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The greatness of Porsche products

Porsche has been sending out wonderful cars to the world for 70 years. It can be said that it is a sports car icon now911As I start to fall in lovePanameraAlso makes you fully appreciate the charm of an open carBoxsterAlso,CaymanAlso,CayenneAlso,MakanAlso…

Whichever model you ride,I realize that Porsche is a sports carAnd I am impressed every time I ride a Porsche made 30 years ago or a new Porsche. I think it's really amazing.

Also,Distance traveled 600,000 km(About 15 laps of the earth)It is said that some Porsches are beyond, It seems that about 70% of the Porsche made so far still runs through the streets, and its durability and wonderfulness as an industrial product are not as ordinary.

And, I have thought here suddenly. that is,

The reason Porsche can continue to make great cars is to work thereManBut because they have passion and pride, they work with high technology.

That means. No matter how wonderful the design is, no matter how much the factory has the latest equipment,If there is no motivation and ability to work there, we can not make such a wonderful product.

"Companies are peopleAlthough it is often said, in the case of Porsche, I think that's exactly the case.

Porsche places emphasis on employee education

So far, I have read programs that interviewed Porsche's manufacturing sites and various materials, among them "Porsche's factory places importance on employee education.There were many scenes that I felt.

In every case,

"Create an environment where employees can work happily with passion"
"To achieve a big goal, you need to work as a team on your project"
"I've been working in Porsche since my father's, but I share that feeling and everyone is proud to make cars."

There was a story saying.(Although I think other car manufacturers, of course, also value employee education.)

I was looking at the net while thinking about such things,Oliver Blume, President of Porsche AGI found an article that talked like this.

"To work in Porsche,Work on work by pushing perfectionism and passion forwardabout it. With this as the main premise, each person takes responsibility and operates the place. "

Perfectionism and passionOr ... At this point, I can not work at a factory in Porsche (-_-). I have a passion but I am not suitable for manufacturing because I am appropriate. ... I mean, I have not been asked to work from anyone (Baku)

Further reading, the president was talking like this.

"Even if you're an officer, I'm part of the team, so you have to have a solid understanding of the technology."

When. Every time a new model is developed, the president himself goes to the site and seems to see the production line with his own eyes, but "By doing so, the president and officials go to the manufacturing site, so that the spirit of Porsche and the attention to detail can be directly conveyed to new employeesIt seems to be.

I see.

* Article Source:Porsche Japan "In Search of Perfection"

Employee satisfaction leads to customer satisfaction

Also, the production of Porsche AG and the director in charge of logisticsInterview article with Albrecht ReimoldThere was also such a statement.

He is very busy every day to start production of the new 911 to construct a production plant in Taikan, out of the working hours of the day20% spend on preparing Tycan for thinking about organizational strategy. And, of course, we are careful about the production of the new 911 as well. However, what he cares more than anythingTo fully understand whether the staff is full of motivation and works happyThat's it.


Employees "Do you have passion for PorscheIt is very important to confirm ". Because "If employees are enjoying their work, it will be communicated to the product and will also lead to purchaser satisfactionFrom ". That is why he always keeps on raising the culture of leadership and is seriously responsible to it there.


* Article · Image Source:There is certainly nothing routine about 911 production

Porsche's production lineDo not accept mistakes, do not commit, and do not leakThere seems to be a motto,To that end, each and every person involved has leadership and must work responsibly.

As a result, in March, 2018, Porsche was "Give employees a special bonus of 10,000 euros"It revealed that. According to a decision that received a good result in 2017, about 23,000 people were eligible, but bonus payment due to good results is said to be for 4 consecutive years.

Envy (lol)

Of course the part of the feeling is also important, but I also think that it is important to have both physical and mental happiness, so I think that it may be linked to the further improvement of employee motivation including bonus. As Porsche fans, employees will continue to work with high motivation.We will continue to make great products with PorcismThat is my first wish.

I hope Porsche will continue to be a Porsche.


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