Thinking from the lyrics of Momoe Yamaguchi's "Playback Part 2" - Do not be stupid, that's because of that.

Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband

Crimson Porsche

It was released the other day911 DAYS 2018 AUTUMN Vol. 73In"In those days, Momoe Yamaguchi ran through the green and sang with a crimson Porsche"There was a column called. In the column written based on the lyrics of Momoe Yamaguchi's "Playback Part 2", it was said from the previous blog readers that "Please read it because it's funny." I tried reading it immediately ...

Did you do such lyrics on "Playback Part 2" (; ゚ Д ゚)! !

It was shocking .... Because I am not Momoe-chan generation"Do not make a fool of me, that's why"When"Wait a moment. Playback, playback"I only knew the phrase. However, as I read the first lyrics,

If the hero's woman in the song was driving Porsche, she was yelled at the intersection from a man "rubbed the mirror!" The woman also shouted loudly and said, "Do not make a fool of me, oh my gosh, I refuted it.

It was contents.

Runaway songs ... (; ゚ Д ゚)(No, no different thing)

Even so, it is strong that I can be said that "I rubbed the mirror" and shouted "Do not be foolish, that's because of that." Even if it is a man's intention"Do not make a fool of me, that's why"It is said that there is a sense of rubbing for a while at the point of saying.

It's amazing ... Truly a big star in Showa(It is not a song expressing Momoe Yamaguchi).

After that, when you calmly read the column"What was the Porsche that the lady's laden riding in on earth?" "The man who yells must be such a feeling"I guessed things from lyrics, so it was quite funny.

CM for women's cars

I do not have the courage to say to a man who shouted "Do not stupid, that's it!", But on the other hand I think that such a woman is cool."The world says something like luggage can be loaded or ecology, but I have nothing to do with that."As I said, I ride a red sports car, wear sunglasses and run through. It's still nice if it's an open car.

But why, CM for women of domestic car makers is nothing but the one that launched girls' fullness all the way.

And, always wondering.(It may be only I do not know)Speaking of CM for women's cars"Color is pink or yellow pastel collar" "It is perfect for me and fashionable and compact"There are many things in the atmosphere of "sweet ~ sweet" full of "girls dicky" like.

Even though there may be such CM, I think that it is OK even if there is a car commercial for women who adopted the concept of "cool woman".

A woman trying to purchase a car by herself thinks that there are many people who earn firmly by themselves. Such a woman has been working for a while in a male society,I am evaluated there, I live with prideShould Would such a woman be attracted to singing phrases such as 'pastel color', 'fashionable and compact' ....

Women also admire, Porsche

More recently, women's social advancement has progressed, and working women who work hard at work are definitely increasing. That is why it seems like women want to get itI think that if there is a CM of the image that "a woman who fulfilled his dreams gets a cool car," more women who are interested in cars will be increasing more than now.Well, absolutely few will be few, so if you strike CM, is it that there is a demand for "sweet girls CM"?

By the way, I saw you before."Female entertainer riding in Porsche"In the net article written about,

Miyazaki Aoi to Porsche Cayenne, Saeko child to Porsche 911, Matsushima Nanako riding Porsche Boxster ...(Although it may not be riding anymore now)It was introduced. Look at the article"After all, a successful female entertainer buys a Porsche or something"I thought.

Women who fulfilled their dreams themselves and who won that position still feel attractive to luxury sports cars like Porsche. And I myself feel that such a woman is cool and aim.

Currently, many domestic car manufacturers"Women are not interested in cars in the first place"It seems to have the view that it is such, but I think that it is a great responsibility to the automobile manufacturers to do so. So if you express your feelings with words in the lyrics of "Playback Part 2", this is how it is.

Do not make a fool of me, over there(LOL)

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  1. Buppa

    Somehow this article is very convincing. It is convincing.

    When my wife 's car broke down, I found a car type I like and I took a car shop sightseeing
    Normally I will not call you My wife suddenly called me
    "Because Porsche Cayenne is good, we have already negotiated!"
    I am a salaried worker I am in a fine weather, "Please wait a while ..."
    While thinking that I am interrupted both my work and my career and am planning a reward for my wife taking care of the young children without any help
    I managed to buy a cayenne by hand and gifted it ....

    Yamaguchi Momoe's playback
    "Do not make a fool of me, that's why" The wife who is staying in the ground with all this
    If you gave Cayenne as a gift, you declared "Would you not buy it !!" or "Buy it myself"

    Almost stopped interrupted and I was working hard all the time Suddenly I'm trying hard and earning money from the next month purchasing cayenne at a stretch more than 10 times
    While doing all the education from pickups to lunchbox without having any help from any elementary school students and kindergarten children,
    I made up my purchase cost in less than a year.

    Because it is what I gave, I will never receive it against me
    I guess you think "it's due to you" that you can not go to Porsche you purchased yourself.

    I think Porsche will make a woman cool and strong.
    A car that a strong and cool woman wants may be a Porsche.
    However, I thought that I should receive Porsche purchase fee from my wife to read this blog and support "cool women".
    I see. Is it better to support my wife 's "cool woman" rather than asking for "a cute woman"? I am convinced.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Buppa
      Thank you for your comment ^ ^!
      Wife ... It is too cool ...!
      And, to make that wife's wish come true, the husband being moved is too cool ...!

      > Abruptly interrupted and work that had been continuing abreastly and suddenly I'm trying hard all the time I earn revenue more than 10 times from the next month purchasing cayenne
      > While doing all the education from lunchbox to pick up and transfer from elementary school kids and kindergarten children without any help from anything,
      > I built a purchase cost less than a year.
      Ma'am, it is really amazing ... Primary school and kindergarten are the hardest, are not they? As long as it is a nursery school, the time to keep it is long,
      As a housewife, parenting, and housekeeping, while working all the time, in the limited time, work with increasing quality, earn the maximum.
      I do not care about it, so I truly honor it.

      > I see. Is it better to support my wife 's "cool woman" rather than asking for "a cute woman"?
      I think that it seems absolutely (lol) Surely the wife is a self-sustaining woman, I think that it is important to accomplish with your own power,
      If you can purchase the purchase fee and spend it for the next Panamera ... (haha)

      I will do my best, too!