"How can I become able to buy a Porsche?" I tried a simple doubt on my husband

Car and life

I want a Porsche!

My husband goes to the Ashi Driveway in Porsche several times a month, but one day he seems to have heard such a thing by young people who are coming to the observatory.

I also want a Porsche, how do I get to buy a Porsche?


Certainly this question is interesting and I want to know the goal of continuing to purchase Porsche myself (laugh) so that my husband"How can I become able to buy a Porsche?"When I asked, such a reply came back.

Sounds good. I think the most important thing is the amount of calorie "buy a Porsche".

"The magnitude of calorie" and so ... (- _ -)

By the way, the famous "God of management" Mr. Konosuke Matsushita was asked by participants at the lecture meeting "How can we manage dams?""It is to think strongly to do dam management"I have heard the story that I answered it before, is it such a feeling?(I am afraid to give Mr. Konosuke Matsushita and the husband in the same place to the same ring)

However, as I bother to ask "How can I buy a Porsche?", I feel strongly that the young man wants "Porsche." So I asked this question.

"But I heard that young people asking for it do seriously want Porsche? The heat of buying a Porsche is not great, is it?"

Then the husband,

No, I think it is not big. When asked, "How can I buy a Porsche?""If you want, you can buy it now"I told you. As it was, everyone was on a good car. But, "No, I said money ..." or "My wife does not have a good face ..." and I did not seem to buy it.
If you want serious Porsche, nature and body will move to solve itWhat? When you change jobs, start a business, buy used and cheap Porsche, persuade your wife, you should move on concrete action. If so, I guess you do not want it seriously. Care about circumstances and common senseI will say that I do not move with nature, it is evidence that heat is insufficient at all.

When. I see ... maybe it is (- _ -)

From old days"I will definitely buy a Porsche someday"Because I had decided to go to college, I lived in an apartment with a parking lot far from the school, I worked hard to pay the rent, I worked hard, I arranged magazines with Porsche on the bookshelf, always thinking about Porsche It was. When I became a member of society, my salary was still small,"911 and the form resembles"I bought Audi TT daringly for the reason. After that, I quit the company and also entrepreneurs.
Even when I went to Germany, I rented a car from Porsche and drove in, after returning home I took a photo of the key I took at that time on the back of my smartphone,Feeling as if you were a Porsche ownerI was spending the time.
I thought that I really wanted Porsche, so I think it was moving somewhat in order to get even closer.

I see.

Even though I think about my life, it may be so. When I decided to be "at the top of the business!" In my previous job, I was desperately desperate only to become top. That's why I got on top. On the diet side"I wish I can lose weight ~ I want to lose weight ~"Because it is a weak desire of degree, I put out my hands on chocolate or potato chips and I can not lose weight even after a long time (explosion)

Dreams are not easy to come true

"When I say" I feel like I understand "- the husband comes this way.

In the world, successful people who realized their dreams"If you do not give up, your dream will come true."I say that. But I"A dream is not easy to come true"I think. Thinking about it all the time, moving,As long as it goes crazy about that, dreams come true. Besides, its efforts must be in the right direction.I think that making dreams come true is not such sweet.

I think that's really true. I believe in the word "If I do not give up, my dream will come true" and "I will succeed if I succeed," I desperately tried my current job for about 10 years, but in the end my dreams did not come true. Well, with a weak intention to give up in 10 years, it will be impossible.

"In the head is I want a Porsche, but I do not think that I want Porsche so far in my mind, does not it come true?"I asked her,

I see. Instead, unconsciously"It is impossible for me to buy a Porsche"I guess I'm thinking. As I thought, I drew a clear picture of the image of buying a Porsche since I was a citizen. In the future, with two friends aboard Porsche, I saw a scene that touring with the autumn breezing winding road is full. It is said that human beings can realize what they imagined. So I guess I could buy a Porsche.


"Well, I am now able to see this blog by people all over the world, and every year I go around a circuit race around the world with my husband and a couple, write a blog on a local cafe or app store to send out a way of life As I can imagine that it is a real thing, I heard that you can do so in the future "

No, I do not know it (- _ -)

It was cut aside. My husband is good or bad and honest (explosion)

Well, if you do increase the amount of heat "buy a Porsche", I wonder if you change the environment. Try interacting with the Porsche owner, getting on a Porsche ... By doing so you will feel more realistic, it makes it easier to imagine as a sense, and in the first place it will be very hard to study such people's way of thinking and way of living think.
in addition,It is important for me to misunderstand myself in a good way and to get rid of the psychological barrier as if I already have a PorscheI think. If you do it, motivation will rise, behavior and how to make money will gradually change.

When. I see.

Finally, my husband finished the answer with such words.

Well, Yoshida In a shadowy manner,
"You guys, go crazy"
That thing or more, over.(My husband likes Yoshida Shoin)

Sora Yoshida If you madly disappear, you can buy Porsche immediately. I am not sure that it will be "Twenty-one Takako" (laugh)

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  1. cara

    Mr. Mina and her husband
    Good morning
    I am afraid that my host will contact you in spite of your absence the other day.

    Think about it about it all the time, move it, if it goes crazy to some extent, the dream will come true.
    Besides, its efforts must be in the right direction. I think that it is not such a sweet thing to make a dream come true

    I think that I have repeated a similar thing in a way.
    Well I might have been crazy in a different meaning ... (sweat)

    Yoshida Matsuni ... It is a volunteer at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate ~
    I also read those of those of this age
    I think that you are a couple reading a considerable amount.

    All right!
    As I am about to get on a black ship
    I will go on next. \ (^ O ^) /

    • MinaMina

      Mr. cara
      Thank you!

      Yoshida Matsuno, the end of the Bakumatsu, your couple likes it!

      When I was a child, I saw my self-portrait of Yoshida Matsue and thought that it was quite a grandpa,
      I was surprised to learn later that I had so much influence on the world and many great men young.

      I'm not crazy at all ...!

      > Alright!
      > I'm too enthusiastic about getting into a black ship
      > I will go on next. \ (^ O ^) /

      Ooooo Matsui sensei! ! ! ! Stop it! ! ! Lol
      No, please go on steadily!
      We appreciate your continued support in the future!

  2. Ishi B

    I am not looking forward for the reason I can not do anything.

    There was a plan to purchase Porsche by Mr. Hinamura of Bananaman in the previous Tunnels program. Although it should have hesitated to purchase as "Porsche-like luxury car is impossible to me," it seems that the feelings will change through the impact of the surrounding artists and the impact of the moment when the engine of 911 Carrera S was put on It is very interesting. Even now still seeing this video on the net, the emotions when he first purchased Boxster will receive renewable energy. Perhaps, in my case I was able to make a decision by being pushed by this video?

    However, once that psychological hurdle runs out, there is a negative aspect where the body moves too naturally and transfers and multiplication are repeated. Sometimes I feel horrible that I am awkwardly doing my own seal, such as proof of stamp seal and garage proof.

    • MinaMina

      Ms. Ishi B
      I also saw the program where Bananaman 's Himura purchases Porsche before!

      At that time, I thought "Do not mess up tiny ... Comedy is ungodly ..."
      When thinking carefully at a later time, you probably made the opportunity to push the back of Mr. Himura, raising the stage one step up.
      If you think so, it is a messy and hot program ... (haha)

      > But once that psychological hurd is gone, there is a negative aspect that the body moves too naturally and transfers and repeats incrementing. Sometimes it feels horrible that myself being troubled is doing delicious procedures such as a seal stamp proof and a garage proof.
      It's amazing ... you are crazy (of course, in a good sense !!!)
      Once you go to that world, the gear will grow steadily ... is amazing! ! ! I want to taste too (laugh)! ! I will do my best!

  3. That's a lie

    This is a lie.
    Do not tell people that you do not even know about those things.
    If there is developmental disability ○.
    What is the amount of heat and attitude. Do not be ashamed to say?

  4. Takemaru

    Nice to meet you.
    It is a young man of the place where it has become the second year of working people from this month, but because the loan has passed for some reason, I delivered the 981 Cayman MT yesterday.
    I read the blog of a foreign sports car owner and came to this article and a blog that I think is probably my husband, and I pushed my back and made it into action.
    Before getting the license, I was not interested in the car so much, I got the license only for AT, and found out about the fun of the car with the E46 BMW that is my home car at that time, and recently released the AT limited to buy Porsche The
    Mr. Mina was also driven by Boxster since AT limited release, but it's difficult, ..., and with limited release, I can only drive a few cars manually.
    Astonished by the weight of the clutch, I got the staff in charge of the store to practice it, and I've been working from behind on the ground until I got home, I will do my best to improve Dora Tech.
    The story was turned off, but I just pushed my back, but I would like to thank you for taking this opportunity.
    Thank you very much.
    I look forward to blogs from now on.

    • MinaMina


      Follow me on this blog, and then search for my husband's blog (laughs) and thank you for your comments!
      And 981 Cayman MT, congratulations on your delivery!

      It is great to be able to get it in the second year of working people! !

      > Before I got my license, I wasn't interested in cars so much, I got a license only for AT, and found out about the fun of cars with my E46 BMW at the time, I recently released AT to release Porsche It was
      ぉ-Is MT car possession that has been released? Good luck!

      > Mina was also driven by Boxster since AT limited release, but it's difficult, ..., and with limited release, manual car driving can be performed only a little ,,,,
      The difference between the car clutch of the training school and the weight of the Porsche clutch and the meet point ... I felt that I could no longer think of the same MT car.
      But, like Takemaru-san, being purchased by oneself and practicing on a steady basis, that is a shortcut where absolute MT car driving works well.
      I want to apply that courage, my ability, and apprenticeship.
      I will do my best! Thank you again ^ ^

      Also, please tell us about the taste and impression of Cayman!

  5. Jugemu

    I will comment for the first time.
    I was waiting for the delivery of 964C2 (MT), and when I was looking for 964 information, I arrived at this site.
    I thought "I would like to ride a Porsche", but as a new car is expensive, I bought a used and cheap Porsche 996 (AT) as I said to Danna, changed to 996 Power Up Edition (MT) and changed to 964 (MT) ) Can now be bought.
    The feeling of "I want to ride a more fun car" is creating the reality.
    The Porsche that makes me feel like that is a strange car.

    Mina's unpretentious style and impressions and Danna's precise impressions are fun!
    I will continue to refer to it!

    • MinaMina

      You reached this blog from 964. Thank you very much! !

      And you're riding a 964 MT ...!
      Awesome! I was looking for my husband all the time, but I was very enviable because I could not find a good one at that time! ! !
      (Almost all were ASK at that time)

      > Mina's unpretentious style and impressions and Danna's precise impressions are fun!
      Thank you very much.
      From now on, I hope that you can enjoy this experience and run your own blog.
      Continue to thank you.

  6. shuhei

    Nice to meet you.

    I always read the blog.

    I wanted a Ferrari, but "I had enough money"
    So I compromised and bought the Alfa Romeo 4C at 26.

    However, the desire to get a Ferrari has become stronger recently,
    This blog has encouraged me, and I am starting to take action for a while.

    I also go to the Ashi Driveway from time to time, so please meet me.
    I would like to talk about various things.

    • MinaMina

      Nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting our blog.

      That's amazing!
      I heard that the Alfa Romeo 4C is a very spartan sports car.
      And it's amazing that he's working to buy a Ferrari ...

      Yes, if you meet again at the Ashi Driveway,
      I would be happy if I could talk to you in various ways.
      Thank you for your continued support.

  7. Takenoji

    Nice to meet you ❗

    I bought 991.1 last year, I want to go see it on my PC
    I searched online for options and bought it without looking at the current car and went to Tokyo to get it. I've never thought about buying a Porsche at all, but for some reason I wanted it.
    Every week, my husband and wife go out for a drive.
    It's been a year since I bought it, but this time I said that I wanted a wife and bought a 992 type yellow, because it has a pccb and an exhaust, it is ideal for my wife who steps on the brakes.
    I use the engine brake so I don't get much iron powder, but my wife doesn't.
    Brake ...
    One-time life
    I want to live a life without regrets.

    I will comment again, and
    We look forward to a fun article.

    • MinaMina

      Nice to meet you, thank you for visiting our blog.

      One year after I bought 991.1, my wife had a yellow 992, and with a PCCB ...!
      It's too amazing! !
      I'm sure your wife is also very satisfied ^^

      > Life only once
      I want to live a life without regrets.

      You're right, I don't regret it
      I thought again that I would like to be able to make firm decisions and act at that time.

      Continue to thank you!