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981 Boxster GTS MT
MT (manual) ride

Practice of Boxster (MT car)

With this blog"I will be able to drive a Boxster MT car"I sometimes write the state of practice in the article. However, if you do not practice with Boxster more often than usual, the driving of the MT car will not go well ... But, "If you do not have a husband alone, you ride alone", if you do something, if you should be afraid, two people Even if you practice with children on board, Boxster is 2 seater so it is impossible physically.

So, recently I'm trying to do imetrays with movies, but the other day my husband"Is there any video that looks good?"As I asked, "MT driving technique! Shift change at startI was taught a video that says "

It is a series of movies of "Kaori Kurita MC of Martial Arts MC, Yoshio Takimoto, former test driver of Toyota, Naoya Gamasu, an active professional driver, will showcase cool and cool driving for manual driving".

What is important in driving an MT car?

For those who can drive MT without any problems"It is natural that you do not have to say such a thing"I think that it is contents, but I would like to write that point in my blog this time with the meaning of my own memorandum.

First of all, what is important in MT driving,

Driving while listening to the voice (sound) of the car.

If you want to do a good driving, you do not rely on a meter, To hear the voice of the car such as "engine sound" "vibration" with your own ear,It seems. Toyota's former test driver Yoshio Takimoto"Because the car speaks properly"He said (laugh)

I see…!

Points when starting, shifting up

Next, as for the point when starting the MT car,

If you upgrade to 2nd gear as quickly as possible without pulling in 1st gear, it will accelerate smoothly with less shock.

And that.

I often go to my husband"The car is Tendai so much, I do not want to go to 2nd gear more quickly"Although it is said, the driving school did not tell me to make it fast so fast, why was it a long time to run in the first gear?(Way of learning at the school is special?The important thing is not to remember how to do according to textbooks, but to listen to the car 's voice.

Next, on the shift up of the manual car. Mr. Kaori Kurita of MC at the beginning"MT car is difficult because it will be Gackin Gakkin at the time of upshifting, but MT car was such a thing, I thought it would be useless."And where I said it(I also thought so), Professional driver Gamosan said "It is not such a thing! If you can grasp the tricks you can drive smoothly!"

With that tips,

Consideration of how to return the accelerator than clutch operation

It seems to be. Usually it tends to be conscious of only "clutch operation" and "stepping on accelerator"By "slowly returning gently as much as returning the accelerator", it is possible to smoothly shift up without strange shocksYou can do it. By the way, as a person driving MT cars"The head of a passenger's seat does not leave the head rest at all"That's it. That means that there is no shift shock.

"I was wondering how good MT drivers are, in fact, it is easy for people in the passenger seat to feel comfortable and comfortable."

By the way, my husband when I was driving in the front passenger seat, I got a head fucking gacon and it is far from comfortable feeling (explosion)

Hill start point

Also, on starting uphill, both Mr. Takimoto and Mr. Gamo"Deciding the launch on a slope is the real pleasure of MT cars!"I was excited a lot (haha) The point is,

· Gears must always be in 1st gear (do not start 2nd gear)
· To consciously make it half a club, to operate slowly
· Do not operate the accelerator suddenly

"If you send it calmly after preparing it by halfclapping in a state where you always brake, you can start a good slope without slipping"It was that.

OK, imetole is perfect! ! All that remains is practice. I'd like you to share the ingenuity and tips of MT drivers for all of you. By the way, the video of this time is here.

*Image Source: MT's driving technique! Shift change at start

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  1. Ishi B

    I watched this video as I have seen it
    "Always prepare by making half a club in a state of braking and ..." is not only when starting on a slope but also helps reconfirm the feeling that a clutch will be connected occasionally in a flat area I feel it.

    > I'd like you to tell me the ingenuity and tips of MT drivers for everyone.
    I think that this is to buy a small MT car that can be taken every day separately from Boxster GTS.
    Your husband 's GTS is a left hand drive, so it will not be a domestic car when it matches it.
    You can see the left handle MT of FIAT 500 even if it is second hand. If it is a new car, the left handle will be parallel imported, but there are many places where you can relieve maintenance after purchase if you are dealing with Cinquecent (nicknamed FIAT 500) at a parallel import store.
    I think that you can taste the pleasures of a car with a different direction from Porsche, with the feeling like midway between a bicycle and a car that runs a powerless engine on a public road and runs at MT.
    Although there is a feeling that I pressed on my taste in the second half, I think that "getting on everyday" is the best shortcut.

    • MinaMina

      Ms. Ishi B
      Thank you very much!

      That's right ... Riding everyday is the shortcut for No.1 to progressing ...
      Even though I thought about practicing bicycles when I was a child, that was ... (haha)

      > I think that this is to buy a small MT car that can be taken every day separately from Boxster GTS.
      I see! Certainly, Boxster is not an MT car that can easily ride everyday,
      I always get nervous when I think "if I should hit it ...".

      FIAT also has an MT car! There is a small, compact, easy-to-use image,
      There seems to be another kind of fun different from the car with power like Porsche ^ ^

      > "Always prepare a half craque in a state of braking and preparing ... ..." not only when starting on a slope but also helping reconfirm the feeling that a clutch will be connected occasionally in plain areas I feel that.
      Oh, surely, this will be practice even if you do it on a flatland, if this sense soaks in your body and you can move the car like limbs,
      I guess it is fun to drive MT cars! I've come to want to get on with it now (laugh)

  2. PorshceDreamer

    I will comment for the first time (probably for the first time because I tried to comment on an entry from ancient times but it was not displayed).
    I have read everything from the establishment until now. I enjoy it.

    Although I ride MT for a while except for a while, I think MT exercise at 981 Boxster is good or bad. Of course it will be perfect if it works well with Boxster, but I think that the degree of difficulty is high considerably. Response of the engine is also fast, so the clutch connection is also direct. As Ishi B says, I think it is practical to practice with normal (not sports type) MT cars. I think that it would be nice to get used to the timing of shift change without concern for starting or shift shock as much as Boxster. If you are in Europe, you can borrow rent-a-car, but what about Japan?

    • MinaMina

      First comment, thank you!
      Also, until I opened it I could read all articles so far ...
      Thank you very much…!
      (It is embarrassing lol because many past content is ridiculous)

      Also, regarding MT driving, it is still so!

      When I go to the school,
      "Well, you can accept the final exam even in the present state, but ... By the way, what is the MT car?" Asked by the instructor,
      If I say "Porsche Boxster GTS"

      "Well, that's Akan! If you can not do it more firmly, you will not be allowed to take the final exam!",
      There was a history that it was decided to be supplementary (laugh)

      Certainly there are MT cars that can be used for driving in more daily life,
      It is very good, is not it? There are MT cars even at rental cars ...

      I will investigate for a while ^ ^
      Thank you!

  3. PorshceDreamer

    That reminds me there was something I was curious about. There was an article that failed to start on slope at Boxster GTS, but if Hill hold does not operate automatically, I think that it is necessary to manually apply the parking brake (it seems to have been heard from everyone else) but). The parking brake should be automatically released if putting it in 1st speed and starting with a half clutch normally. You can operate slowly without worrying about retreat. I have never confirmed it in 981, but I think it is probably the same if there is Hill Hold.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!

      > If Hill / Hold does not work automatically, I think that you should apply the parking brake manually

      Oh, sure, I feel that my husband was saying such a thing. Probably, I did not hear Tempa properly ^ ^;
      If the parking brake is released automatically, it is safe to move the clutch from the brake and connect it like normal start.

      I will practice Boxter's MT driving tomorrow so I will do it tomorrow! ^ ^
      Thank you!