Is Porsche's brake squealing a bug? No, that's the proof of Porsche's brake.

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The Porsche brake is croaking

When I was waiting for a signal the other day, Porsche came on the opposite lane. As the other side is a red light, when that Porsche brakes,"Kequee" is as loud as when a sudden braking is applied with a bicycleI heard it.

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I do not think, "What sound is that sound! The brake is broken w", the husband is quickly,

That is not broken. On the contrary, that squeaking of that brake is "a manifestation of the height of brake performance of Porsche". Only when the brake is cropped"Proof of Porsche"People say that there are also people.

It has been said.

Wow ~ ... (- _ -)

Continuing her husband,

by the way,"The squeaking of the brake is not a problem"Porsche uploaded a video to tell you that youtube before. If you look at it, you should be familiar with Porsche's brakes.

Then he sent me the URL of the movie later. I opened it immediately, but with a video described in English as in the example ... (- _ -)(I am not good at English, so it takes quite some time to translate and understand it)

I tried watching the video with English subtitles as usual, but since I do not understand the mechanism of the brakes themselves in the first place, even if it is said to be "brake rotor" or "pad", it does not come with pins. So, first of all"How the car stops"When I looked it up, I finally understood the contents of the movie (lol)

How does the brake work?

The reason that the car decelerates or stops due to the brakes,"Friction phenomenon"Because it uses the mechanism of. When you step on the brake pedal, the hydraulic pressure of the cylinder changes and it is transmitted to the brake pipe and brake hose. From thereFriction occurs by pressing the brake pad against the brake disc, and the car stops.In other words,

"The car stops by changing the power generated by the friction phenomenon into thermal energy."

Wheel of Panamera

To use the friction phenomenon naturally wears parts related to brakes. So in general"If you hear a kekey sound when stepping on the brake, it is a dangerous condition that wear of parts and a decrease in brake fluid volume are considered, so you must take an inspection at the dealer immediately."It is said.

Many people have that awareness and I think that such a sound can not be produced by a luxury car like Porsche, so when buying a Porsche with a new car and stepping on the brake suddenly heard a kekey soundOften a claim such as "a new car is a defective product!" Or "a defect!"It seems.

Let's see Porsche's video

Based on this fact, I once again looked at Porsche's explanatory video. First of all Porsche,

This noise is often misunderstood as a failure, but that is a rare case

It explains.

The Porsche brakes are said to be the best in the world,Even when traveling at high speeds such as circuits, even when traveling at low speeds in town, development design to ensure unchanging braking performance when braking in any situationIt is said that it is done.

Therefore, the Porsche brake disc is designed to be considerably larger than a general car,"You can stop safely at any time by making the contact surface with the brake pad as wide as possible and increasing the friction"It has become like. Also,"High quality brake discs and brake pads are used to maintain a high friction level even when the contact temperature is wide."

However, as the friction surface becomes larger, the phenomenon "stick-slip phenomenon" tends to occur. What is stick-slip phenomenon"It refers to the phenomenon that self-excited vibration is caused by microscopic adhesion of friction surfaces and repeated sliding occurring on the friction surface"However, this vibration generates noise, and it resonates with the brake rotor, and it sounds like a big squeal like a speaker.

In the case of general cars, as large as a Porsche big brake disc and high-quality brake pads and rotors that can withstand high temperatures are not installed, there is not much that the brake squealing can be heard conversely.

In other words, it is the proof that the brake of Porsche is of high quality and high performance that the squeaking of the brake is heard.

Also, as the size of the disk increases, the weight of the disk is naturally heavier, but in order to reduce the weight of the parts, Porsche is constantly making improvements, such as using carbon for the disk.

According to the movie "The current Porsche brake system is the best in class", but the goal the Porsche engineer aims for is to the last"Ensure that technology is not crying while it is high performance"It seems.

Brake / Strategy

After that the URL was sent from her husband on Porsche's brake saying "Please also look at this page of Porsche Japan"(LOL)In there"In Porsche, we have established the industry's highest standard for braking performance, and all brake systems must eventually clear this standard."It was written.

Various tests are repeated in the development process, but the most harsh one among them is the braking test conducted at Nald's super high speed test course in Italy. In this test, accelerate the vehicle from 90 km / h to 230 km / h, then quickly depress the brake pedal and repeat the set to quickly stop. "The disk's temperature reaches 750 ° C. at the time of the 15th braking, and in order to test the cooling efficiency therefrom, the 15th and 16th braking Cool the disc to 150 ° C once and then check whether the level of the coefficient of friction has changed in the last 5 brakes - whether the brake is exerting the same braking force as at the start of the test - I will test it. "

It's amazing ... I will do that ... (; ゚ Д ゚)

Also, the brake of Porsche is made to be distinguished by the color of the caliper"Standard brakes are black" "Reinforced type for S is silver or red according to model" "PCCB brake is yellow"The coloring is given.
*Porsche Japan official website "Brake Strategy"

By the way,

Boxster I bought three years ago was singing often when I was a new car. Personally I was happy that I could feel that "This is a brake of Porsche". But then it began to squeal at around 3000 - 5000 km.

I was talking somewhat lonelyly. By the way, my husband is an otaku (laugh) By the way, Porsche's movie "Brake Squeal Explained" is here, although many people say "it's faulty", "I want people to cry" rather.

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  1. Gori

    Good morning!

    The mystery has been solved! ! !

    Even my 911 is still joking as it brakes.

    This is a breakdown. . Consult with the dealer, I do not know the cause, but it is not a malfunction.

    Somewhat shameful - I did not like being a bicycle, yeah ,,,. .

    Dealer Mr. More detailed thank you master! ! !

    It seems that you will love attachment also to Keiky which was disgusting.

    • MinaMina

      Good morning!
      Ooooo still crows! It's amazing!

      Even the dealer understands that it is not a malfunction,
      It may be that there are not many people who can explain it in detail until why.
      (If you are not a maniac dealer alright ... haha)

      Kekey sound, please enjoy it ^ ^

  2. cara


    As written
    I think that few manufacturers are engaged in brakes as much as Porsche.
    911 is originally an RR layout
    It works favorably for braking, but of course not just that

    Maserati 3200 GT which became the last botorbo that I was riding a long time ago
    When purchasing, I have been vigilant to sounds.
    I got an explanation at the dealer, but I could not convince myself that I was young.
    Because, I felt that the brakes would not work badly at all at high speeds.
    Fear as if sliding on ice suddenly comes.
    There were various reasons, but I will schedule m (_ _) m

    Brembo's brake was adopted even at 3200 GT at the time.
    The rotor diameter was large and the caliper was quite large.

    The abarth 595 which is currently riding is also a problem of braking force
    Replace from standard low dust pad to current pad
    It became easy to control after changing the brake hose to mesh.
    But the ringing began.

    As written
    Not only the ground contact area of ​​the rotor and the pad
    The way out of the roughness of the pad and rotor also becomes a problem.

    Sounds ringing with this type of brake almost have high braking power
    I think that it is good to think. (Although it is not equal, attention is needed)

    I think that your husband is getting on well.
    When the rotor and the main pad are polished well
    It will not sound

    Well since Porsche will do a lot of other sounds
    I will not mind not having been riding for several years ww

    • MinaMina

      Mr. cara
      Thank you!
      It is amazing ... Information volume about that it seems to be possible to write one blog in this ... I will study.
      Thank you!

      > Because I came across a brake that would not work out at all at high speed.
      > Fear as if sliding on ice suddenly comes.
      It was the previous Maserati, was not it?
      I have never experienced such a thing in Panamera,
      Even on the highway on a rainy day, even if you do not enter the puddle, you can stably run as if nothing at all was at high speed, which somehow thought of it as a matter of course,
      After all it is actually awesome ...

      I mean cara, quite a bit on the car, the brakes are very amazing ...

      > I think that your husband is getting on well.
      > As the rotor and the main pad are polished well
      > Does not sound
      Is that so? It seemed to be lonely because the sound does not sound, but it is proof that it is skillful ^ ^
      I will tell my husband.
      Thank you very much!