A visit to a grave at VW Golf - About the change of the mental state that changed in this year

Car and life

What started from this year

I wrote a glimpse before, but since this year I have been going to visit my ancestors' grave once a month. I have been to this month already, so I went to visit the grave 10 times this year. By the way, at that time,Volkswagen GolfIt is. To the grave, we have to go through a rather narrow narrow path, so it is not very good in Panamera, but it can not go.

Every time I take a golf game"It's a nice car ... if this car is there you may not need Panamera."I was deeply impressed by the high performance of golf as I thought it was ...In September we tried a new CayenneEven though I got on the golf since I was surprised at its ride and running"That, it was such a bad ride in golf ..."I felt like to feel.

I wonder if the new Cayenne was too good ... Although golf is also a very good car, I feel somewhat complicated when I think that it will feel like that every time I ride.

To the grave of the two houses

Well, put the story back to the grave. Actually,My father and husband are coincidentally from the same rural townIt is. I have been working with my husband since I started working in Osaka, but when I heard my hometown from my husband's mouth I was very surprised. Besides, each other's relatives"Oh, you know that ● ● san"There is something to say as much as something, and even to the dan family. Therefore,The grave of the paternal parent's home and the ancestor's grave of the husband are also in the distance from the distance.

Nevertheless, I've been disappointed with my ancestors' visit to my grave for so long. It is inconvenient in the country where the train does not go, and it may take one and a half hours for a car, but I think that I did not have much feeling that "I respect honor my ancestors" to me.

One husband treasures his ancestors very much though they do not go to a grave every month, and they take pride in their roots. While I was watching such a husband's attitude, I also had a change in my mind, and since this year I decided to go to the graves every month to visit the grave.

Strangely, every time when I go to a grave, no matter how rainy it is(There are many rainy days for some reason)The rain stops as soon as you reach the grave. I,Rain girls who admit themselves and others, foggyIn spite of that, I thought that it would be great to stop rain every time. At one time, as soon as I furnished candle and incense stick to the grave of my husband 's parents' home, the candle burned out with a great momentum, sometimes it melted away in a moment.
Although it may be until then if it is said that the candle was a defective product, it became a mysterious feeling somehow welcomed by his ancestors and it gradually began to look forward to visiting a grave.

When I hold hands in front of the grave, I always think like this.

It is "miracle" that I exist in this place now in this era.

If one of the ancestors who are sleeping at this grave is missing, I am not present. If my grandfather did not marry my grandmother, if my great grandfather and great-grandmother did not meet, and even if my ancestors had made a different choice even if only one was the one ... now I am not in this world. I am not living by my own power, but I realize that I am here now inheriting the baton of life.

Luck has turned

Originally the "lucky" luck was a good one and there were various, but I could live to here without dying, but I came to visit a grave and I think that my luck has turned . It seems like a big stream itself surrounding himself has changed in the past few months ... as if it is being carried to the next stage with as much power as possible.

Also, a change also appeared in my own mind."Turn your eyes firmly to what you are now, not looking for something you do not have."It came to be able to think. I have known for a long time but I do not think so for many years, I think that I became stubborn because I can not get what I want most. Originally stubborn and ambiguous, I am a personality who thinks I will manage to do something by myself, so if I accepted the present situation easily without difficulty, I had a fear that I was going to be useless.

However, while my eyes were going to such a place, I noticed that I could not be happy forever.

There is not 100% in life, something is always missing. Surely from now on. That's why,It is important to turn your eyes firmly to what you are, and happiness exists in it well.What matters is whether you will notice that.

I think that only the thing that went to the grave was not the reason, I think that experiences, circumstances and timing so far seemed to be feeling that way, but if you put your hands together in front of the grave, My funny pride disappears and I feel like I can take the situation obediently as it is.

I am hoping to continue going to a grave for the future every month and appreciating my life now that I can ride Porsche (laugh), I hope I can write a blog every day.

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