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The other day in the blog"Is this blog really a personal blog that has nothing to do with Porsche?"I got a comment. Certainly ... There are a lot of readers who seems so, and recently I even started to think "who am I to whom?" (Laugh) So today, I would like to answer some of the questions I received from you.

① Is he really a personal blog?

Than before,Articles visited Porsche JapanWriting,An article interviewed with a racer who is participating in the Porsche Carrera CupSince it is writing, it may be thought that "Is it a blog writing upon receiving a request from Porsche Japan?(It can not be helped even though it seems so) w)Genuine,This is a personal Porsche blog that has nothing to do with Porsche Japan.

If it is a blog that I wrote after receiving a request from Porsche Japan, I would have posted a new model of Porsche as a test ride to Bang Bang(We are simply going to the nearest dealer and just trying out the car we want to consider), And other manufacturer's models(BMW, VW Golf, Mercedes-Benz SL, etc.)I can not even introduce.

"Even so, is not it impossible for a blogger to visit Porsche Japan and post it as an article?"

I guess. surely,Normally Porsche Japan will never come in contact with a personal bloggerHowever, I was lucky enough to have a special visit. However, I thought it was absolutely impossible to take pictures of the company, so I didn't bring my SLR camera on the day,I was given permission to take photos specially with the kindness of the other side, so I introduced it in a blog later.

Porsche Japan's office

Interview with the Porsche Carrera Cup racer is also from those acquainted with grass races"If you are writing a Porsche blog, I will introduce a friend of the Carrera Cup racer"It happened to be introduced and interviewed so it has nothing to do with Porsche Japan.

If you write something like "lucky" or "by chance" it's more like a lie ... (-_-)

But within myself"If you are going to do Porsche blog as much as you want, I would like to be the best in Japan, and one day to be the best blog in the world."Because there was a desire to act, as a result of acting in the form of no good, various shapes have been connected. Never, nothing moved and the opportunity came over did not come.

② Is she really written by an amateur 's wife?

With comments to the blog"Is not this wife who has no knowledge of the car able to express the characteristics and features of the vehicle so far only by hearing from a hobbyist who is a hobbyist and write it in writing ...? Is this owner writing?"There was something I wrote. Thank you ... w

First, this Porsche blog is written by “I”, the wife of the Porsche owner's husband. However, in the case of articles written based on the husband's view, lectures using radio control usually start.(Image diagram ↓)

Sometimes it takes about an hour for me to understand its contents. Then write a sentence and let her husband see the final manuscript"This fact is not true" "PDK is incorrectly used"It is pointed out that it is pointed out, and the modified one is posted on the blog.(... It is a personal insult to wander even though it is a personal blog w)

I was originally a non-knowledgeable car for cars, but thanks to my daily husband's lecture(?)So it got much more detailed than before. However, even though I go anywhere, I thought that "I am still an amateur" because I do not look like a car otaku's husband, but when I was talking with a car lover the other day"It was the first time I talked with women about such a car in detail!"It was said (laugh)

Beyond what you think, knowledge may actually come with it.

Another time to blog"How to write articles is on a professional basis" "Seriousness is beyond the scope of personal blogging"I also got a comment saying. Thank you for saying such a thing ... m (_ _) m

Actually I was originally,We have launched an Internet media that is completely unrelated to the car and we still operate itSo, I have skills around that. What we have experienced from concept creation to site construction and operation has also been of great use in launching this blog. In addition, my main job is to write in writing, publication, lecture, interview, ten years pass by entering this world, so if you have the ability to organize and convey things and writing skills compared to the general public I think that.

On the contrary, since I wrote a letter all the time at my main job, there is no island to capture if "the blog sentences are rolled out amateurs", so I can say that in such a way I'm really relieved (lol)

③ Are you asking a professional to tune your blog?

Those who are familiar with blogs and website management,"How is the server and tuning of this blog doing it? Are you asking for a professional?"Although it may be thought that, in fact, since the husband 's main job is an IT shop, the husband leaves the husband to the full extent.

Although I can do some content on blog content and images, but I do not know about server relationship at all, this part is very helpful for my husband to do it. Indeed, there are ideas that will not be heavy no matter how much access it is, or Google's page speed rating(?)As for the time, it seems that there are times when it was nearly full time for a while.

However, because it is a Porsche blog like a personal hobby, the monthly advertising expenses are just spears of sparrows. It ’s really scary."If you write an article about Toyota alphard or Prius, the search population in the first place is different, so I can not earn even similar content even more."While talking with a couple ... it will be out of the concept, so I will keep posting articles about Porsche from now on.

So, I wonder if you answered a few questions of the readers.

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  1. Wind slope

    People who say various things come out like bamboo shoots after rain, but please do not worry and continue at my own pace!

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Sakamichi of the wind
      Thank you ^ ^
      Readers of this blog are good people,
      Because of consideration and concern about various opinions, we will message in the sense of cheering,
      I think that I am truly grateful.

      If a strange thing comes out from now on ...
      At that time I will go without worrying (lol)

  2. Duck tiger

    Mina Good evening.

    It was made an article promptly!

    I think that it was a sufficient answer, I was sorry for Mina's efforts to receive a lecture from her husband and try to understand it each time!
    I feel honorable to your couple's Porsche love.

    Although I refuse it once, I did not mean to comment on Ichamon or strange things, just do not mind because it was just a simple question of seeing truly wonderful content every time.

    I also enjoyed seeing Yamaguchi Momoe stories after this as well because it is a generation.

    In the red and white of NHK, I could not say a bright red Porsche ~ ♪, but I was singing like a red car ~ ♪, I remembered what I thought as a child of a supercar at that time. (Lol)

    I am also looking forward to the blog, I'd love to read Porsche Connect story or customer questionnaire something else ~

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Camo Tora
      Thank you ^ ^
      I am glad to say so!

      > I refuse it once, but I did not mean to comment on Ichamon or strange things, just do not mind because it was just a simple question of seeing truly wonderful content every time.
      Yes, thank you! It was okay so I wrote so in the text of previous comments so it is OK ^^ Rather, I think that it is a question that the reader is embraced for a long time, so it was nice to have a comment and reply with the fabric this time. Thank you!

      Oh, there are many people who want to know about Porsche Connect indeed! I listen to my husband for a moment (lol)
      We appreciate your continued support in the future!