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About a woman driving a large car

I have thought from a long time ago that I once wrote something on this blog. that is"Low sitting height of madam (female) driving a large car".
Perhaps I think that the seat adjustment is not done well, but usually I can see only the upper half of the face. So I mistakenly think that "Does the child drive?" Or anything else it is unmanned and is driving automatically ... (laugh), I can not see the figure.

Specifically, this image.

(I searched for an image but naturally no such image so I made it)

If it were originally, I think that this may be OK.

(On the contrary it seems that the sitting height is too high ...)

I tried speaking it to my husband before.

I understand it, but I am the same condition (- _ -)

It was said.

Seriously! (* _ *)

For me, there was no problem in front vision at all and I intended to be able to drive at a proper seat position, but it seems that it is the same as Madam buried from the face half down from the face.

Since then, I began to research the driving position, and if the driving position is wrong"How much driving is dangerous" "Importance of properly adjusting seat position"I noticed.

So, I would like to introduce today 's videos that my husband taught at that time as a reference.

Driving position taught by professional racing driver.

I will introduce today,Porsche's official youtube uploaded a video about the correct seat position and the proper steering position.As the driving position when riding the 911R, the seat may be lower than the usual car ... maybe ... but I think that it says an important basic point when riding any car.

What I'm explaining in this video,Patrick Long is a professional racing driver and also a Porsche Works driver.

... This Patrick Long is the same age as me! (° o °)!

I thought it was older. After all the people who are active in the world are different in dignity from Aura ... Well that is fine as it is.

Mr. Patrick Long at the beginning of the video"Before hanging on the engine, it is important to set the optimal driving position"It is said that. It is the basis of driving to make it the optimum position to be able to control the car firmly at any moment.

Driving position confirmation ①~③

① Ensure that the arm is extended and the wrist comes to the top position of the steering wheel

Perhaps, in the case of a deeply submerged madam (female) who wrote at the beginning, it seems that I have to raise my hands a lot in order to bring my wrist at this position of the steering wheel. Adjust the height of the seat position so that the wrist can be placed in that position.

By the way, I adjusted the seat according to that position"Oh, are you driving in such a high position?"It was surprisingly surprisingly high. Conversely, after all it would have been submerged w

② Check if you can step on the pedal without problems

Whether the knees are naturally bent and you can step on the clutch or accelerator pedal steadily. So, even if the knee is too bent, it is useless if it is too cramped, and on the contrary the seat is too far behind, even if the foot gets stuck when stepping on the pedal.

③ Confirmation of handle position (up / down / near side)

When I grabbed my handle with my hands with both hands,Ensure that both shoulders do not leave the seat and there is enough space between the knees and the handle. At this time, if both shoulders get away from the seat or if the operation is cramped without gaps with the knees, adjust the handle position so that it does not become so.

→ The next page The position where you grasped the steering wheel that was wrong, as expected. Also introduce the full English text of the movie.

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