Next month, the air cooled Porsche 911 (964 Carrera 2) comes to the house.

Air-cooled Porsche

The air-cooled Porsche is coming

Next time, the air-cooled Porsche 911 (964 Carrera 2) comes to the house next month. I thought that air cooling would come a long way ago, but it was quite early. In order to purchase air cooling this time, her husband searched the used car information website every day, listened to the people of the acquaintance air-cooled owner and gathered information by obtaining magazines, but eventually"Will it be 993 or 964?"It seems he was suffering from.

After all I decided to 964, but I asked a little about the area. By the way,It repeatedly interacts with secondhand car dealers every day, seems to be restoring in order to welcome 964 deliveries in perfect condition.

① Why buy air cooling

First of all, when I asked why I thought about purchasing air cooling,

Because I wanted to step in the "air-cooled demonic world"
* I entered one step but at last it seems that it is so called because it stops getting deeper since I can not come out again.

Oh (Laugh)

If I talk about Porsche or 911, I thought from a long time ago that I was riding in the air cooling, but as for the current 911 II can not decide which model to buy, I can not buy it yetFrom"On the other hand, you may try entering from air cooling"I started thinking from a certain time. Also, the air-cooled owner says that I wanted to know how pleasant it is to enter the air-cooled demonic world once it is said that it can not be withdrawn once it enters.

When. No, it is nice to be curious, but curiosity is incredibly costly (laugh)

② Why did it change to 964

Then I asked why "why did it 964" and said that her husband said this.

I have studied narrows and 930, but I do not like classic cars to that extent.I want to ride a long distance like a crazy car and want to ride a cowpea without hesitation, so I want some comfort and reliabilityI thought.
Personally I liked 993 and 959 designs, but initially I planned to buy 993, but the next year 992 has returned to 930 and 964 faces,"I want to ride a frog face that seems to be 911 if it rides anyway"When. So, I decided to 964.

And that. Since air conditioner is standard as from 964(But I wonder if they do not care much, I will be worried about that), 964 may be a good choice in that it has practicality and you can taste like air-cooling.

③ Why did you choose Tiptronic

If my husband purchases 911, much less air-cooled"It should not be a choice other than MT cars"I thought, but this time my husband chose Dipronic. When asking the reason for that,

First of course I was considering MT. However, there are few good ones at MT, even if there is a price it is too high for price, somewhat remodeled to say surely. Particularly in suspension, handle, wheel part. If it is overall balance"There is no tuner beyond Porsche's Weissach research center, etc."As a body I believe, Porsche I ride wants to stick to the complete original condition.

He said.

I see. Certainly, when inquiring about the price of air-cooling (MT) which seemed to be good before, it was lightly over 10 million yen,"If you do it you can buy a new 911 normal!"I was honest with him. Although it has rare value, it is a bit too high ... and so on. My husband continued,

If it is Tiptronic, there are quite a few good ones that understand service records and origins, and the price was still within the allowable range. after"Most of the air-cooled articles and blogs in the world are dominated by MT cars"From then, if I dared to buy Tiptronic and thought that it would be interesting if I could disseminate information. Well, fortunately my house has MT of Boxster GTS, so I can taste the pleasure of MT at Boxster.

When. I meanBoxter's MT still can not drive well yetIn addition, on the day when the air cooling was also MT ... I have to write a new article of "I will be able to drive the air-cooled Porsche (MT)" until that day "(爆) I was relieved .

My husband,I like "4 speed AT" unexpectedlyI heard that.

Both the Honda Legend Coupe (KA 3 and KA 8) and the E36 BMW 318is which I was riding in the past did 4 AT, but both my favorite cars entering the top of my favorite car. I felt completely dissatisfied with the fact that there were few gears and AT. I rather like the feeling of pulling with that wide gear ratio.

And that.

Last week, Sueo had been traveling to a second - hand car shop in Nagoya to check air - cooling procedures and restoration conditions. I am really looking forward to see what type of air cooling will come to our house.

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  1. shimoyannjp

    Hello, Mina. It is shimoyannjp.

    Your husband, 964C2 was chosen. You can see that it is a model after 1992 from the shape of the mirror.

    964 I owned was exchanging mirrors with 92 crowns. Because it was the 91 expression, the square mirror of the 930G era was standard, but it seems to be because the turodrop type mirror after the 92th expression was cooler, but extra remodeling that your husband said is Vaisacher Institute It may be against the policy which seems to be rude to you (^ ^).

    I often see the story that the air conditioner does not work, but if it does not even leak gas it will be pretty effective. I think that you do not need to worry because air conditioners will be the target if you are riding from after applying the restoration thoroughly even before second-hand purchase like your husband.

    If the posted photo is a real vehicle, the seat is beautiful and the meters saw that meters other than speed meters related to the odometer will be replaced with new ones. Brake disc rotor is also polished beautifully ~ (^ ^).

    Is the body color Midnight Blue Metallic (same color as the one I was riding)? I am nostalgic ~ ~

    mina 's fun to visit the blog has doubled. I am looking forward to it. Okay ~ (^^)

    • MinaMina

      Mr. shimoyannjp

      Thank you!
      That's right - finally I finally bought an air cooling and chose 964C2.

      > If the posted photo is a real car, the seat is beautiful,
      That's right. It seems that there was almost no landing on the seat, no cracking, and the condition was good.
      He said that there were no such individuals.

      Body color is Amazon Green? It seems to be said that. It seems to be green, it is like the light, it seems to be a mysterious color that looks like blue and black ^ ^

      I think that it will be delivered in November, so I will post the opinion of my husband again! ^ ^

  2. Ruun Rumba


    Oh! It is finally going to the air-cooled world. Welcome (lol) I also got 96pt of 93 years of Tiptoro over 3 million for vehicle price 6 million, maintenance etc. about two years ago.

    Air conditioner? It does not work. It is a specification (lol) Strictly speaking, 30 minutes works. Ice water will come out from the feet after that. It is cold and pleasant (laugh) Speed? it's slow.
    It is also lightly scrambled at this time (cry) But it was great fun! I recently sold it to the acquirer for 4 million, but I do not regret it. Although I think that resale is of course important,
    I am convinced by himself that the Porsche experience value (coined word) has further increased.

    And I realized immediately that 718 Boxster GTS was delivered, but in fact the ride taste is 964 and it is a thrash. It is quite interesting that air cooling and water cooling, 6 NA and 4 Turbo, similar to the quarter century even though generations are different in the first place (over 911). Is it only me?

    Well then I am looking forward to your husband's comments!

    • MinaMina

      Ruun Rumba
      Thank you! !
      My husband also stepped into the air-cooled world! I am still a newcomer but thank you (lol)!
      Air conditioning, there is still nothing to be effective, it is incredibly stylish to say that ice water comes out from the feet (laugh)

      > But it was great fun! I recently sold it to the acquirer for 4 million, but I do not regret it. I think that resale is of course important as well,
      > I am convinced by myself that the Porsche experience value (coined word) has further increased.

      I see! But my husband thinks that it is such a feeling, I think.
      I want to taste once, surely, it must be pure, simple, good car! When.
      Porsche experience value, it is interesting! I wonder if it is up to level 99 (haha)

      > It and 718 Boxster GTS was delivered immediately, but I realized it, but in fact the ride taste is 964 and I'm soooo surprised
      Yeah that's interesting! I feel something really deep. In that case I would like to test drive 718 as well. My husband's opinion will also be posted on the blog ^ ^!


    Good evening. It is my first rice.

    964 Carrera 2 is increased! The exterior color Amazon green is wonderful ♪
    Since it is equipped with air bag and turbo mirror it is a model of the late 964 in 1992 or 1993.
    Whether it is 92 years or 93 years, the brakes are distinguished between 2 pods (92 years) and 4 pods (93 years), but it is not well understood in the photographs. (However, there are models with 4 pods installed in the latter half of 1992)

    The leather seats are pretty beautiful so the distance traveled is likely to be short ... is it about 30,000 km range? Timoro's 964 sometimes comes out somewhat better than mecha. Some of my friends and I purchase it for second hand. The car that the wife used only the neighborhood shopping is the first owner.

    The price of the MT model is abnormal with the recent air cooling popularity!
    In that sense, I think that Tiptro which can casually start dating is a big right answer.

    Long thing 993 is popular in the last air cooling in Porsche freak ... so that 964 did not become as classic as big bumper (930) and so it was evaluation "halfway" so recent 964 The popularity is glad ♪
    I think that the frog eyes, too, the design that was horrible is much more original narrow design than the big bumper!
    After that the door inner lining and the seat design remain old, it is nostalgic from 993 which changed a little to the future wind.

    I am looking forward to report if I deliver it!

    Oh, my First Porsche is 964 Carrera 2 delivered in December 1993. I'm in a relationship for a quarter of a century next month ♪

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Indyia
      Thank you for your comment!
      The pen name is wonderful ^ ^

      > With an air bag and a turbo mirror it is a model of the late 964 in 1992 or 1992.

      That's amazing ... I can understand that it's the late stage just by looking at it or can guess that ...
      I have to study still more! I thought (laugh)

      > The price of the MT model is abnormal with the recent air-cooling popularity!
      > In that sense, I think that Tiptro which can casually start dating is a big right answer.

      It is still abnormal ...! I wonder how much rarity is high, but I thought that the price as much as the new normal car of the new 911 was overkill. ^ ^;
      My husband seems to be looking forward to Tiptoro.

      > Long thing 993 is popular in the last air cooling in the Porsche freak ... so that 964 was not as classic as big bumper (930), but it was evaluated as "halfway" So the recent 964 popularity is glad ♪
      > I think that the frog eyes, too, the design which was made a horn is much more original narrow design than the big bumper!

      That's right ... I see, there are many in-fan people!
      But even I, my frog eyes seem to be attaching, I feel classic and air-cooling feeling left, I thought at a glance that I like 964 more ^ ^
      It will be delivered by mid-November, so I will report again ^ ^
      We are looking forward to hearing from you!