2000km year-end touring by Porsche Boxster [Day 5, last day]

981 Boxster GTS
Touring notes

The other day, my husband said "I wrote an article about Boxster's touring, so take a lookWas said. "Eh, did you go touring with Boxster recently?I thought, and when I checked it,Sequel to the article on Kyushu Touring at the end of last yearIt was (laughs)
So, please take a look if you like.

Kyushu touring with Boxster, the last day

"By the way, did you write the last day of the year-end touring article?When I looked back, I noticed that it was not written (sweat)

If anyone is looking forward to it, Sumimasen! It's already spring, but I'm sorry to say that it's an article at the end of the year, but if you like, please keep in touch.

Boxster to Sakurajima

Depart from the hotel in Miyakonojo at 7:30.I want to go around Sakurajima after running along the coastline of Miyazaki todaySo it's a little early departure. The weather on this day was fine in the morning, but it seems that it will collapse from noon.

Moreover, the temperature has dropped considerably, and a large cold wave will hit the Japanese archipelago. Since it's Kyushu, I don't think I'll be stuck in the snow, but I'll try to act early.

Phoenix Road

Get off at Miyazaki ICGo south on Nichinan Phoenix RoadTo do. I've been here with the Audi TT a long time ago, and since then. The coastline that runs while looking at the sea like summer on the left is very comfortable. Boxster who opened the top is lively.

The scent of the wind, the temperature, the sun, everything is a production to enjoy the drive.

And while daring to run the engine around 3rd speed,Cruising while listening to the finest sound of NA Flat 6To do. Boxster doesn't need audio. Exhaust notes pouring down from overhead are the best music above all.

Boxster and Phoenix Road

Boxster and Nichinan Coast

On the way, while making a detour, I just go south. The wind is quite strong, probably because the pressure distribution in the west high and east low is getting stronger.I tried to go south on R448 to Cape Toi, but it seemed to be closed, so I had no choice but to take K438 toward Kushima City.Head.

Today, I will be returning to Osaka by ferry, but I decided to head toward Sakurajima with the ferry terminal on the side.

Navi gives instructions to go via the vicinity of Kanoya City, but there is no point in touring if you normally go through national roads and main roads.The real pleasure of touring is to always search for a fast track.

Check the touring maple and select the route to cross the mountain from K64 via K71. This was a pretty winding road, with little traffic and a responsive road.

However, the low pressure became stronger,Near the top of the mountain pass, the outside temperature was below 3 ° C, and snow was flickering.The snow gets stronger as I run, so I hurry ahead, but by the time I cross the pass, the snow clouds seem to have disappeared.

Head north on R220 toward Sakurajima, which you can see in the distance.The smell of sulfur intensified in the city, and Sakurajima was approaching. This is the first time I've come to Sakurajima, but looking at Sakurajima from a close distance feels more powerful than looking at it from a distance.

There is pressure on the mountain itselfWhen I hold my hand over it, I feel like I feel some energy.

The weather changed to light rain, and the mountaintop was hidden by clouds and could not be seen clearly. While resting at the roadside station and lava observatory, I ran Boxster on the island's circuit road.

Sakurajima and Boxster

At 17:55, aim for Shibushi in time for the ferry departing from Shibushi Port. It's okay to turn back the way you came, but it's a big deal, soOn the way back, head south along the sea and then head for Shibushi via K73.The road around here is also quite easy to drive. I was able to run at my own pace, like a country road running in the countryside.

Arrived at Shibushi Port. This ship is a new ship "Sanfurawa Asatsuma』. Since I was a Boxster, I applied for a low-floor car, but the uncle in charge guided me to the same cabin as a normal car, as soon as I saw the car, I felt like "This is okay".

IncidentallyIf it is judged to be a low-floor car, it will often be in the same cabin as a truck,It often takes a little time to get on and off.

Boxster boarding the ferry

The ferry booked a single room superior.It's a fairly small room, but it has a bath and toilet, so you can spend it comfortably. I ate so much that I was hungry at the ferry dining room buffet, and when I returned to my room and relaxed, I fell asleep before I knew it.

Safurawa Asatsuma

Due to the cold wave, the wind and waves seemed to be quite high, and after leaving the port, I could not go out to the deck, and the ferry shook as it was, but it is still such a big ship, so it feels so strange to sleep in the room. I didn't feel it.

Arrived at Osaka Port at 7:40. The low pressure system has passed and the city of Osaka is sunny. As soon as I took Boxster off the ferry,wata-san styleOpen the top while saying "Change Boxster! Switch on!"Turn on the sports plus mode switch. I made an exhaust note on the vacant Gulf Line at the end of the year and headed home.

Record of this touring

I ran 2116km and it was 10.4L / 100km (about 9.6km / L)

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  1. wata

    > Open the top while saying "Change Boxster! Switch on!" Like wata,

    No, you can say it (sweat).
    Anyway, I also enjoyed the long touring at the end of the year, which would have been a lot of fun.
    The routing from the first day to the last day is also wonderful, and it is a place that is very sympathetic [Note: Excluding R265 south of Shiiba Village].
    Shibushi-Osaka ferry, I've been on it once, but it's very useful.
    In particular, the land route from Kanto to Kyushu is more than 1000km, so it's quite difficult to run at once in terms of age (tears).
    Anyway, thank you for the immersive touring notes!

    Please tell your husband (laughs).

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much.
      >> Open the top while saying "Change Boxster! Switch on!" Like wata,
      No, you can say it (sweat).
      My husband has watched wata's video many times, so I'm sure I couldn't help saying it while I was watching it (laughs).

      The land route from Kanto to Kyushu is terrible ...
      It seems to be quite difficult to drive on the highway all day long, so I think the ferry is pretty good.

      I will tell my husband. And wata's recent touring notes,
      I will enjoy seeing you as a couple ^ ^
      We look forward to working with you in the future!

  2. kaz

    I always read the blog.
    Someday, the content made me want to do touring like an article, and my imagination swelled in my head.
    One more step to the Porsche owner who continues to admire. I want to realize a long run where I can enjoy Porsche someday.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!

      > One more step to the Porsche owner who continues to admire.
      The road to Porsche owners, I don't think it's normal, but it's amazing ...!
      I have to do my best too ...!
      Thank you for your continued support ^^

  3. Yellow submarine


    Thank you always for the fun articles.
    GT looks really fun.
    It seems that there were various accidents on the way, but it is best to return safely.

    I was thinking of GT to Nagano, but it is still influenced by Corona.
    I can't go.

    The other day, I took a day off without telling my wife and ran around Izu & Lake Yamanaka for the first time on a full day.
    The running time was over 9 hours with almost no rest except the toilet, but really
    It was a comfortable drive without tiredness or lower back pain.
    I realized the goodness of 981 Boxster again.

    I was running open all day, so I got tanned unexpectedly,
    I was chilling as to how to make an excuse if I was thrust by my bride ...

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Yellow Submarine
      Thank you very much!

      > For the first time, I ran around Izu & Lake Yamanaka on a full day.
      Oh yeah! ! !
      Izu and Lake Yamanaka ... It looks really good, the road is really the best.
      Is enviable…
      I'm sure I was able to fully hear Boxster's sound.

      > I was running open all day, so I got tanned unexpectedly
      I was chilling as to how to make an excuse if I was thrust by my bride ...

      If you run open for one day, you will get a lot of sunburn on your forehead (laughs).