I applied for an international license for going to the USA! - I summarized the flow of acquisition.

International license
Car and life

I am going to America.

Actually, from the end of July to the beginning of August, my family went to San Francisco, USA.My husband will go to a business trip on business at work and plan to join me and my daughter to the site at the time the husband's work is over.After that, I decided to introduce San Francisco and Los Angeles to various colleagues of my husband whose English was fluent.

As long as you get to the site you will have anything, but as far as you go, you have to take an airplane by taking a heavy suitcase, a 4 year old daughter, a 1 year old second daughter by yourself. I wonder if she can do it ... The eldest daughter is all right, but the second daughter will run somewhere away soon after leaving her eyes ...

I wonder if children will be able to endure a trip of more than 10 hours on air.

That nightmare again ...?

I am planning to travel with almost rent-a-car because I have children."I think that Mercedes · Benz GLS and so on are probably cars to borrow"When I heard what Mrs. Masuo was saying the other day, I thought "Well there are two adults besides me, I can not afford an international license separately" ... but my husband

"Saying that, I will have to take an international license! I will regret it again later, I will absolutely take it this time!"

As I was kept in mind, I went to get an international license the other day.

When I went on a trip to Germany several years ago, my husband told me "I will absolutely get an absolute international license!" But I regret after returning home without stubbornly saying "I am afraid because I am afraid" Because I have experience.(The state at that time is written in this article)

→ 【past articles】 I am refused a chance to run a romantic road in Porsche.

However, taking an international license is the first thing in my life, so I did research it properly, because it was not my troublesome twice, because I was rarely investigating and applying for my character properly, I decided to apply that flow I summarized it.

① Net search in "International licensed area"

I am currently living in Hyogo prefecture, but first I searched on the net in "International License Hyogo" and examined where I can apply for international licenses. In Hyogo prefecture,Hyogo Prefecture Police SiteA list of licensing renewal centers that can be applied (Akashi, Kobe, Itami, Himeji, adoptive father, five places) was listed.

Although it seems to be able to apply also at the police station, it seems that it is not issued on the same day, so I decided to go to the licensing renewal center.

② Reception hours, confirmation of belongings

When I looked up at the reception hours, it was said that "9: 00-11: 00, 13: 00-16: 00" did not have time for lunch, so I decided to go around around 13 o'clock.

The belongings,

1 Passport (passport etc)
2 Driver's license
3 picture for overseas driver's license
* Passport size photo is not acceptable
4 Seal
5 Black ballpoint pen

As it is said, there is a provision of "length 5 cm, width 4 cm" about the photograph, so take a picture in advance"This is impossible because the size is different!"I thought that I do not want to be told I told you to take pictures at the site. Also, as I thought, "I would lend you a black ballpoint pen as expected"Passport, license and sealAnd headed for the day.

③ Procedure according to the instructions of the receptionist

I was planning to arrive after 13 o'clock but I got off the train at the station that is not nearer to the line(No, really)It took about 20 minutes on foot from the station and arrived at 13:30.

When entering inside, the receptionist is asked "Is license renewal?""I came to take an international license"When saying, "Then please line up there" and when you go to the place where you were instructed ...

No one was lined up (laugh)

It's really stupid.

When going to the window, from the person in charge, "Please passport and license and photograph.How long are you going to this country in the future?"When asked," About one week to America, "he gave me an application form. "I want to take pictures here", "It is safe to say" Please take a picture over there! "

As a flow,

Pay a foreign driver's license application fee (2,350 yen) at another window → Take a picture and receive it on the spot (700 yen) → Complete the application form application → Submit it to the window together with the photograph


After that, an international driver's license was completed soon and asked, "Is there any mistake in address or name?", If OK, write your name in Roman letters on your license and then stamp your seal It was OK) and the delivery was completed.

Meanwhile, about 15 minutes.

Was it a period of time when it was exhausted? It was quick and easy.

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  1. How to support life

    Are you going to San Franca?
    I returned home at the end of May, but I also stayed at San Francisco and San Jose until yesterday on a business trip.
    San Francisco is good. It is different from other cities in America
    There is taste and food is delicious.
    But, because the road is narrow, all the slopes are due to heavy traffic.
    It's hard to go anywhere until you leave the city of San Franc.
    You can also subtract it. Cross the Golden Gate from the opposite mountain (hill?)
    The overlooking scenery is very beautiful.
    It may not be the first time, but I pray for being enjoyed.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for your comment!
      Oh, you were going to San Francisco yesterday!
      My husband also praised San Francisco very much and I have never been there so far (I only flew to the airport by transit ...) and I heard that it is such a good city and I am looking forward to going from now. The road is narrow, and it's also a slope ... (haha) I'd love to see the scenery from the Golden Gate Bridge - I've only seen it in postcards, so it is a scene that I can not see in Japan.
      The climate is easy to spend, it looks cooler than Japan. I also think that I will upload various pictures and also to blog ^ ^

  2. Pole


    When I first drove in Florida, I was very nervous.
    If the school bus is stopped, you have to stop even if you are in the opposite lane.
    The law is different from Japan, such as turning right even if the traffic light is red.

    Passing on the right side, trying without hesitation on the left steering wheel
    It is amazing.