I asked my husband that it's been half a year since the delivery of the new Porsche 911 (992 type)

Porsche 911 Cabriolet (992)
Type 992

Porsche's companion feeling

A while after the 911 Cabriolet (992) was delivered, my husband said

992 is the best ...! You may also need GT3 and Boxster. It doesn't matter if the price goes up or the valueIf I had to leave one of them, I would definitely leave 992.

He said.

Porsche 911 Cabriolet (992)

It's been a few months since then, and my husband has been riding his cars every day, but recently he says this.

Recently, I went around and said, "After all 964 (air-cooled Porsche 911) and Boxster (981 Boxster GTS) are really fun.I have come to think. 964 and Boxster have a great sense of companionship.
The 992 is a high-performance and insanely good car, but it's too perfect and feels like a cyborg. The feeling of living things may be a little thin ...
It ’s really fast on the circuit,Moreover, it can run so stably even on a circuit on a rainy day., No stress on ordinary roads, can run on mountain passes, and is perfect for any scene without saying great handling. Performance is still by far the best.
But on the other hand,The feeling of "buddy" is a little thinner than other PorscheI think.
By the way, as for GT3 touring, there is no doubt that it is super high performance, but that is from MT and so on.I can't get over it with a little softnessThere is an aura and a feeling of intimidation. So, in that sense, rather than being a "buddy"There is a feeling of creature with the feeling of "love horse" that can not be completely managedI see.
However, when I got on the 992, I said, "This car is amazing! I'm always impressed. After all, regardless of the asset value, if you think about the practicality of being an honor student in any situation, it's 992.

I came to say that.

I see ... Sure, the 992 is a great car, but it's probably too high-performance and there's not much room for human intervention.

Porsche 911 Cabriolet (992)

Continuing her husband,

In 964, when I was running, I heard the sound of oil flowing, and I felt that the engine was working.There is a great sense of creatureNo.
The 981 Boxster GTS also has a very good engine sound, and the handling feels looser than the 992, but it feels really good when I can run through the curve of Ashi.
The sound from low speed is also wonderful, the suspension is supple, and I can control it myself from MT and so on, and the happiness is very high.


The car is deep. I definitely don't know if it's only one test drive,Even if you own it, the ride quality of the car will change immediately after delivery and several months after delivery.
Also, my feelings will change over time.
Thanks to you, I was allowed to test drive a lot of cars of acquaintances, and every time I got on various cars, I said "What kind of car do I have?I will be able to re-recognize that, so my feelings about my car may change.

He said.

Which Porsche to leave

There are currently 6 cars in my houseHowever, my husband seems to be thinking about reducing the number of his cars little by little. So far, many attractive cars have increased, but as expected, 6 cars have to survive, so it is a waste.Let's narrow down to the number of cars that you can take care of (you can ride firmly on a regular basis)It seems that he thinks.

However, it is not immediately possible to decide what to leave or what to say goodbye, and there are timing issues. On top of that, my husband said,981 will definitely be left. Also, I need a Cayenne that can accommodate 5 family members."they said.

I wonder if my car life will become simpler little by little. However, my husband seems to have a lot of cars he wants, and he looks at the car sensor every day ... (laughs)

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  1. taro

    Mr. Mina, husband Hello!
    The story of going around one lap will be very helpful.
    I'm on the 964 right now, what should I do next? I enjoy worrying about it.
    I have a strong feeling that it is a turbo model at one time, but every time I get to know the high basic performance of the 992, I get confused.
    After encountering this blog, I came to want to buy a model that I often ride on a daily basis and enjoy Porsche to the fullest without worrying about resale. (High toys, no play!)

    • MinaMina


      > I'm on the 964 right now, what should I do next? I enjoy worrying about it.
      It is wonderful (haha)

      > After encountering this blog, I came to want to buy a model that I often ride on a daily basis and enjoy Porsche to the fullest without worrying about resale. (High toys, no play!)
      Thank you for saying that (Is it okay! Lol)
      I think it would be the happiest and most enjoyable way to ride a car as a companion with a model that can be driven on a daily basis ^^

  2. Bio

    I just can't help but be worried!

    Why are gloves for motorcycles?
    Is it a spare because it gets wet?

    • MinaMina

      That's right! I don't think it has a deep meaning ^^;

  3. HiroHiro

    Bio's, Hello.
    Actually it has a deep meaning w
    There are few driving gloves for cars that are compatible with smartphone touch, and even if they are, there are many that have poor sensitivity, do not like the texture and design, and have fingers sticking out in the first place.
    However, this RS TAICHI robe for motorcycles has good sensitivity of smartphone touch, and I like it because it is for motorcycles and it is less slippery than for cars.

  4. maru

    I also own 964 Carrera 2 MT, 1984 Carrera 930 Carrera, 981 Boxster 2.7 MT, but I am worried that I can not let go of any of them. A while ago, there were PDKs in the first half and the second half of 991, but they seemed too normal and were sold. I'd like to continue riding the 3 cars I own now, but it's hard to take care of even 3 cars (^ _ ^;)

    • MinaMina

      Mr. maru
      Oh, a nice lineup ... it's amazing ...!
      It's really nice ...!
      But really, it's quite difficult to get on properly.
      Considering the weather, the seasons, the timing, the destination, and so on,
      It's also difficult to get on evenly ^^;