I tried driving the night expressway (China car road) with Porsche 911!

Air-cooled Porsche

Air-cooled by 9 people with 4 family members

I took the air-cooled 911 (964 C 2) the other day and four family members headed to my husband's parents house. It takes about 3 hours to and from the house from home to the family using the expressway. On the morning of the day"It's the first time to go out with a family of four with air-cooling 911!"While excitingly thrilled, we squeezed the souvenirs for homebirth into the trunk of 911, but we could not get into the bags containing the children's diapers or changing clothes ..."Well, let's get on the feet of the children in the rear seats!"I thought, but actually there is not even such a space ....

Without any help, I loaded those items at the feet of the front passenger's seat, so I was in the state that I had to sit for physical education all the time or something else (laugh)

As expected it is air-cooled 911. Let's do narrow narrow Porsche like this from 964 in 964.

Also, at first, the girls were also in a good mood on the back seat, but skirmishes gradually started ... Both of us started crying and got cranky on the way,I take a short break in the parking area on the way and then I will sit in the back seatEspecially.

The rear seat of 911 (964 C 2) is narrower than I thought,Or rather low... My head completely stuck to the ceiling of the car. Moreover, because it was attached to the ceiling rather than being tricky"With this momentum, I can sit comfortably if I blow off the ceiling with my head ..."I even thought about it (explosion)

After that we arrived at my parents' house safely. However, because I was used to medium distance traveling usually in Panamera, moving with 911 (964 C2) with my family was harder than I imagined and I got tired.

On the way back I drove 911

I finished errands and decided to go home on my way home. I drove 911 (964 C2) for the first time in a while,Although it was the first night driving, the way I felt much changed from the time I got on before.

Originally I was thinking that the image for 911 (964C2) I had was not so good and I thought it was "a car that was going to be broken and damaged"(I'm sorry)When surfing for the first time, I was surprised by the high level of performance and I was deeply moved to think that this was made more than 30 years ago.

That sense did not change at all,I could not believe that "driving is fun!" Than before.Or rather, there were many scenes that "driving is difficult".

When I usually drive on a highway, I ride 971 Panamera turbo in many cases, in the case of PanameraEven though the driver's driving skill is somewhat low, it runs as smoothly as it is.The uphill curves of the Chinese car road can also be bent quickly at high speed thanks to its stability, power, acceleration power and ease of steering operation.

Why would you want to accelerate even more as you curve the curve, so it got a habit of slightly accelerating while bending the curve(You do not have the foundation for driving.

In the case of just 964,I can firmly ask for the foundation power of drivingOr ... Of course there is nothing wrong with normal driving,To make Porsche unique "running, turning and stopping" demonstrate, the driver himself needs basic driving abilityI think so. Somehow it is always 911 (964 C2)

Are you on a Porsche ride?

I was asked, I even felt like being tested.

When turning the corner, when decelerating before it, when accelerating after the corner, and various other scenes, I was strained more than necessary,Like Panamera's latest LED light, it is not illuminated ahead of usBecause(China car at night is dark)I felt scared a bit because I could not see the end.

Since it was such a feeling throughout all the time, power was applied to the shoulders, clenching teeth and driving with a rickshaw (laugh)

The way to Porsche ride is far

From a miserable husband"What's wrong! Damn it out more strongly!"While being told, "Akan! Even if such a thing is said to be tough!" While opposing ...

Also, in my case, when I confirmed the following car with a mirror of 911 (964 C 2), the distance felt close(I felt near the left side of the driver's seat side, but the right was normal), From the back, when a domestic ordinary car approached,

"Oh yeah! I'm being fucked!"

After giving way as soon as to say, from her husband,

No, no, I have not been fucked at all. I may feel it close, but I am a lot behind. After 100% It is faster this way, if you run at your own pace without worrying about it. My mental condition gets overgrown for driving. I am trying more normal heart!

The settlement called. About a half an hour like this I managed to get home, but it was different from driving a highway in Panamera.

"911 (964 C2) is not good" never,Rather it's a fun insane carI think. It runs faithfully to the intention and operation of the driver,You can taste the real feeling of a human horse exactlyI wonder. It just felt once again that it seemed that it would take a long time to do so.

One husband seems to be enjoyable recently 911 (964 C2) and it can not be helped,

It is crape, too fun, this next holiday, 911 I run around Mita's country road all day around here.

He was saying something mumbling. Okay ... the way to Porsche ride seems to be far apart.

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  1. PorscheDreamer

    It is enviable as long as you are on a 911 ride with your family. Because I imagine that my old child should have been okay with my child (two girls started running from the child seat and after 15 minutes, I saw that they were staying until the next service area arrived There is little memory).
    964 seems to have a bit of a different taste. I was wondering how much weight was allocated around this time, but I could not find it immediately. Boxster / Cayman seems to be F: R at 45: 55,991 and 38: 62 to 39: 61 (according to CG 2015.1 which happened to be left), so it seems that the rear seems to be heavier than 991 if it is before the extension of the wheelbase. In the new 992, furthermore, the wheel base is extended and the front nose is extended (there is also a story saying that aluminum is heavily used on the rear), so that Porsche imagines that we are trying to make weight distribution closer to Boxter than 991 It is.
    By the way, it is a mirror, but is the same left and right? Although the driver's seat side of an old door mirror car was a flat surface (that is, it looked big). Although it seems that the left end is a curved surface when looking at the picture.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for your comment!

      > (There are few memories that two girls saw running until they arrived in the service area after 15 minutes since they started running from the child seat).

      En: Enviable ... Enviable ... Is not that the difference between a child who sleeps immediately after getting on a car and a child who does not sleep at all ...

      > By the way, is it a mirror, is the left and right the same? Although the driver's seat side of an old door mirror car was a flat surface (that is, it looked big). Although it seems that the left end is a curved surface when looking at the picture.
      Regarding the mirror, thank you for seeing such a place lol lol!
      In 911 (964) of our house, the left and right mirrors are different, the driver's seat (left) looks bigger and the passenger seat (right) looks wide.