to 2nd gear and 2nd to 1st gear like the conventional PDK is well eliminated.

It's very comfortable, and if you step on the accelerator, it goes smoothly, and the way the clutch is engaged is as smooth as a torque converter AT.

I'm still getting used to it, so I rarely drive in sports with a paddle shift, and I often drive in sports mode in AT mode. Even there, I really feel the cleverness of shift control.If you approach the curve and step on the brake, you will shift down and blipping at the perfect timing.Even if you step on the brake loosely and enter, it seems that you are also looking at the steering angle, and it also shifts down at an exquisite timing.

I personally think that the PDK Sport of the 991 type GT3, which I think is the strongest sports AT in the world, also shifts down at a wonderful timing as if I knew that the car had a curve.This 992 PDK is close to its controlThere is something. It's that smart and it captures the driver's intentions.

Therefore, the automatic operation feels more comfortable than the manual operation with the paddle shift.

911 Carrera

Right now, I'm riding in various situations to finish the break-in quickly,Like the familiar gloves, the 911 is becoming a part of the body every time you rideI feel it.

I hardly feel the initial concerns I felt on the day of delivery. The air pressure has been returned to standard pressure, but it's okay to ride in the city at all. That's how astringent it is.

Owned the same Carrera CabrioletBlog readers will feel even better from around 1500kmI was looking forward to the future.

From now on, as the distance increases, the engine and suspension will also come into contact. At that time, have the ride comfort, engine feel, and the goodness of the air-cooled era been inherited? , I would like to report on the difference from the Carrera S, the review that it is a cabriolet, the sound quality of the normal exhaust and the 19/20 inch wheel.

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  1. Kaz

    I am also riding a 992 type elementary Carrera Aventurine Green. It was the first 911 because I was riding 987 before and 986 before that.
    Boxster was also a very good car that was easy to ride and light, but the 911 is impressed with the difference in everything.
    I ran about 1,500 kilometers after the car was delivered. At first it was a break-in and normal mode, but recently I was surprised that it would change so much if I switched to sports mode and it became very fun to drive. As it is said, the timely downshift and the blipping sound at that time (in 987, it was just jerky even in sports mode), the feeling of acceleration and sound from there, it is a very pleasant moment for me. Regarding the sound, I thought that a normal muffler would be enough. (Maybe you just don't know the sound of 981 GTS or GT3)
    The body shape is different, but the specifications are about the diameter of the wheel, so I'm looking forward to reading how it will feel in the future.
    I also run Ashi once in a while.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Kaz

      > I am also riding a 992 type elementary Carrera Aventurine Green.
      Oh, that's right! If you can meet me in Ashi, I would love to take a picture side by side!

      > Boxster was also a very good car that was easy to ride and light, but the 911 is impressed with the difference in everything.
      You're really right.
      This time I realized again that 911 is an amazing car.
      We also have a normal muffler and no sports exhaust, but I think it sounds good enough.

      In addition, I think that I will spell out my impressions in various articles, so
      Continue to thank you.

  2. Kaz

    > Oh, that's right! If you can meet me in Ashi, I would love to take a picture side by side!
    I want to line up. Even on weekdays, you can go out casually between work, so please let us know.