Porsche Panamera touch panel and button operation-I have listed five useful functions.

Porsche Panamera's touch panel
Panamera turbo

Touch panel operation

About 9 months since delivery of Panamera. I finally got used to the buttons around the handle and touch panel operation. When I am not used to it, from the side to my husband"Why do not you stop idling?"Even if it was told, "Well, wait a minute Where where!?" He was storming, but it was finally gone.

So, today I will introduce five convenient functions of the buttons and touch panel attached to the handlebar.

① ♢ button

The most commonly used thing is the "♢" button on the right side of the handle.

Although it can freely assign sports exhaust on / off switching and other functions freely, at home,Used frequently because it is set to on / off button of idling. In addition to this, it is possible to display "idling stop button" on the home screen of the touch panel,

It is troublesome to shift the line of sight or touch it to see the panel one by one, so I think that the "♢" button, which is about handles, is the most convenient.

② Reset travel distance after refueling

Next most frequently used is pushing after gasoline is refueled"Mileage reset"button. Rotate the circle button on the left side of the steering wheel,

With the second meter from the left aligned with the mileage screen,

Few seconds(About 2 seconds?)When it is pressed and held it flashes, and when released it is reset to "0.0".

At the beginning, I did not know where I could operate this button, so I did not reset my mileage at all, but I got to know my husband finally learned.

③ seat adjustment of passenger's seat

I often use this when I put my daughter on the passenger seat,You can operate the passenger seat from the driver's seat side. Every time it is convenient to remove the seatbelt and operate it with the seat button of your driver's seat even if you do not ride out to the side of the front passenger seat.

First from "Setting" (SET)"Vehicle setting". Then,

"Sheet setting"choose.

Then, at the top"Passenger's seat position"As the item comes out, I chose it.

Then it becomes the screen as shown below,

When you operate your seat button in the driver's seat, the seat in the front passenger seat moves. Finally"✕ Complete sheet adjustment"You can press OK. No, I am doing something delicious.

To a 4 - year - old daughter, I always say, "I will move mothers magically!" And always keep moving, saying "fair! Mother is awesome (゚ д ゚)!" So far I believe in my mother's magic ... In a few more years, "mother is a mage" seems to be acceptable (laugh)

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