"Porsche office chair" came to the house. I will get on Porsche even at home!

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What "Porsche office chair" will be

My husband has said that he wanted a "Porsche office chair" for work from home. Porsche office chair is a product in "Porsche Drivers Selection Masterpiece" released in July 2017.It is a work chair made using the original sports seat "4 way plus" of Porsche 911.

Manual height adjustment, electric backrest angle adjustment, manual armrest adjustment are possible, Porsche original black leather is adopted for seat and armrest part, and Porsche Crest is embossed in head rest part.

IncidentallyTwo types of "office chair" and "office chair RS"Has been released.

Although I tried to argue that "No, no, it is absolutely necessary (- _ -)""It seems like a dream to be able to sit on a Porsche seat without staying at home!"My husband was supposed to buy it completely. However, it was already out of stock and could not be bought on the net, and inquiring to Mr. H who is in charge of the dealer, we brought in a bother from Germany.

And a few weeks later, I finally arrived at the dealer, I bother delivered to my house the other day.

I was surprised to see it actually.

Great! (; ゚ Д ゚)! !(Although the size does not convey well in the picture, it is considerably big)

When Mr. H who delivered me said "This chair, there is a person to buy ...""In my dealer, my husband is the third person."And that. No, in the world there are other people who like monsters like husbands.

Try opening the seal like this.

Instructions written in Japanese are also attached. Because it can adjust electric seat by electric motor, it seems to be connected by plugging into an outlet and using it.

As for this seating surface only, it is the seat of Porsche itself.

The button of the electric seat adjustment is the same shape and arrangement as the seat of Porsche.

Naturally, the air bag is not installed (laugh)

"Porsche Crest" is engraved in the headrest and it is cool. Also behind the chair is a hook that can hook the jacket just like a real porsche.

When you actually sit down?

By the way, my husband, 178 cm tall, sat down and adjusted the seat to the highest position, so it got so tall that my feet did not stand up like this.

On the contrary, when it is lowered to the bottom, it is like this.

I can not do much reclining, but it makes me feel like I am in good condition, so it seems comfortable to play a PC.

My husband,

This is exactly the seat of the Porsche. Almost the same as Boxster's sports seat plus. In addition, the office chair in Japan often has short seating surfaces, but this is because the seating surface is long and the knees are also easy to bend and fit comfortably for the feet. There are only car seat, less fatigue even if sitting for a long time. My job seems to be progressing!

He said.

By the way, I also sat down,Sitting surface is longer than normal sizeI was particularly surprised. Also, since the seat is more compact than the general office chair, there is a backrest to the head part, so the spine stretched naturally and the posture improved. Surely sitting on this chair and doing a personal computer, I will not get tired at all.

However,It is very big and weighs more than about 30 kg, so it is difficult to bring it upstairs on the second floor and it will be left on the first floor all the timeIt is.

By the way, the price is 71,172 yen in "Office Chair" bought by our house. "Office chair RS" It seems that it will be about + 100,000 yen more.

Takako ... ((; ゚ Д ゚))It is the tallest of the breaks among furniture in my home.

To be honest, however, since it takes up a lot of space, it is my wife's true intention that "I hope the company bring it to the company and I want you to use it at the company" if possible

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  1. Tommy


    There is such a luxury chair, I want it.
    I'm motivated and my job seems to be working (^ ^)

    I also saw the summary article of other goods, but small dishes are very good and very good!
    I often look at the handle of the side handle of limowa at the dealer shop, but I wanted it to be compatible with the front trunk and to be good!

    What I want each time I visit this blog will increase

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!
      My husband also loves to sit in this extravagant chair, and she does what she does every day (laughs)
      The Limowa suitcase is quite convenient and fashionable and light, so it's easy to use.
      As you say, I especially like the side handle.

      However, if it is an ordinary suitcase, it will be quite expensive and you will think a little ... ^ ^;