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Daily encountered unfamiliar industry terms

Recently, when you send your own favorite car information in the Porsche Owner's file and watching a review of the motor magazine"Why does this mean?"I often encounter unfamiliar words such as. For those who are riding in Porsche or car owners, even common sense words are the ones I see for the first time for the first time and I have my husband comment on occasionally.

As I wrote the word about that day the other day, it was lightly more than 10, so today"Porsche Glossary for Porsche Beginners"I would like to introduce you. Nonetheless, I think that the people who are watching this blog are all the words you know ..."To the wife who does not know the car, this word does not understand ..."It is grateful if you can read it from the viewpoint of w

Sample terms ① ~ 18

① MY 2018

About this "MY" at first"My"I thought that it means "No, no, I do not have to dare to write my dare to understand" I was laughing, but I became very embarrassed to know that it was my misunderstanding later.This MY stands for 'model year'.

New Panamera Turbo and Panamera Sports Turismo

It is used in Europe and the United States to roughly represent the year the car was manufactured. However, for example, the 2018 model will start production from the middle of 2017 and will be sold after the third quarter, so it does not necessarily agree with the actual year. Even in the case of Porsche, the model year changes every summer, for example, the car produced in July will become the model year of the following year. By the way,My home Panamera Turbo is "MY 2018" in July production of 2017.

② C2S

When you see it as "H2O" like an element symbol or something? I thought that(I am the only one to think so ...), What is C2S"911 Carrera (C) 2nd Drive (2) S"Abbreviation. Therefore, if it is Carrera 4S, it will be written as "C4S".

③ 991.1

Although I often see the notation "996.1" or "991.2", "996" and "991" are the model numbers and also have a role as an in-house development code. "1" and "2" behind "." Mean the former type (1) or the latter type (2). So,"991.1" is the earlier term type of 911 carrera (type 991)It turns out that. By the way, our Panamera Turbo is "971.1".

④ 2 + 2 sheet

Occasional seat for 2 people on adult seat for 2 people(In the meantime, it meets the capacity requirement, but for an adult to sit for a long time, it is impossible to spatially and functionally, meaning of temporary seat)It is a four-seater car that added.

Therefore,The seat of 911 is written as "two" for adult seat, "2" as occasional seat of rear seat, and "2 + 2" seat.From her husband,

"Hoa problem. How do you represent a Panamera sports Turismo seat?"

He asked me,"2 + 3 (¯ ー ¯) !!"I answered with confidence

"Why do you! 4 + 1 or months (` Д ') ノ 」

It was bounced back. ... I see, that is what it is.

⑤ Roll cage

Roll cage is what is installed in the car race specification car like GT3. It refers to a frame incorporated in a car made of pipe such as steel or aluminum to protect occupant space from overturn due to accident. In other words,Roll over bar, from the image of appearance is often called jungle gym.

⑥ Narrow Porsche

It refers to 911 from the first generation until 1973. Because of the narrow body width, in Japan"Narrow(Narrow, thin)·Porsche"is called. On the other hand it is called "Early Porsche" in Melika.

⑦ Bosch

A comprehensive electric manufacturer with its head office in Germany. In Japan it is well known as a manufacturer of electric appliances for home use, but in automobile related parts, injection system(Fuel Supply System)Famous as the manufacturer of. Porsche has been adopting Bosch injection system since 911 E in 1968.

⑧ Weisach package

"Weissach" is taken from the "Weisach Laboratory" which is the heart of the research and development department of Porsche. The Weissach Institute is the heart of Porsche with all the latest technology and Porsche know-how. Features of the Weisach package"We realize a thorough lightweight structure and provide a world that closely approximates motor sports"It is aimed at running the circuit seriously to the last. For that reason, it is an option that only GT2RS and GT3RS can be selected at this time.

Porsche GT 3 RS

⑨ 911 Speed ​​star

It is a limited model of Porsche tradition, with lower front windows than usual 911, soft top that opens and closes manually, and "double bubble" design(Like a Boxster spider)Features such as. Every time it is released at the last timing of the current type. Just the other day, the new 911 Speed ​​Star was announced and became a hot topic.

⑩ Air cooling (Porsche)

Porsche equipped with air-cooled engine. Air cooling is an "engine with a mechanism that heats the heat generated by the engine using outside air and cools down". This air-cooled engine is installed in the 911 series from 356 to 993.

⑪ Water cooling (Porsche)

Porsche of model 996 or later equipped with a water-cooled engine. Water cooling is an "engine with a mechanism that uses water and coolant to cool the heat generated inside the engine". The cooling capacity is stable compared with the air-cooled engine, and the sound is quiet as well. However, the structure becomes more complicated than air cooling, the number of parts to use increases, the weight increases.

⑫ Nanasan Carrera

A loaded version of the GT race model equipped with a 2.7 L engine boosting the 911 T / E / S 2.4 L engine into a lightened body of 911.Since it appeared in 1973, it is called "Nanasan Carrera". It is known that the rival of the protagonist riding Lotus Europe in the manga "Circuit of the Circuit" was on the "Porsche 911 Carrera RS".

⑬ RS

RS stands for Len / Sport,"Pure racing model"It has the meaning. The racing model running on the circuit such as Le Mans and Mille Millea had the name "RS". The first car name on a commercial car with this name is 73 Year 911 Carrera (Nanasan · Carrera) RS.

⑭ Fux (Wheel)

Founded in 1910, the wheel manufactured by German forging wheel manufacturer FUCHS (Fuchs). It was installed in the first 911 and had been purely delivered to Porsche for about 20 years. Even now, it is a car configurator of the Porsche site, and I can choose FUCHS style wheels.

⑮ Flat Six

It was a horizontally opposed six cylinder SOHC engine, and it was a tradition of 911.From the appearance of "a flat-shaped six-cylinder engine" it came to be called Flat Six.

⑯ Brembo

It is a disc brake manufacturer for cars and motorcycles headquartered in Italy, founded in 1961 almost at the same time as the disc brake was invented. Currently it is world famous as a high performance brake for high performance cars,Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes · Benz, BMW, Lexus etc.Has been done.

Although the brake of Porsche is also made by Brembo, not only is not only the brake of Brembo as worn by other manufacturers, but also when developing and designing them in-house and wearing what Brembo has made, something before I have read in.

⑰ Recaro

In 1906, it was founded in Germany under the name "Reuters · Casserie" as a company which mainly manufactures horse-drawn carriages. Since then, the appearance of cars has become a part of car body and interior design. In 1963, as a result of the production expansion of Porsche's "911", it became a seat manufacturer dedicated to Porsche, at which time the company name was changed to "RECARO" by taking the initials of (Reutter Carosserie). From the latter half of the 1960s, the scope of business has expanded also to the manufacture and sale of seats of automobile manufacturers other than Porsche.

⑱ Intermission (problem)

Problems occurring in engines in the first half of 996 and 997. It occurs due to bolts of the intermediate shaft that transmit motion from the crankshaft to the camshaft and breakage due to aged deterioration of the bearings. From the latter term model of 997, it changed to a direct injection engine, and the intermediate shaft ceased, so the problem of intermission ceased.

I think that various unknown words will come out in the future as well, so if I accumulate about 20 pieces, I would like to introduce it again (lol)

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  1. shimoyannjp

    Mina, awesome awesome! I learned a lot. In cooperation with my husband, I came up to the scene that is doing with me and I thought that I am envious of my good friend and couple, (^ ^).

    ⑥ As for the item of narrow Porsche, my 996 seems to be called by a water-cooled narrow and some people.
    When 911 switched to water cooling, the body was also renewed 100%. In fact, the width of the car is wider than (1,765 mm) 993 (1,735 mm), but it seems to be the reason why plain body lines which are difficult to understand unevenness are so called.
    Actually it is one of the reasons why 996 likes that part. I will continue to take care of this as it is for a while for a while.

    It will be November soon. I can not wait for my husband 's air - cooled Porsche. (Why me?) Hahaha, I am looking forward to the report.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. shimoyannjp
      Thank you!
      There was worth bringing together lol!

      996 is called a water-cooled narrow!
      I see there are many things I do not know yet.

      Matsutoya Masataka also can not let go if you ride 996,
      He was speaking on the program that he was riding for 14 years.

      The more you see, the more attaching your design is to it ^ _ ^

      I think that her husband's air cooling will probably come around mid-November ^ _ ^
      I will write it on my blog again!

      Please look forward to lol