Porsche prepares to release 'Cayman T'? On this occasion, I examined the specifications and ratings of Cayman's initial release

Porsche Cayman GT 4
Porsche Cayman

Porsche Cayman

The other day in the net news"Porsche is preparing to launch a new model called 718 Cayman T"I found an article with the content."Not only 911, but also in Cayman I wonder if T will come out"Although I thought that it was ... I suddenly realized ...

Actually, in this blog there is no article written about Cayman.

Why is there no article by Cayman ... even though I am updating articles this much every day ...? There is no particular deep intention"I wanted to post Cayman's article rather than that, because there were no people riding Cayman in the surroundings, I had no opportunity to see you, so I did not write it."Just say. Actually, before starting this blog, my husband tried a couple of acquaintance 's Cayman GTS a little, but that person was switching to 911 when we met the other day.

So, on this occasion I decided to investigate the history of Cayman and the transition from the beginning to the present. However, as I investigated it, it was a huge amount of information(He seems so)In this time, we will organize only the main frame of Cayman's specifications, ratings etc. at the time of releaseI want to write it. 718 For Cayman, I would like to post articles that I examined later.

Cayman debuts in 2005

Cayman is an open car "Boxster"(Type 987)Coupe model derived fromIt was announced from "Cayman S" in 2005. The car name is derived from the reptilian "Cayman" of the genus Alligator.

*Image Source: Wikipedia "Porsche Cayman"

Because Cayman is a Boxter derivative model, basically the same as Boxter,

· 2 seater
Horizontally opposed engine
· MR (mid ship engine · rear drive) layout

However, since it is a closed body unlike an open car Boxster, Cayman at the time of release,Bending rigidity is twice that of BoxsterIt was set to.

However, as for running"The center of the soul of Porsche is" 911 "to stay only"According to the basic principle that, based on the then Boxter at the base of the 3.4L engine bored up, 911(Type 997)The cylinder head combined with the crankcase was built.

Yet the price is in Japanese yen in the range of 6 million yen. It's a pretty affordable model.

In those days,There are so many articles comparing Cayman with 911,In the specification comparison beforehand,

· Cayman is about 100 kg lighter than 911
· Because Cayman is mid-ship, it is easier to drive than rear engine 911
· Two-seater Cayman has load capacity of 2 + 2 seats than 911 and it is easy to handle normally
· The price is much cheaper than 911

And "Cayman-oriented" contents, but when I tried it"911 is more likely to rise in 911 due to Porsche-like reasons"was.

As a basic element of a sports car"Midship is better than rear engine"Although Cayman is lighter than 911 in weight, Cayman is never above the lap time of 911 ...

Since "911 is the top car model of Cayman" to the last, as for the engine as well"Cayman's engine is set so that it does not exceed the 3.6 L engine of 911 at that time"It is said that the performance was limited, such as being done.

Relationship between 911 and Cayman

Cayman gradually became poor while organizing information on Cayman (-_-) After all Porsche wants 911 anywhere you go.

It's almost like the eldest son and the second son who were born in the warrior's house during the Warring States Period ..."My younger brother can not exceed an excellent brother. Even if my brother works hard, he is the eldest son who succeeds his house after all."She seems to be ... like an anthropomorphic person and thought too much ... w ...(Cayman GT 4 was released in 2015, finally exceeding the 911 circuit lap then)

After that, Cayman fully remodeled as the 718 series and further evolved, this time"Cayman T will be released?"I jumped out to the news.

By the way, the sales volume of Cayman seems to be good as well, and the sales volume of 718 Cayman · 718 Boxster in 2017 was 25,000 vehicles plus 6% compared with the previous year in the world. It is amazing.
*Porsche achieves new record again in unit sales in 2017

Good morning, Cayman

As I look into Cayman"Cayman is a good Porsche who did a good deal with Boxter and 911"It turned out that it was.

The weight balance as a sports car is good with 2 seater so the weight balance as a sports car is good, and unlike Boxster it is a closed body so it has a high rigidity feeling, loads are also loaded on the trunk before and after, and if the price is normal, about half of 911.

Cayman is said to be an introduction to Porsche"911 is expensive and it seems to be difficult to get on, so let's buy Cayman first"It certainly nods that there are many people called.

It is the rear design of Cayman that is concerned with only one point. Of course Cayman's rear design is also beautiful, but again when comparing it with 911, I think that its sophisticated design and beauty is not enemy.(Is that also a Porsche strategy?).

I like the rear design of 911 and now Panamera too"I got cool looking at 911!"I was glad about the couple and so, I wonder a little bit there.

I wrote this kind of wonderfully, but I have never got into Cayman's passenger seat so I'd like to ride it once.I wonder if anyone I know came aboard the Ashi Driveway (lol)By the way, it is said that readers want articles about the differences between Cayman and Boxster, so I would like to write about it someday.

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  1. A must see

    I always read interestingly.
    I am very happy that Cayman has been added to the category.
    I am looking forward to it!

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Atsune
      Thank you for your comment!
      Cayman, I was worried very much, but there are no people riding around and we have no opportunity to test-ride and it will reach now (^ ^;
      I am interested in what kind of thing 718 or something, so I would like to write an article when I ride again ^ _ ^
      Continue to thank you!

  2. cara

    Good evening! A
    It is true that Cayman's story
    Was not there
    Because it owns Boxster GTS
    There is a rear midship
    I did not notice it as impression ww

    Cayman is also good
    Because of Porsche's hierarchy
    What exactly exceeds 911
    It will be difficult now
    GT 4 is fast.

    There is a characteristic of RR
    Cayman is for the rear midship
    It's easy to ride because it is very easy to handle
    At the center of the moment the engine with the heaviest weight
    Because the mission is coming
    Corner is also honest.

    I have not gotten to Cayman for a long time
    I guess it is evolving further!
    I would like to borrow once on a test car.

    Yesterday at the rear midship
    I've been playing gymkhana
    Unique to mid and eight letters and slalom
    There was ease of handling.
    The first one is doing the same as GT 3 while turning
    Time slice due to large slide
    After accelerator control
    I cautioned. Of course, re-attraction is
    GT 3 is more expensive in gymkhana ww

    Although it was a few cars, the best lap was
    I was happy because this car was my first participation

    • MinaMina

      Mr. cara
      Thank you very much! That's right, there was none of Cayman's articles, in reality (laugh)

      > There is a characteristic of RR
      > Cayman is for the rear midship
      > It's easy to ride because it is very easy to handle

      As I studied about Cayman, I feel like Cayman is suitable for myself somehow
      (I do not have much confidence in driving, but I want to experience the ride of Porsche and running as a sports car ... haha)

      By all means, please let us know your impression when you test drive to the current Cayman ^ ^

      > Yesterday at the rear midship
      > I've been playing gymkhana
      > If only mid is the eight and letters and slalom
      > There was ease of handling.

      Is it a video you gave to twitter! What? Best lap is amazing! ! !
      I thought that there are various ways to enjoy ^ ^

      Please tell me more!