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Comment on back pain measures

The other dayBecause my husband like driving is suffering from back pain, I would like you to tell me if everyone recommended back pain measuresI wrote an article with the content saying "I got a comment from many people. Thank you so much. Among them, a teacher who is being treated for low back pain, I bother to send a mail ...While I was writing Porsche blog, "If you notice, the national doctor network was finished all over the country"I knew that (laugh)

Four back pain measures

As I see your comments,Lumbar pain countermeasures that you like to drive are roughly divided into fourI found out there was.

1. The idea of a chair sitting at work

"Sit with unreasonable posture for a long timeIt becomes a heavy burden for the waist. That is, during work "Chair sitting at workThe idea of becoming a very important measure also seems to come. Often the office chair is often prepared by the company and the budget can not be applied so much, so many of them will not think about reducing the burden on the waist so much.

That's why "It is important to take measures and devises to the extent that you can do"I learned. Especially for those who sit and work in the office for a long time.

By the way, I, too,The company's chair is difficult to sitI felt that. Fortunately, as there was no one behind the window at the closest seat to the window, I was wearing a pantsuit all year round, so I sat on the chair and sit down.

At first, I had to sit well every time someone passed behind, but I was accustomed to going through soon, who was going to be fine, no matter where I came, it happened to be found by my boss who passed behind,

"Because you are a lady, it is an apology (゚ д ゚)!"

I remembered what was noted.(I do not care about it at all.

Returning the story, there are also such descriptions in the comments of readers.

The chair that was supposed to be seated at the workplace did not fit and I got a backache.It is difficult to sit and can not keep the same posture for a long timeIt is. So unavoidablyFallaway cushion at AmazonI bought it. The low friction cushion had a fairly thick thickness and the butt was stable when I sat and I felt that the tail bones were supported.
Because the cause of back pain was obvious,After using it for a while, my backache has healedHowever, because the chair does not change, I continue to patronize this low-resilience cushion in my workplace.

In the case of a chair that does not fit,Put thin cushions under the thighs and layered towels or put a table on your feet and raise your legsYou may. At the same time, consciousness to strengthen the physiological lordosis of the lumbar vertebrae, squeezing the cushion on the waist, the symptoms were relieved and effective. Although it may be tough at the beginning as the spine grows as a posture,Attitude with less burden on waistI think.

2. Devices of operating seat and seat cushion

When driving an AT car for a long time,The same posture continues from beginning to end compared to MT carTherefore, I think that it will be easy to put a burden on the waist. In fact,

When I was doing a long touring with Boxter, my waist did not hurt at all at all, but my waist hurts after going out for long touring with air cooling.

He said.(Is it rather than an AT car, just a question of air-cooled seat ...)

In order to alleviate such back pain during driving,Put a cushion on the seat, emphasize the seat when choosing a carThere seems to be some people doing.

When the back pain hurts,I put a low friction cushion on the Porsche.It certainly is not cool. As it was a black cushion on the beige seat, so much more. Returning to the car in the service area and opening the door, it was embarrassing, it was geniari.
But I can not change my belly back. Even if you are driving, you can sit stably and have a little hold.Even though it was effective because it was easier to sit than anythingI think.

It seems that the Recaro seat which was equipped as standard in the Integra Type R (DB 8) was the hardest to have low back pain among the cars that we have ever had. This is a manual adjustment, and of course there is no lumbar support,No trouble even if it rides 170,000 kilometerswas.

3. Adjust seat position

Especially when driving a car for a long time, it is important to adjust the seat position tightly. Even if youotube, which Porsche has officially released before,Importance of seat positionIt was explained.

This movie is "Driving at the correct driving position makes it possible to demonstrate the performance of the car firmlyI think that it was a viewpoint such as, but if so, the burden of the waist will be reduced as it is.

However,"The seat position that matches my posture and body shape can only be grasped by my own sense of the skinAnd I myself still do not know well "Is my seat position my best now?"

According to comments from readers,

In the case of traveling on a highway for a long timeAvoid "I have a long time with the same posture"In order to move the upper body (the position of the waist) consciously to the right or left, or because I'm a lean type, I move slightly back and forth so that the buttocks do not hurt so that I change weight position.

Make it a position where the thigh rises somewhat when seen from the side and feel it comfortably if you try to push the waist about 1 minute ago using the lumbar support etc. with the back and buttock firmly in contact with the back.If the seat surface is too low or the distance to the foot pedal is large, the thigh may fall and cause back painI do not think so.
There was a history that the support that was hitting the butt on the previous mistake shifted upward and hit the waist made it really easy (lol)

Regarding the seat position, the angle of the pelvis is pointI think. When the seat angle of the seat rises slightly forward a little, the angle of the back is too sleepy and it feels discomfort. Somewhat stupid feeling became stronger, the handle became farther, the fit of the head part(More gaps)It is hard to fit. Although it is good at the beginning, it can not bear for a long time ... when it is awful, almost whole body is numb.
And, to improve,Even though the angular relationship between the seat surface and the back surface is intact, the seat surface is slightly close to horizontalI tried, I turned the back and adjusted the gap of my neck. When stepping on the brake, waist(Near the buttocks)If you readjust to prevent gaps between the waist and the seat, strange displacement(distortion?)The result was lost.

4. Stretch, make muscle training

I personally think that "This is the most important thing". "If you can support your body at the right position with muscular strength, it will also reduce the unnecessary burden on the waistShould be.

Actually, over a year ago, I held my eldest daughter in a hug holding a second daughter, when I held my eldest daughter, my waist hurt. At that time, I did not exercise very well after childbirth,Shameful abdominal muscle could not be done even once.

After that, I thought that "This is awful!", After training the abdominal muscles using the smartphone apple, or when I started carving dancing that was hooked a while ago,My hips no longer hurt, and my eldest daughter was able to hug easily.

Well, in my case, I do not sit in the chair for a long time at work or do not drive for a long time, so I think that life is less burdensome than ordinary people. Even readers,

Bone does not shift extremely due to MT car operation,People whose bones are originally deviated are likely to have symptoms on MT drivingI think that's it!Muscle mass and flexibility are importantThat's right, I feel that sitting posture is important as well. I think that the angle of the thigh and the curvature of the waist are important to relieve back pain in the riding posture.

The previous people are also written,I got to be better than stretching and training.

You said. After all, for health, moderate exercise is very important.

Is it due to air cooling?

By the way,

RecentlyBecause I am not going to long touring on an air-cooling, my back pain is not good.And. After all it seems to be caused by the air-cooled seat ... It seems that it's a bit nervous as the seating surface is narrow. Also, I felt it was a bit worse since I pasted Pipe Elektro van, so I stopped it and I calmed down.

He said.

Anyway,In order to have a comfortable car life, it is the best that the body is healthyI felt it again. Everyone, thank you for having valuable information this time!

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