The trip is Porsche Panamera, and the return is Daihatsu Move. What we found out by comparing two cars.

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To Mr. Nakabayashi Industry

BeforeInterviewed, a long-established manufacturer of automobile body cover Mr. Nakabayashi IndustrySo, I decided to have Panamera's body cover. At Nakabayashi Kogyo, for vehicles that do not have a body cover yet,If you brought in the actual car, you can gift the finished cover for free after measuring and molding.(Some vehicles are not covered)

Luckily, since 971 Panamera Turbo at our house had not yet been molded, we brought in actual cars this time and we decided to take covers. As in the example, we interviewed the state of measurement, so I will introduce it on the blog later.

To borrow a car

I brought in an actual car and asked for a schedule to pick it up again next morning, so during that time"Daihatsu Move"I decided to borrow as a substitute car.(This ↓)

【Daihatsu Move】
Grade X (CVT - 0.66)
Model DBA - LA 100 S - GBGF
Displacement 660 cc

"Go to Panamera and return home at Daihatsu Move."It was a rare opportunity to do things, so I was excited about how I feel the difference between the two, but I was surprised at the difference from the beginning. ... It 's strange for me to compare these two machines ....

First I was surprised to see the area inside the car.

There is no center console and it is spacious and quite comfortable. It is somewhat like "a spacious space!" Or "comfortable to ride four people!" On a mini car CM, but I was convinced that it is true. Also, by lowering the central armrest, you can also partition between the driver's seat and the passenger's seat.

The rear seats are also wide.

"But even though it is such a compact yet spacious space is realized, it will be peeking in an instant if an accident ..."Imagine, I felt a little scared. Next is the driver's seat around. Gear is installed at the bottom of the navigation, next to the air conditioner switch.

It is innovative that there is gear in such a place!(To be sure, the Prius of the parent's house also had gear next to the handle)However, until I got used to it, I reached out to the center console closely to the degree of parking of the back, and I did "air gear operation" many times (explosion)

AlsoI do not know where "parking brake" is... When I looked at the foot, I was at the clutch pedal in the MT car. There was something like a car in my old parents house.

The foot of the driver's seat is still compact. I usually get used to the feeling of Panamera, so I felt narrow because there was no place for my left foot.

Or, it may be that you are usually driving with reasonable "legs" .... That's why when we close the seat belt!

Although my line of sight was high and it was easy to drive and started running smoothly, somehow "wearing a seatbelt" has not disappeared for some reason."That? It was with Seatbelt."I tried to look closely well, I put the metal fittings of the belt in the position of the front passenger seat ((゚ Д ゚))

With the seat width of Panamera, I did not look properly and attached a seat belt, it was just the same width as the passenger seat (explosion)

Please correct your mind and start again. Because the displacement is small,Starting and acceleration from waiting for the signal does not have a speed for the sound "buoy"."I'm really rocking, I have never heard the sound of such a high revolution in Panamera," and when I looked at the meter,

Or, there is no rotating system (゚ Д ゚)! ! !

Is it a minicar? I thought that every car had "speedometer" and "tachometer (tachometer) attached", but I knew for the first time that it was completely different even by car.

Comment on driving Daihatsu move

After that, I drove about 50 km to my house while driving the Daihatsu move, but the simple impressions are as follows.

① Easy to use if only town ride

The line of sight was higher than I thought, the windshield was wide, and it was easy to operate. Because it can stop around small turns, it can be stopped anywhere, so if you use only the city ride, it's a good car. There is no acceleration force, but it does not accelerate to the extent in the town, and although there was some play on the brake, it worked better than I thought.

2 light and highway driving is tired / h4>
Even in a city ride it was pretty tiring as I used heavy expressways this time.Panamera at the time of highway driving is a green car of Nozomi Shinkansen in other words.(I never got on a green car only once)It is comfortable, smooth, nothing happens, and you can ride with confidence. Meanwhile, if Daihatsu Move knows rude without choosing words ..."The feeling of riding a rickshaw"Is it such place?

A small little brother runs with a rickshaw rick and runs hard, but he always said "Ha ha, yeah yea" always tiring and rolling sideways, every time he gets hurried. So also here,"O, your older brother, if it is seriously hard, you can let the speed be dropped further!"I always feel alright and feeling riding while watching the appearance.(Daihatsu, I'm sorry ...)

I was very tired mentally because I took care of such feeling throughout the rest of the day.

③ Limited at 90 km / h on highway

Of course I think that I can put out more than 100 km if I want to put out, but it seems to be caught by crosswinds, handling beyond 90 km / h is not stable and I was very scared. Panamera, it will be 1 · 0 km, though it will be strange, but it is VISITO stable, I have no worries about handling, but I felt that I did not do so. I thought that it would take about 1.5 times as long as Panamera if it was a long distance travel that heavily uses expressway.

On the contrary, I thought that the driver of a car that is flying a light vehicle and skipping overtaking lanes is really amazing.

What is important?

Although I felt like normal as usual with this two ride comparison"Panamera is a wonderful car"It was possible to reconfirm that. I felt it particularly strongly,

"Because you can absolutely trust a car in terms of safety, you can enjoy the pleasure of running"

It was that. Panamera is also a car that has the acceleration power and handling as well as a car that you can fully enjoy the pleasure of running,"In terms of safety aspects such as high speed stability, rigidity feeling, breaking, absolutely you can trust Panamera."It is. Conversely, if there is even a little scary in safety, you should not even feel that you are going to taste the pleasures of running.

Before,I examined Porsche's approved tireTime"911 must be fast, but what is more important than safety is safety"It was written that it was, but I was able to feel that it is exactly the case. No, the more you know the car, the deeper it is.

The next day, I took the highway on Daihatsu Move and headed for Nakabayashi Industry, but I did not feel much fear because I got accustomed to driving a bit. After that I tried riding Panamera and was deeply moved by the wonderfulness of its performance. Occasionally it is important to get on the car in the opposite direction.

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  1. Masan

    Always have fun reading articles.
    Recently I've had similar experiences so I will comment.

    Currently I am riding a 991, but I got a substitute car to leave it for construction of protection film.
    Nissan Dayz is a substitute car. I have never drove a car first, and it seems interesting to ride a car in the opposite direction on a daily basis as Mina does!
    I thought about driving and went home, but I did not accelerate anyway and the effectiveness of the brake was sweet, the right turn of the intersection and the high-speed merger was really scary.
    I did not have the courage to drive overtaking lanes at high speed, so I ran slowly in the driving lane, but still I was fucked from behind.
    I felt a great wind pressure every time Benz or BMW ran sideways at a tremendous speed, I felt like a mouse or hamster thrown into a group of wild beasts. Crying
    To be honest, it was experience of experiencing with the casting system at high speed, and I decided to pay attention to driving manner even at Porsche.

    I took over 991 after a week and changed trains, but I felt "I was so heavy handles and brakes?"
    I felt a sense that the sense of the body shifted even in one week. It is not to say that I reconfirmed the greatness of 991.

    It was a valuable experience that I did not know when Cayman and others came out. But it is already good. Lol

    • MinaMina

      Masa Yan
      Thank you for your comment!
      And thank you for always seeing the blog ^ ^

      I am very glad that someone who felt the same thing was there.

      > I have never drove a car first, and it seems interesting to take a car in the opposite direction as usual like Mina!

      That's right, at first I was thrilled about curiosity (laugh)

      > Feeling a great wind pressure every time Mercedes-Benz or BMW runs sideways at overt speed, I felt like a mouse or hamster thrown into a group of wild beasts. Crying

      It is lol LOL ...! ! ! I'm sorry to the minicars manufacturer, it is exactly like that ...! Like a hamster desperately surviving so as not to be crushed or blown by a hordes of wild beasts ... ...
      Normally I do not think anything, I was driving while running BMW and Mercedes · Benz all the way fast, why is it such a ridiculous car?

      Certainly it is a valuable experience, but I am afraid that I think that the car is a bit better a solid car is still OK ^ ^;