Comparison between Porsche 718 Boxster GTS and 981 Boxster GTS.

Ashi Drive way

Get on the 718 Boxster GTS! ?

A certain Saturday in February.718 Boxster GTS of husband's acquaintance was deliveredSo, my husband had an appointment at the Eastern Rokko Observatory on Sakai Driveway and had a promise to carry it. "I wonder if Mina-chan will come with me?I asked her to have her mother-in-law look at the children, and I was looking forward to the day.

Also, I thought that February's weather was still cold, so I bought down at a UNIQLO sale and was planning to reach that day with preparation.

What on Friday night the day before,The second woman who got a gastrointestinal cold vomited(* _ *)

Although my mother-in-law was coming, it was impossible for me to leave the next woman who was vomiting and go on a car the next morning.(Even if you go, maybe you can't concentrate on the next woman's attention)So I had no choice but to take my second daughter to a doctor, and on that day my husband went to Amari alone.

Well, I wonder why children will catch cold and get sick at the same time as "here" (laughs)

Saturday's possession

My husband usuallyI often go to the Yuei driveway on Saturday. Saturday's Suei and Higashi Rokko observatory are always relatively open, so it is said that Saturday is more relaxed than Sunday and I like it.

On the day, the 718 Boxster GTS, where the acquaintance came,Body color is jet black, interior is red leatherStylish specification that is.

It was so cool. I used to not like red leather interiors in the past, but recently I have come to think that it looks cool every time I see the red leather of various cars

"My husband said.

Owner says "I thought that the red leather would reflect light while driving, but there was no problem at all"And.

The transmission is a rare manual, right-handed. "The break-in is not yet completeSo, this time, it was decided to sit on the passenger seat and have him take a trial ride.

Difference between 718 Boxster GTS and 981 Boxster GTS

When I asked my husband who came home, "718 Boxster GTS, how did you do it?"

Yeah, it was good. The sound of the first engine run is brave. 981 "Buon!I feel like, but 718 is lower than "Garuru!"I feel like you say.

It was said. Then below, my husband felt "Difference between 718 Boxster GTS and 981 Boxster GTSI would like to write about

Comfort / ride

The feel when running is similar to that of 981.

My 981 was the left-hand steering wheel, and this 718 was the right-hand steering wheel, so I thought it would be easier to feel the difference from the usual sitting position,I did not feel the difference as I thought.
However, I thought so in comparison with my 981 which ran about 30,000 kilometers at the moment, and remembering the time of the new car when the 981 was new,Impression that the ride was harderBecause there is ... When compared with the time of new car, I feel better ride 718 people.

He said.

However, "There may be a difference in tires"When. Her husband's 981 was equipped with the GOOD YEAR's Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 at the time of the new car, but now it is the same as the 718.Michelin's Pilot Sport 4SBecause it was changed to ", it may have received a similar feeling.

Strength of stiffness

My husband is not driving this time.I can not say exactlyAfter putting in front of ", in the part which it feels in the passenger seat,Previously test ride 718 CaymanIt seems that she received a slightly mild impression.

718 Where has changed from Cayman as test drive - 981?

this is"GTS grade difference"Is it?"Difference due to no roof"I do not know if it is, but anyway"Tickness like tick of 718 Cayman"I did not feel".(It does not mean that your feet are stiff, but it has a sense of rigidity.)

Engine sound

As for engine noise, "The 718 sound is a V8-like sound centered on heavy bassIn comparison with the original 718 Cayman who had previously tried and tested,There is a strong sense of beat that this GTS was broken apart"I felt like it was."

With regard to the output of torque,There is only a turbo, and a feeling of torque feels stronger than 981.I felt like I was accelerating. At 981, the same sense of torque as when running at a much higher speed comes out of the lower rotation range.

It was said. Also, the owner of the 718 Boxster GTS was asked to ride his 981 Boxster GTS.

"Sound is better in 981! After all the sound of NA is completely different! !"

It was said that.(I also like the sound of 981 personally)My husbandThe exhaust noise of 718 matches well with the output of the torque of the engine, so this is ant"I thought."


Speaking of the other differences,The point where the navigation has been made from Clarion made by Porsche genuine PCM"And this latest Porsche design has followed 718,"The point where the taillight of the rear is connected sideways".

Also, the side air intake partThe 981 is just a hole, but the 718 is covered like the GT4"It was easier to take in the air from the front.

General review

Lastly, the husband's comment is below.

Grades called GTS will be released from the middle to late period of each Porsche model, so to speakRecommended specification of Porsche'Model.Many options are standardIn theInterior also dedicated to GTSThe thing ofExhaust sound tuning more brave than other modelsIt has been done.
Because the number of production is also smaller than the regular model, the price drop is less and it is popular.
In addition, it is often the case that "if you add various options to S, the price of GTS is eventually exceeded", and if you are confused about options and grades "If you use GTS, there is no doubt for now"I think.
GTS is, so to speak, in a restaurant called PorscheRecommended course menuI wonder if it would be nice if you think.

And that.

While listening to my husband's comments, I was interested in the question "What is the Panamera GTS ..." (lol).

As mentioned above, it was a report comparing riding with the husband's 718 Boxster GTS (MT) and the 981 Boxster GTS (MT).

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  1. Ruun Rumba


    718 Boxster GTS! I was looking forward to the impression of my husband! Thank you for upgrading.

    By the way, it is a matter of red interior, but the stock car of 718 Boxster GTS purchased half a year ago was red leather.

    At first I also thought that I was really "get it! Aka!" (Laughs) The real one is several times better than the photo. It looks reddish in the picture, but it is actually called wine

    It is an exquisite calm color that you can not say Bordeaux or anything. This color is really recommended. Aside from the aluminum interior of the configurator

    If you select [Aluminum gear lever], the part of the shift boot will also have the same interior leather color. I also order shift boots in the same color to match the espresso interior.

    The ride is really like air cooling. Are you looking for Porsche engineers? I like it The tastes of the sounds are clearly separated (laughs) Goodness in each

    It's different, but it's different from the sensual sound of NA.

    But I liked the 718, so I ordered the MT (laughs) PDK was super-excellent and it could have been PDK too! ?

    Well then, thank you again!

    • MinaMina

      Ruun Rumba!

      > The stock car of 718 Boxster GTS purchased half a year ago was red leather.
      Thank you very much!
      At first I thought, "Like me, え え。 同 じ く 同 じ く" as well as Rumrun-san, but when you look at the red interior of yours, it is a red with a product than you thought, and that is cool with that I came to think.

      > The taste is really like air cooling. Are you looking for Porsche engineers? I like it
      I was really surprised. Is it a result that has been made to resemble air cooling intentionally, or is it not that 718 is just like air cooling ...
      Of course there is no direct mechanic feeling like air cooling, but it is very similar.

      I also enjoy the 718 MT ^ ^
      Please tell us a lot, including Targa!

      Continue to thank you.

  2. Tap

    As usual, my husband's flat impress without prejudice is very much studied. However, GTS of the recommended course menu has certainly been too low in value drop and it was immediately excluded when searching for used 981 (laughs)

    > I also like the sound of 981 personally
    I understand well. As I am also a sensibility group, I am fascinated by the exhaust sound of the NA 6 cylinder, which clears the treble like a wind instrument. However, to enjoy the exhaust noise at high speed, I'm worried that Japan's speed limit and gear ratio are not balanced.

    If you are a Cayman, there is one thank you, but at the driving school, the other participants say, “Is it really good, but genuine?” So, Spoeg may be a mandatory production device for Boxster.

    • MinaMina


      Thank you!
      My husband was a little disappointed, saying, "I could tell a difference if I drove", so I would like to hear what I drove if I had the opportunity.

      >> I also like the sound of 981 personally
      > I understand well. As I am also a sensibility group, I am fascinated by the exhaust sound of the NA 6 cylinder, which clears the treble like a wind instrument.

      "The sound of NA 6 cylinder exhausting through clear like a wind instrument"! What a wonderful expression!
      Seems like it's for real!
      Like a wind instrument, I think that the hilarious sound that the high-pitched sound goes through is a sound that can not be put out with the turbo.
      When I ride on the 718, I think, "Oh, I hear some noise, maybe I like it," but when I ride on the 981, it looks like "Oh, I'm going to go here."

      There was such a conversation at the driving school!
      After all you hear the engine sound carefully, so ^ ^

      We are looking forward to hearing from you!

  3. Every time

    I always read it happily. Recently, I gave up on the Makan GTS and made it a 718 Boxster GTS, so I read it very interestingly. GTS is certainly Porsche's recommended menu. Besides, since it is not a public road in Japan to use up all the power of GTS, it is really good to use either S or S, but it is good to feel better just by looking at it every time you ride GTS. It also makes me feel that I will do my best at work.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ipachi
      Thank you ^ ^

      > I recently gave up on the Makan GTS and made it a 718 Boxster GTS, so I read it very interestingly.
      718 Boxster GTS from Oma Ma Kan GTS!
      Change to Porsche's different GTS model, how enviable ...

      Well, GTS is a recommended menu, but it is not easy to demonstrate its inherent power in general roads.

      > Every time I take a GTS, I feel better just looking at it. It also makes me feel that I will do my best at work.
      Chopsticks ...! ! ! The appearance is also cool because the light is black and it looks impressive.
      Above all, when I got on the GTS, I think that the special feeling that is written as GTS on the meter and touch panel ... I get a lot of tension.

      No ~ Even so, I am very worried about what kind of Mactan GTS is.

  4. I am the owner of 718 Boxster, my husband's acquaintance.

    Thank you very much for writing my favorite car blog. I am very honored. As Porsche is still a beginner, I have a discovery every time I ride. The biggest surprise so far is the masculine sound! The previous car was the BMW M5 E60, and its sensual sound was high-pitched and feminine. Right now the car is the other way around, plus the backfire is great! We want to dig in more and more in the future. Next time, please drive by your own wife, please try to feel the blog.

    • MinaMina

      > I am the owner of 718 Boxster, my husband's acquaintance.

      Owner of 718 Boxster GTS of black & red leather!
      My husband is always indebted, thank you very much.

      > The biggest surprise for now is the masculine sound!

      Certainly, the sound of the 718 sounds masculine ^ ^ Even so, the previous car is the M5 and I would like to ride (where? Laughs)
      If there is a chance by all means next time, I would be very happy if I could also carry my children praying for good health.

      We look forward to your continued patronage.

  5. Micchan

    Nice to meet you.
    I always see it happily.
    I was thinking about buying a 718 Boxster, and it was a great reference.
    Result 718 Boxster GTS selected.
    It is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow waiting for you (^ ^)
    It is the edge that I met the car and I feel the edge that I met this blog.
    My husband's impression was really helpful.
    Thank you very much (^ ^)

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog.
      And tomorrow, 718 Boxster GTS delivered ... really congratulations!

      The body color and interior of Micchan's 718 Boxster GTS are also very concerned.
      But no matter what, it's definitely cool.

      I would be happy if you could tell me about the ride and so on. Thank you for your continued support!