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"Race on Sunday, drive on Monday"

"Why does Porsche understand Porsche at first sight?"

It is said that Japanese cars are difficult to distinguish from which manufacturer's cars when removing the emblem(Some have understanding though). That point,Porsche knows at a glance that it is a Porsche, no matter how old, new, SUV, sports car.

Why is that? ... as I thought, the other day, this page(Porsche-Everyday Usability) Was taught. There, it was written.

"Race on Sunday, drive on Monday" was the motto of many Porsche 356 drivers in the 1950s.

I'm not good at English, so I can not translate it well"It is important to be able to enjoy both racing at the circuit and everyday driving with one Porsche"Is it something like ...? It seems that this is a policy that has been inherited from the time Porsche is born until now. As of now, even for "Porsche Principal" mailed to the owner when purchasing a Porsche,

There is no other sports car heading for shopping after finishing the race at the Nürburgring. Even if the number of crews are different, Porsche creates only one. It is a sports car to enjoy everyday life.

it is written like this. This unchanged spirit"Porsche knows at first sight that it is a Porsche"I wonder if it is an important point.

Porsche seen from an expert

The other day, a custom-made body cover specialized manufacturer of the car which is often picked up in "Minkara" and car related mediaNakabayashi KogyoI went to the interview with Nakagawa president of the company. He was a very nice person, so I talked a lot, so I will post the content at that time. At that time, what Nakagawa said about the Porsche was impressive.

I have taken the model of the car body cover of various manufacturers,The measurements of the Porsche body cover are very easy.That's because Porsche's design is refined, simple and natural.That streamline type is not only the beauty of appearance but also the result of pursuing aerodynamics and functionality, and it is understood that it is Porsche at first glance even if anyone sees it.In other manufacturers, design is impossible and there are quite a few difficulties to measure, but that point Porsche is doing very well.


Modesty in elegance

The first Porsche "356" which was born in this world 70 years ago,Design incorporating the concept of aerodynamics, achieving the lightest weight, emphasizing pragmatic featuresIt was a feature. Even after 70 years from there, the fact that the essence of Porsche Design will not change is introduced on the Porsche Japan official website like this.

Why did Porsche sports car become a design icon? Because it was equipped with beauty? Is it because people felt "fascinating"? It goes without saying that.But the real reason is that the design harmonizes perfectly with the function.

Flower roof line, front fender drawing arch higher than front hood, rear fender full of feeling. These features common to all models of Porsche have been handed down over more than 60 years, while slightly changing the expression according to the era and the individuality of each car model.
* Source: Porsche Japan official website "Porsche Design"

"Tradition and advanced. High performance and practicality. Design and functionality. Rareness and social nature - the essence of Porsche to complement conflicting things"I have seen it in some article. Porsche keeps piling this for over 70 years, I think it is really cool.

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  1. Kasamachikara

    Regarding the design of Porsche,
    it's the best!
    To say what is the best, none of 911 · 981 · Cayenne · Panamera blend into the circuit, urban cityscape, capital city, seaside, mountains, shade, rural landscape, and anywhere in the world It seems to be a beautiful style.
    I like feeling penetrating too much.
    If it is Ferrari, it will appear on the circuit but it seems to float even in the countryside, Lamborghini is an image of Kabukicho by all means.
    Friends who have changed Porsche all the time say that they can ride without worrying about clothes (although they also have Ferrari).
    Also, I said to buy Lamborghini next time to acquaintances who have several Ferraris (we have Cayenne and Cayman), because the words I returned are vulgar (afterwards I bought Lamborghini's limited car by impulse purchase I bought it).
    My white Cayenne 957 is a somewhat lowdown car in Bilstein with a tech art magnum aero, but it looks like a face like Kitty who is in a bad mood with a feeling of nose and whiskers seen for some reason Even if I get bored, I am really cute and can not be helped (Is it morbidly self - satisfying world?).

    • MinaMina

      Ms. Kasamachikara
      > When saying what is the best, none of 911 · 981 · Cayenne · Panamera is in the circuit, urban city streets, the capital city, the seaside, the mountains, the shade, the countryside, anywhere in the world It seems to be a beautiful style to blend.
      surely! It is true so to speak. It melts into every landscape, and it is amazing that it is a sports car.
      I do not get tired of it, it's natural, it's cool, looks cute, and my partner's feelings are overflowing. It is warm to the design of Porsche.

      Personally, Ferrari is also beautiful, but it is too beautiful to feel a bit cold (even though I parked in a parking lot, depending on my mood, I will go somewhere ... that is impossible to explain)
      Lamborghini feels mechanical, I think it is not natural ...

      Well, each of you likes, too ...

      > It can not be helped without getting tired even after many years (can it be morbidly self - satisfying world?).
      No, you know (laugh) There are many people who understand! ! !