Is it possible to attach and detach the body cover of Porsche Panamera by one woman alone? I actually verified it!

Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband

Nakabayashi Industry's body cover

The other day,Nakabayashi industrial co., A body cover maker, made Panamera's body coverBut, about a week later, the body cover reached home. When I opened the cardboard, it was in such state that it was packed beautifully like this.(By the way this is a picture when I ordered the body cover of 911. I forgot to take a picture when Panamera arrived)

Instead of putting this body cover directly on the car, we need a simple preparation work before that. You can do it if you do according to the instructions contained in it, but first,Secure space to spread the body cover, spread the body cover face up.(We need much more space than I expected)At this time, it is good to spread the floor after cleaning the floor so that dust and the like do not stick to the body cover as much as possible.

Then fold the body cover from the both ends to the middle,

In addition, 1-2 diffraction is made to the elongated state as follows.

In this way, it seems that they will not know which one is behind before or behind, but Yurinobu Industry's body cover has a yellow marker on the front end,

I do not think he will get lost. Then, if you fold it from the back, fold it up and the preparation in advance is completed.

Then put this in the bonnet of the car and open the fluffy omelet rice in the same way as spreading it in the rice(Image below)

* Image

Although it is said that it can be installed ...Will it be possible for women alone to detach the body cover of a giant Panamera with a width of about 2 m and a length greater than 5 m?According to Nakagawa, president of Nakabayashi Industry, "I think that if I get used, I think that it will be possible for a single woman if it takes about 3 minutes," but decided to actually check it. By the way, this is the instruction manual on the desorption method.

Let's put it on quickly!

Before putting on the body cover,First of all, take care of the dirt on the car carefully.If you do not do this without wearing the body cover, dust and dust on the car will rub against the body cover, which will in turn wound the car, so be careful.

After that, place the rolled bodyca cover on the bonnet, and then recline toward the back and undo the body cover.

Panamera is big, but I managed to spin around if I managed to stretch it.

Good luck, warm.

Then, it will be like this.

And this time, it spreads out to the left and right as spreading fluffy omu rice.

Adjust whether the cover properly spreads to the mirror and the hem,

Finally, if you bind the string on the right back tightly(This is optional),

In this way, I was able to put on a cover perfectly.

While taking pictures this time, I was also the first time, so it took 4 to 5 minutes, but I thought it would be possible to wear it no more than two minutes if I got used to it.

Let's remove it now!

Next, remove the cover. This one seems to be more difficult. Although it only becomes the reverse play of the previous even if it says ... (LOL) First of all, loosen all the tied strings,

I will unwind the car's hem.

Next, we collapse from both sides of the car toward the center, but at first we fold up to the center of the car at first.

Fold it one or two more times.

If you can make one side, fold the other side the same way ...

Good luck, warm.

If you fold it briefly, it will be like this.

Afterwards you can fold it and ...

It's done!If you fold in this way it will not get dirty or dirty on the cover so you can put it on the car in a clean condition next time you put it on.Finally, when I am in the body cover bag made of the same body cover fabric, it fits comfortably.

This time it took about 5 minutes to remove the cover,When get used to, it seems that it takes less than 3 minutes for a single womanIt is. And after all, Panamera remains shiny when you cover it, why do you think that "The cover took away the dirt?" I feel even more beautiful than before turning on.

Nakabayashi Industry's body coverIt is easy to detachable even by a single woman, and keeps your favorite car clean as well, so it is really recommended.


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  1. PorscheDreamer

    I have never put on a body cover for over 30 years (of course such experience is not experienced), but the way of calling itself has not changed since long ago.
    The problem was wind when tracing memory. When the wind blows and the cover moves (or it spreads a part when it folds halfway) when it spreads part way up, it will be difficult to continue. I thought that I wanted a magnet to hold it temporarily so that it would not move in the middle of spreading (removing).

    • MinaMina

      How to call has not changed!
      But, if you ride everyday, it is a little troublesome to turn off the body cover every time ... is it good for people who ride the body cover only during weekends in the busy time of the morning ^ ^

      > If the wind is blowing and it has moved to the middle and the cover moves (or it spreads partly when folded halfway) it will be difficult to continue.
      Indeed ... It is troublesome to wipe the wind in the middle ... I might as well come out with those scenes in the future ...

  2. Funny

    We always have fun look.
    Next year, I will move from Kobe to Hiroshima and look for a GT4 parking lot. My home has a family car (Mazda Atenza Wagon) and two cars, so I always have a hard time finding a parking lot when relocating. Fortunately, in Hiroshima, two cars could be secured on the condominium premises, but one car has no roof because it will be on the roof of a multi-storey parking lot. In that case, GT4 is being driven to the rooftop because it is an implicit rule of child care households, so we are considering purchasing a body cover of Nakabayashi Kogyo this time. Question, what do you do on rainy days? Should you cover the body after it dries?

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much.

      That's right! You will be relocated to Hiroshima!

      > What are you doing on rainy days? Should you cover the body after it dries?

      In my house, air cooling and Boxster often become blue sky parking lots,
      My husband has a body cover on each of the two units.

      And as you said, on a rainy day it is necessary to put on the body cover after the car has completely dried,
      Basically, it doesn't seem to be riding on rainy days.

      Also, Nakabayashi Kogyo's body cover does not bounce even in a typhoon,
      There is no slippage and there is almost no stuffiness, so it is very safe to leave your car outdoors during heavy rains or typhoons.