How to ring a coolly thanked horn (Thank you horn)?

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I want to express my gratitude coolly

The road in front of our house is quite narrow. Because there are also a lot of utility poles, when passing with the oncoming car, you can not pass each other unless either stops and you do not give way. It is about 200 m to go to the main street, but there are quite a lot of car streets, so I usually come across a scene of concession once a day.

At such a moment of mistake, a person who sounds a cool-hearted horn will occasionally"I wish I could make it sound cool like this"I always thought.

Porsche handle

But in my case"It does not sound even if you push the button to ring the horn, but because it is disgusting because it is disgusting because it is disgusting, if you notice it while fearing the button, it will time out and the oncoming car has gone already over there There is "In many cases.

There is no need to have to make another sound, but if you do a bow, it will suffice(I can not do a good job of raising my hand cool),"I want to be cool so that I can do it"I also practiced practicing to successfully play horn at my home parking lot. However, I tried calmly and slowly and I could do it at that time, but I could not do it if the situation was good.

In the first place it is not horn ...

I thought, "I wonder if I write something tips on the net," I thought I found out, before how to sound a horn,

"We call it horn rather than horn officially"

I knew that.

Eh ~ that so (! Д ゚)! !(I heard it for the first time)

What is horn?"Product name of electromechanical horn of company called KLAXON in the UK"It seems that it is now used like a proper noun as it is. Also,Horn sounding the meaning of thanks "Thank you horn"I also learned to call. got it.

As I looked it up, there was someone saying something similar to me to Yahoo! Chiebukuro.

In case of giving up on a narrow road I try to look at the eyes of the opponent as much as possible and beseech up
(I think that it is best feeling to lower his head)
But when you can not see the person's face on a night or rainy day, I think that it will sound a slight hint of horn
Since it rarely sounds, it does not sound even if it is lightly pressed. → I try to push it a little stronger but it does not ring again → I press it more strongly and "Paaaaa !!"
Moreover, the other person has already disappeared already long ago

Well this is how it feels
If this is night, because the people around the private house sleeping is annoying, failure is not permitted so it eventually pushes lightly and pushes lightly but does not sound × 3 times repetition
Even though I gave it the result I would have gone without a greeting

Please tell me how to make it sound with a small sound surely with one shot
* Yahoo! Chiebukuro "Please tell me how to play horns"

Yes Yes! Exactly so (* ゚ ∀ ゚)!

However, everyone's response to this question is quite severe ...

· First of all, a neighborhood inconvenience
· Strictly violating the Road Traffic Act
· It is dangerous to take your hand off the handle

Such. I wonder ... I wish I could, but I wish I could respond a little more gently ... I'm a world-wide world (_ _)

Porsche Panamera Edition 970 Handle

Also, since there were other similar questions and answer interactions, as I read it,

The answer is chop!
Try chop with the kanji "Ei !!"! !

Baba Chop!

Push the horn! Rather than chop horn! If you do, it is perfect. And raise the hand that chops and raise a thank you ...

And, surprisingly many chops were proposed.

So, I immediately tried chops at my home parking lot, but it did not sound very well. In the end I was pushing hard"Which point will the horn sound at?"I knew it was impossible to ring well unless I had a feeling of being aware of it.

Practice makes perfect.

Suddenly the other day,Videos of people of Porsche owners who have published touring movies on their own blogWhen I was watching.

I was ringing the horn several times to inform the oncoming car on the pass road, which was naturally good and nice, I commented on the blog in spite I asked.

I do not yet understand the power of the horn horn of Porsche, but even if you think to ring in the sense of gratitude, it is useless to sound too strongly, while you are hitting the handlebar, the oncoming car does not ring There are many things that I go first ... Do you have any tricks?

Then this reply from that Porsche owner.

It is how to sound a horn, but ... No, I do not know the tricks and I never thought that I was good at all in the first place, but in short it is not "familiar". I own only one car, andAfter running for 4 years / 100,000 kilometers, everyone will get used to it(Lol).

... 100,000 km in 4 years ...(; ゚ Д ゚)

Too much ... ... On the contrary I felt sorry for giving such a ridiculous complaint to such a person. Well, in short"Learn more"Is that it?

After that, I included the meaning of practice and tried to ring the horn once a day, the first time I could successfully ring. In my case, rather than hitting or chopping,

"How to put your hands on the button and push it slightly stronger at the base of the palm"

Is the easiest to take,

I feel like a good sound is ringing. So, as I got to sound the horn, the next issue is"In the event of gratitude, being able to cool hands coolly"You know!(Low level of assignment w)

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