I tried to organize the concept of this Porsche blog-the hero of the blog is the car

About Porsche Blog

About Porsche Blog

Porsche blog, sports car blog, etc. While the world has a car blog, I really appreciate your visiting "Porsche came to our house". To blog readers who are reading every day"The direction of this Porsche blog and what you want to cherish"Although it seems to be somehow transmitted, I have decided to organize again and clarify it.

What is the goal of this Porsche blog?

First of all, this blog aims at:

If you are considering purchasing a Porsche or a Porsche owner who will send out useful information blog

It is. For some reason, our couple"Currently, there is little information written about Porsche on the net"Because I feel.

911 Porsche

Porsche is a luxury car, and it is high even if one option is attached. Furthermore, it takes several months from order to delivery, so it is not a car that you can easily buy."Is it worthwhile to transfer until I let go of the car I'm on now?"And, I think that there are many people who take a second step to purchase.

When I was planning to buy Panamera in my house before,Husband of character person who buys everything by investigating in advance in advanceWas examining the information of the net to every corner, but since it was not able to obtain a satisfactory amount of information in Japanese search, we gathered information by looking overseas sites in English etc.(Now my husband is studying hard English).

"Although it says that there are few information, it may be said that a lot of Porsche test drive reviews are posted on the car related web media," but,It can not be said that just the information obtained by the test drive of the media is sufficient. Those who are considering buying a Porsche most want the information owned by the owning ownerI think that it is. If I were you,

· Which option is mandatory and which option do you feel free
· What is the actual trouble repair, maintenance, maintenance fee after delivery
· Try possessing Porsche, how life changed

I want to know realistic voices such as. So, on this blog, our view and "Porsche owners file"I hope everyone who thinks" I would like to buy a Porsche "through sending a project and I hope the Porsche owners will be able to provide some useful information.

Based on the above, I tried organizing the basic concept of blog management. The concept to be described later is"How I would like to express them after having my husband's way of thinking on the base"I tried thinking from the viewpoint.

① The leading role of the blog is the car

In the luxury car blog,There are many outgoing calls of "celebrity lifestyle" than carsThere are things. I think that it is not bad, and because there are many readers who are interested in celebrity lifestyle, I think that it is rather good in that information provision suitable for the needs has been made.

But when it comes to this Porsche blog, the main role of the blog is just the car.

Sometimes there are travel stories and shopping stuff, but from our couple's lifestyle"Maintaining information on Porsche and cars and keeping it in future"So it may be a bit unsatisfactory for readers who are expected to be "lifestyle articles".

In the first place, it is a couple who thinks that "ordinary clothes are almost whole body UNIQLO, not very interested in fashion, and family store love, personal store is not fit for sex and chain store is the best", so even if you want to write celebrity articles etc. Not w

981 Boxster GTS

Also, even if I say in a word, I like the Porsche, there are various types of people. If you have a car otakus like your husband,"People who own cars as fashion and have accessory sense to show Porsche to others"I also think that. Which is not a good bad but a personal preference issue, but this blog

Talk about Porsche from the performance of the car and what is gained by having that car

I'd like to tell you again here.

Delivery of new Panamera

Also, Porsche is not something that everyone can easily buy, it's a goal for many people. for that reason"Own Porsche = the proof of a successful person"I think there are sides that are caught as. However,

I do not buy a Porsche because I would like to get external evaluation like "Do I have a Porsche? If so, I bought even a super car that is easy to understand in the first place, I run Midosuji. I,I think that Porsche is a wonderful thing as a car as a car, so buy it.that's all. Even if Porsche is not a high brand everyone admires, even if it is a cheaper manufacturer, I think that they are buying.

I say. Also in the Porsche model lineup"Buy top quality grades" "S is better than normal"There is no concept"Normal enough if you think you can try and ride"I have the view that. So the content of the blog is basically based on this stance.

"I talked about that, I bought Panamera Turbo (¯ ー ¯) w" and tried a mean mean Tsukkomi,

Right now, Panamera Turbo because I thought that I do not want to say anything without knowing the apex "I do not need to be turbo" or "I do not need the power to that".

It was that. I see.

② Objectively, with easy-to-understand sentences

Since this blog is a personal blog, it is undeniable that the color of subjective view becomes deep. It is obvious from the eyes of anyone that our couple really is a Porsche diary (laugh)"Write articles only by subjectivity"I am always trying to be conscious.

· Objectively, flat, organize and write as realistic information as possible
· Do not forget the female eyes
· To introduce the car which I think is good in addition to Porsche
· Write as much as possible using examples

It is trying to make it easy to read and easy to understand for readers.

New Cayenne

Also,To the extent possible and to write as "why it felt so"doing. Test drive reviews of motor magazines and car WEB media are often written reviews based on manufacturer's catalog values ​​and actual figures. For example, "Because it is a ● ● horsepower car, there is a tremendous power" and "0-100 km / h is 3.7 seconds so acceleration is fast" and so on.

But on this blog, I will step on another step"Why did you feel so?"I want to write.

"There are accelerating forces because the structure of ● ● has changed compared to the conventional type compared to the conventional type" "Because there are differences in ● ● and ● ● compared with models of the same car model of other manufacturers , Does it feel like this? ... etc ... Although it may become an estimate only for individuals, from the viewpoint of the husband who has ridden many cars until now, as far as possible"Why did you feel so?"I want to tie it up.

Although,I have poor car knowledge, it is difficult to write articles by understanding the opinion of car otaku's husbandAny burns (- _ -) haha

③ fun and entertaining sentences with contents

As long as I update this blog every day, it may sound like a lie, I am not good at typing.I do not read books at all from day by day, it is a shameful story, one who can read one book a year(I still prefer manga). I am not good at reading newspapers, and as soon as I look at pages with typographical characters, I miss reading momentarily.

So also a blog"I want to read articles I hate print"I try to write it consciously. Many of these blogs write articles with serious content in maniac, but it is not fun to write it as it is. So, try to include elements of laughter a bit, write it so that the scene comes to mind ... I try to write with playful play as much as possible. This is because I can not do with common web media because I am a personal blog.

Porsche Experience Day 2018

Also, do not write "articles with no content only for SEO purpose". "SEO countermeasure" is very important in managing blogs and sites. This blog also has a lot of influx from keyword search. However,"An article only for the purpose of SEO that sprinkled keywords in the title, hooked, opened the article and there was no contents at all"I will never write it. Even if it is an article with a short content, I try to write a content article that seems to be "indeed" it seems to be "wonderful", which makes me think that it was worth reading even a little.

We are looking forward to hearing from you

Basically, our husband and wife is good, bad and honest personality(Both of them are not suitable for working in an organization w), Because there is a temperament in the craftsmanship, I think whether maniac cars will continue in the future, but I would be happy if you could watch warmly.

Also, rather than just a couple's blog, I'd like to be a blog that I like to make with Porsche owners in Japan, so please feel free to comment or message, etc. I hope to send it in. Thank you in the future.

Follow this blog if you like!

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  1. Duck tiger

    I am always looking forward to it.
    Also, I am very interested in being updated everyday for just this content.
    I tried arranging the concept of this blog - ... I also saw it interestingly.
    I, as a reader, gave me the courage and commented on what I felt honestly thinking I was able to see "Porsche came to our house" from before.
    Feel free to give us your opinions, impressions ...!
    First of all, I always think that wives without much knowledge of cars can express the characteristics and characteristics of the vehicle so far by writing only from a honest maniac ...? Is not this owner writing it? (I think that the contents exceeding the owner 's wife' s personal blog, journalist - like perfection degree)
    Is it really a personal blog? It is a visit to Porsche Japan that I felt confident of, but I understand that PJ invites one user in the office and talks and posts it on SNS is impossible at first.
    So is it a new marketing attempt using SNS from the contents of the visiting article? I thought it was.
    Although I commented on various rude things, I have always seen my blog and I will make it a reference for business, so this time I commented things I thought about daily from the contents of the title.
    Well then, I am looking forward to it so please do your best!

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Camo Tora
      Thank you very much for your comment!
      Since I also need courage to read comments on my blog usually I can not readily (laugh)
      I am very happy to receive comments.

      As a response to the comment received,
      ① Actually I originally started up (still) the Internet media which has nothing to do with the car, so I think that I have skills around that.
      ② Writing texts, publishing books, lectures, and interviews are professionals. I entered this world for ten years, so I think that I have skills as much as possible than the general one.
      ③ Because I could happen to visit Porsche Japan, I just visited him. (As you know, it is unlikely that personal bloggers and Porsche Japan will normally come in contact with each other)
      ④ As part of Porsche Japan's SNS marketing? It was pleasant to say "I can think in such a way!" (Laugh)
      It is a personal blog that has nothing to do with it. If you really want to market, I'm introducing more Porsche's new model and I can not introduce other companies' cars at all ^ ^;
      In fact, since there are only incomes for virtually advertising expenses which really seems to be really tears of sparrows, we operate it as a mere hobby. However, I am trying to write professional consciousness as I am writing what my core business writes and telling.
      ⑤ The blog server and tuning is actually my husband is an IT worker, so I am quite helped there.

      Also, somewhere, I will write an article saying "I will reply on this blog as a personal blog?" ^ ^!
      I was pleased to comment.

      Thank you very much for your continued support in the future!

  2. Ishi B

    I am often busy with daily routine work and experience what I originally intended and what I was doing shifts.
    In order not to do so, it is important to look back on the goals of life and the purpose of work, and to rearrange the necessary measures to achieve them.
    I read an article on blog concept consolidation, and I noticed such a thing.

    In the article of the former racer, I liked the word "decisions are quick, fixes slow", and I am taking notes. I have not practiced yet.

    • MinaMina

      Ms. Ishi B
      Thank you very much!
      While I am also writing greatly, I am busy day by day (especially for childcare)
      There are also many things that I feel irritated and doing sparing actions with the image I drew ...

      By writing this article this time, I was able to correct the collar again, and I felt like I remembered my promise with myself.

      > In the article of the former racer, I liked the word "decisions are quick, fixes slow", and I am taking notes. I have not practiced yet.
      Oh! That's right! Thank you! That's a nice word.
      In my case, my decision is quick, but I have to fix it quickly, so many useless movements, so, I will do my best and practice (lol)
      We are looking forward to hearing from you.

  3. Buppa

    Hello, nice to meet you.
    My wife is on my present Porsche Cayenne.
    At the moment my wife's goal is to buy Cayenne I got from my wife as income from his wife himself,
    He graduated from "a wife who had her husband buy a car"
    He seems to aim for "a woman riding a car in his hands."

    After purchasing Cayenne somehow, my wife's income has increased dramatically, and it seems likely that I will give out the purchase cost of Cayenne now even now
    It has become, as I seem to lose the joy of giving a gift and I am in a slight hurry.
    If so, I would like to give Panamera to me but it is quite
    It seems not to be heard. You can buy it yourself. Of course.

    I think that the initial goal setting of the blog was that you were going to buy Panamera by yourself,
    If you do not mind, I really want to ask you a part of it. Because I really sympathize with you.
    Since it is planned to purchase Panamera within a few years, it is very helpful and I enjoy reading fun.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Buppa
      Nice to meet you, always thank you for seeing the blog!

      > After graduating from "Husband buy a car from his husband"
      > It seems that I am aiming for "a woman riding a car in my hands."

      Oh ... my wife, it is super cool! ! ! Lovely! ! !
      Moreover, it is really amazing to be already like that!

      > I think that the initial goal setting of the blog was that you were going to buy Panamera by yourself,
      > If you do not mind, I'd like to ask you a part of it all by all means. Because I really sympathize with you.

      ... That means that you have been viewing the blog quite early ...
      Thank you very much!

      Yes, this goal is still ongoing, and within myself, this is the feeling that the second chapter of work life started recently.
      In the next few years, I have to pick up my child at 14 o'clock every day,
      As time to move is limited, how earnestly earn among them, and you get yourself a Porsche ...

      "If you can push through what you like and make that happen to a lot of people, benefits will come later."
      Believe in the word, under the guidance of my husband (laugh) I will do my best!

      Someday I will definitely write an article saying "I bought a Porsche by myself!" ^ ^!
      If Panamera is also bought, please let us know your thoughts and so on.

      Continue to thank you!

  4. cara


    I think that it is important to stop and look back at this kind of wind.
    Especially in blogs, since it is common to lose sight of the direction, it is so bad.

    Actually I was reading from the very early days.
    There are few articles about true Panamaera
    I came across a blog of Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs.

    Because it is chewed and written
    Even if I am a beginner
    There are many things that I was impressed with. m (_ _) m

    While I am busy, I think it's hard.
    I will continue to blog up
    I'm looking forward to it.


    • MinaMina

      Mr. cara

      I had you see it from so long ...!
      Thank you. I am very happy.

      > Because it is chewed and written very much
      > Even if I am a beginner
      > I see, there are many things that I admire. m (_ _) m

      What are you saying? While reading the owner's file from cara, I studied a lot including terms.
      I will continue to keep on sticking from now on, thank you for your consideration!