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All Porsche 911 derivatives

Porsche 911 has reigned as a sports car icon for 50 years, but the other day"Movie that explained all 911 models in 5 minutes"I found it on the youtube Porsche channel. It was only explained within 5 minutes, the essence was condensed and easy to understand, and there was quite a lot of things I did not know.

Moreover, the video is fashionable more than anything. It will be mailed after purchasing Porsche"Porsche Principle"While turning over the black cover booklet which is similar to the one in 911, all models of 911 will be introduced.

Let's see it soon.

The concept of 911"Compact" and "Pureism".

· Enjoy running and can also use everyday
· 2 + 2 sheet
Horizontal opposed 6 cylinder engine
· Rear engine

It has the feature that it is.

① First generation 911

The first Carrera was born in 1964. And this is the current normal 911.

The name Carrera is the harsh race that was held in Mexico"Carrera · Panamericana · Mexico"It was named after. By the way, this is Porsche who was in the race then.

② 911 Carrera Convertible

911 Carrera with a roof open version

③ 911 Carrera 4

Normal Carrera is a rear engine / rear drive,Carrera 4 is a four-wheel drive, and it tastes a dynamic driving experiencebe able to. With all-rounder cars, even in bad conditions such as rainy weather, stable running is possible.

⑤ 911 Carrera S

Carrera S is the most athletic car among the 911 models. The engine becomes powerful and various options such as rear axle steering are installed.

⑥ 911 Carrera T

Carrera T is a model that is located between Carrera and Carrera S. Pure sports car that scraped down various elements and made it simple.Carrera T's "T" stands for "Touring"And that.

⑦ 911 Carrera GTS

Carrera GTSThe most sporty model among all 911 models.Many are equipped as standard and are described as having the best driving performance. In addition, the interior also has a unique design such as the GTS logo entered, the red stitch on the leather seat. However, it is also suitable for Everyday use.

⑧ 911 Targa

Targa is an open model that is not a convertible and has an aluminum rollover bar. This rollover bar is securely equipped to protect drivers and passengers. By the way Talga is the only one.

⑨ 911 Turbo

In 1974, it was announced during the world oil shock. One turbocharger that was cultivated in the race and one equipped with technology of boost pressure control. The rear spoiler was adopted for the first time in body design. Turbo S is 40 horsepower larger than turbo.

⑩ 911 GT
Motor Sports was developed as a base design. I proved that the GT class which passed the FIA ​​'s official race can be used everyday.

⑪ 911 GT 3

It is explained that it is a car that can be used both on road and everyday, and that equipment is natural.

⑬ GT 3 RS

It is equipped with a more powerful engine than the GT 3, has been reduced in weight, and became a motor sports specification. Equipped with high revolution naturally aspirated engine.

⑭ GT 2 RS

The 911 's performance can be demonstrated to the limit, the fastest and most powerful model among 911. Unlike GT 3 RS, it has a 911 Turbo S power train.

The 911 series said that the spirit of 911, which was released for the first time, is still being injected tightly and offers a driver experiences that combines diversity and specificity perfectly.

* Image Source:All Porsche 911 derivatives explained in less than 5 minutes.


When watching this movie, it is fun because the image of "This would be nice if you buy 911. If I buy 911, I really want Targa .... Although I wonder how the wind involvement problem is something.

So, this video"All Porsche 911 derivatives explained in less than 5 minutes."Is here.

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  1. Yuji

    I'm sorry suddenly
    Have a nice article on Porsche
    I saw you ☆
    I wrote it because I was a little interested m (_ _) m

    ① First 911 Carrera
    The first Carrera was born in 1964. And this is the current normal Carrera.

    "① First generation 911"
    "... and this is the current normal 911"
    it might be?

    The name of Carrera was used from 550 years ago
    The first car to be born in the car is 356 Carrera
    Carrera's grade name was first used in 911
    From the so-called "73 Carrera", I think that ... In my memory m (_ _) m

    In general all the recent people are saying 911 things inexorably as Carrera
    It would be a pity if it is from an old Porsche fan
    I feel that the same phenomenon as mini cooper is said to be mini.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for your comment!

      > ① First 911 Carrera
      > The first generation Carrera was born in 1964. And this is the current normal Carrera.
      > "① First generation 911"
      > "And this is the current normal 911"
      > Is not it?
      That's right! I must sincerely apologize.
      I examined the contents that you pointed out, my recognition was wrong and I fixed the article.

      I also respect Porsche and cars,
      Because it is only a shortage of study yet,
      Also, if you have something to notice, I am glad if you can give me a professor.

      Continue to thank you.