3 years since the purchase of Porsche 981 Boxster GTS. I summarized the cost of car inspection and the impression of owning for 3 years.

MT (manual) ride

Three years passed after purchasing Boxter

It is nearly three years since my husband purchased 981 Boxster GTS. Fast .... So, I decided to summarize the rough contents of the car inspection at the dealer and the Boxster review that my husband feels after three years.

The mileage at the present moment is 30,600 km(I have not been able to go touring much in Boxter this past year). At the inspection, Boxster came back to our house in about a week without any major trouble. The contents of the automobile inspection are roughly as follows.

① Extended warranty application 1 year · · · 100,440 yen
"Three years after buying a new car for Boxster, should we enter a guarantee for Porsche Approved?"I wrote the article earlier, but I finally applied.
② Vehicle inspection · · · 213,074 yen
· Headlight focus adjustment
· Replace the rear brake caliper bolt
· Engine oil change (Mobil 1 5W-50) 7.5L
· Oil filter replacement
· Change brake fluid
· Air conditioner filter change
· Left and right air cleaner filter change
· Navigation version up (final free)
· Battery charging (free service)
③ Taxes · · · 51,630 yen
· Automobile weight tax 2 years · · · 24,600 yen
· Mandatory liability insurance premiums 24 months · · · 25,830 yen

So, the cost of this vehicle inspection was 365,144 yen. There is nothing broken and it is expensive car inspection price 200,000 yen ... (; ゚ Д ゚)(In the case of my husband, the vehicle inspection was said to ask from the dealer as it is told, so it was said that I thought I could do cheaper more)

By the way, as for the remaining groove etc. of the tire, it is as follows. Although the rear tire has been punctured and exchanged once, it seems that the front tire is still fitted with a new car. On the way, my husband was saying that he had a lot to go to the circuit and driving school as much as I could.

Brake pad remaining F: 6.5 mm R: 8.0 mm
Tire remaining groove F: 3.0 mm R: 5.0 mm

My husband's 3rd year general review

Then, about the general comment on the husband who is the owner owning Boxster for 3 years. This time, my husband wrote a review, so I would like to introduce it as it is.

① handle, suspension

I never thought that the ride was bad when I got on the first time, but when I was running at high speeds,I felt rough or slight vibration on the steering wheelIt remains in the impression. It felt so clearly that it was more clearly than the SLK 350 of R171 that was riding the previous time. Therefore, during inspection, I had the wheel balance looked at just in case, but there was no abnormality.

One day, I had the opportunity to get on to acquaintance's Cayman GTS, and when I ran the same route,There was something which the handle feels exactly the same as Boxster.So it was not abnormal, but it was the first time I knew that it was "that kind of thing".

Although it does not matter at all now, I think that I was puzzled by the large amount of information that Porsche's steering wheel conveyed initially.

② ride comfort

Many people on the passenger seat"Ride comfort is very smooth" "Good ride"Because it says so, ride feeling is never bad, but ... It was certain that I felt something like "astringency" of suspension at the beginning.

However, thisAs for the "astringency of suspension", it felt almost nothing after about 10,000 km,It became very supple now. I felt the same way not only in Boxter but also in Panamera, so I think it will take some time for Porsche's suspension to become familiar.

Also,The more gasoline remaining, the better the ride.As gasoline decreases, the weight of the front gets lighter, so it seems to be a slightly jumpy ride feeling, so I try to put it as frequently as possible.

③ Hood

The hood is very well made. Until you touch the actual car"Is it just a cloth?"I thought that, but there is a roof made of magnesium which is very solid such as the ceiling part, and there is neither pekopeco nor depression, and there is nothing to flutter in the wind even in super high speed area.

Opening and closing is also fully automatic with one switch at hand and works up to about 50-60 km / h while traveling. Because the operation time is only about 9 seconds,It is possible to respond promptly to sudden rain or the like.

Incidentally,Regarding care, enough to drop dirt and dust with pig hair brush etc.. Especially when the dirt is severe, foam with a neutral detergent, it will become beautiful if lightly washed.
Also, as the dealer's staff say"Although you do not have to wash every time you wash your cars, when birds hun arrives, please be careful as it will be difficult to remove unless you remove them immediately."It was that.

④ Tire

My tire was fitted with "Goodyear's EAGLE F1 ASYMMETRIC 2" since the new car. Personally I like Michelin,It was my first time since Goodyear, so I did not expect much at first, but this is a very good tirewas.

Circularity is also high, abrasion resistance, quietness, ride comfort are also passed. Besides, anythingWet grip performance is a special mentionI think that. In the driving school of Porsche, there are lessons to slide cars on the ground with water spray, but do not slip more than imagined. The other car was about the same speed, and despite sliding normally, this tire continued to grip and I could not slide it quite well.

AlsoEven on ordinary roads, even in rain windings etc. I grip very well and I feel secure.It should be noted that wet drainage also has sufficient performance, and it can run with confidence even at high speeds of rain.

⑤ Engine

From the beginning of delivery, engine racing was great but it is a story compared with other cars."I expected a more sharp image, but it was not that much"I remember what I thought. Specifically, I felt that the elongation of high rotation was somewhat missing.

When I got in the dealer for inspection on a certain day and talking with a service representative

"Porsche's engines will start to turn really well from around 15,000 km"

It was said, but then, as you repeat the distance(In the case of my car, it is about 20,000 km before)It began to change obviously, becoming an engine turning around from 25,000 km to be able to play. Especially the sound which seems to play with the elongation of medium rotation to high rotation is very pleasant.

About power and torque"Is it possible to handle it at the time of delivery?"I thought, but familiarity is scary, now it is"Power to handle, torque feeling"I feel it.

When it comes to 550 PS such as Panamera turbo, it obviously took off, and in Japan there is not a chance to step down. But Boxter GTS 330 PS is still handled.To the desire, I think that it may be a little more under powerIt is. Perhaps "If it is in Japan, is basic basic elementary Baxter that can run by unexpectedly turning the engine free" is not it right?

⑥ Quietness

It is an open body sports car so it is not quiet, but it is quite uncomfortable for the part of shutting down the hood, turning off the sports exhaust and cruising. You can enjoy music and radio, and you will not be bothered by a conversation with a passenger seat like a supercar of a long ago.
But,If you step on the accelerator deeply with sports or sports plus, the volume will rise considerably.It's not an explosive sound that I can not hear but it's an elegant and powerful exhaust note(I think that it depends on individual preference).

⑦ Winding

Boxter runs the winding and the carIt is. It turns around on the center of the car. The feeling is stronger at the tight corner. It's more like drawing circles continuously with a compass along a curve, rather than flair.

I have usually run a passenger in a sports car on the FR, but that person"The difference between posture during cornering and way of applying G is quite different"It was impressive that I was surprised.

⑧ Brake

Porsche brake which I might not say. It was often squeaking at the time of delivery, but the sound ceased from around the time of break-in.Of course, it is naturally effective that the controllability is higher than that of the Porsche brake featuresI think that. Stroke is not so deep with type to control by stepping on strength. It is possible to freely control from low speed to high speed by tailor-made stepping. It is a characteristic of Porsche that even though it is pleasant to step on the brake.

⑨ Stiffness feeling

Because it is an open car, I think that there are many people who are concerned about rigidity. According to the hand data, 981 type torsional rigidity Cayman is 40000 Nm / degree versus Boxter 17000 Nm / degree. Looking at only this, I am worried about the rigidity of Boxster, but I do not need that concern at all.

I do not feel such as lack of rigidity at all for running speed and winding on ordinary roads.Of course, if you run on a bad road with the canopy closed, the sound of rubbing the gap between the hood and the body will be slight, but it is about that. after"It will be a little uneasy if you run a little cheerfully on the Fuji Speedway's 100R"There is something I think ... It is about here that I was concerned about running in Japan.

⑩ Expressway

I do not feel a sense of uneasiness at all for running on a highway.Even in normal mode, it is enough, but if you make a chassis a sport, you can freely like a fish to swim.Lane change, acceleration and braking move as quickly as I thought, and the sense of security is amazing. However,I think that 911 is better if it is like a grand tourer.I am not getting tired, but 911 is more stable.

On the other hand, I think that it can not be said that ultra-high speed cruises are good at it because I think that it is somewhat insufficient for downforce when running at 200 km / h or more with Fuji Speedway straight.(The story of the case compared with Panamera etc. It is good at all compared with general cars.)Well, I won't be anxious unless I fly away on the first lane of the Autobahn.No need to worry in JapanIt is.

⑪ Daily Usability

This car is not a sports chassis but a GTS standard PASM.Since I have never scratched the step at entering convenience stores or gas stations in my range of activities at all, there is no need to worry about low car height etc.

If you give it strongly, when parking in the back, you may need to worry about scratching the lower part of the rear bumper etc. where the height of the stop is high. I always try to stop with a little margin without hitting the tires on the wheelchair.

The width of the car is also about 1800 mm, so it can be put in most mechanical parking lotsAnd coin parking is also parked normally. Passing along a narrow road will not bother you so much with this size.
Also,Regarding the load carrying capacity, as we introduced in the previous blog,Is not it one of the most loaded cars in the open 2 seater?

Luggage can be loaded on Boxster's trunk! I tried it with a suitcase.

That is my husband's overall rating."I could do it if I told you to review in more detail, but I kept it around here."And that (laugh). As I write it like this, I want to be able to drive more Boxster than expected ... and I think straightforwardly. The next weekend I plan to have my mother-in-law attend at home, so I definitely go to Boxter's MT driving practice at that time!


I am Mina's husband. Cars do not ride with fashion or status symbols. It is fun to drive, superior as an industrial product, and prefers a car that the intention of the maker is felt ...


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