I made a video that showed the fun of driving a Porsche Boxster manually.

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I can ride Boxster

The other dayManual Boxster GTS can finally be driven a littleI received a congratulatory comment (?) From various directions, "I'm finally here!"

Until the day of riding the Porsche Boxster GTS (MT) Vol.6

Cancel AT limited license,About three and a half years since Boxster GTS came to our house.Finally, I finally came here. However, it ’s still not enough to get on, so I ’m going to run on various roads,I wish I could bite more of Boxster's splendor.I think.

Driving a manual car

Thanks to the idea of springing out this spring and buying the BMW 320i (MT) by myself at the end of May and riding it every day, I was able to drive the 320i normally without any special preparation. Although,

“Even if you can drive a BMW, Boxer is a different thing. It will take half a year before you can drive Boxster.”

I thought.

However, the other day,After riding a Boxster for the first time in half a year, I was able to drive normally unexpectedlyI was surprised. And before, "Super heavy!The clutch that I thought was felt very light, and the shift lever that said "I can't enter at all!"

There was no need to be prepared because it was Porsche.In short, the problem of familiarityIt was.

This happens when"I wonder why I struggled with driving a manual car. Why have you spent three and a half years"On the contrary, it seems strange (laughs)

For blog readers,

"In order to be able to ride a manual car, it is better to buy and practice a manual car that can be easily practiced."

I always thought that “I understand it, but it is impossible,” but I should have bought a manual car soon (laughs).

But the reason I really wanted to be able to drive a manual car was because I was blogging,Without a blog it wouldn't have been like thisI wonder. Life doesn't know what it is.

Boxster driving video

I wrote an article that debuted youtube the other day,It took 50 hours to shoot just 7 minutesI don't think I can post videos frequently in the future. "Actually, the second video was made in about 5 hours.

“I got used to editing software”, “I got a little bit of editing points”, and “The video that my husband took to prevent people's faces and license plates from appearing” were big. Wonder.

If this is the case, it seems to be given once a weekIf you do this task, you can imagine yourself doing your physical condition to do it, so you do not decide the pace and want to post it when you can w

By the way, the second video is a touring video that my husband went on at GT3 the other day.

And the third video is the video when I was able to drive Boxster for the first time the other day. If it was true, I wanted to take a cool shot of Boxster GTS and add that coolness to the video.When I tried to talk to the couple while driving, I was completely out of controlSo ...

This time I'm going to say “Boxster, couple contest version,” and I ’d like to record another cool Boxster video at a later date.

Please have a look if you like. If you think you want to watch these videos in the future, please subscribe to the channel(Because it will be very motivated for me)I'm happy (laughs).

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  1. Ishi

    I also enjoyed watching a video of fun leaking. It's great that couples and families can share the same values.

    Although it is GT3> Boxster in terms of vehicle, when I hear that Boxster has a point that is not defeated by GT3, I am happy because I am also a Boxster ride.

    I am looking forward to the next video. Will there be an air cooling or Panamera turbo?

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi
      Thank you! LOL that fun leaked.
      Since there are children, there is no chance to ride Boxster with my husband,
      I want to enjoy it in the future!

      I want to make air-cooled and Panamera,
      Please look forward to it again ^ ^

  2. This is Kanou.

    Oh, great! You mastered the manual! Next, let's compare the ride with 718! I want to say that, but before that, let me know. I bought a Mercedes jaja horse! I think that AMG is the best setting in a sense. C63 AMG edition 1. It is scheduled to be delivered around the end of this month. Let's meet in Ayu next time! Please ride it.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Kanou
      That's where I finally came from the disappointing day when I couldn't drive the 718! Lol

      Oh C63AMG! !
      Did you mention that you might buy it before? ?
      It ’s amazing! !
      I would be happy if you could ride it in Ashi!
      I'm looking forward to ^ _ ^! !

  3. Cara

    Good evening! A
    Thank you so much fun video
    Communicating the relationship between the couple
    Very nice (^ ω ^)

    I subscribed to the channel.

    Tomorrow (today), if there is no typhoon
    I'm going to the circuit

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!
      Lol finally came here

      Thank you for registering your channel!
      It ’s a circuit tomorrow today!

      What about a typhoon, please be careful ^ _ ^

  4. Follow

    long time no see. You finally mastered the manual. It is a very smooth run. I'm very sorry for Boxster, so please try 718 next time.
    By the way, I'm going to ride AMG's horse. AMG is the first time, but I am fascinated by the setting. In particular, we have heard that C63 edition1 is the ultimate meaning of AMG. Scheduled to be delivered at the end of this month. Mina-san should try it once again.

  5. Follow

    I wrote twice because it wasn't reflected even after posting. Be careful after laughing at the slightly different content.

    • MinaMina

      There is no such thing!
      Sorry for the late reflection!
      There is no problem at all, and thank you for your continued support.

  6. hpo996

    Nice to meet you Mina!
    My name is hpo996.
    I always enjoy blogging!
    I'm waiting for the 718 Spider ... (I'll come ... sweat)
    Thank you so much for starting the video!
    I can't hear the sound of GT-3.
    Please keep doing a good job!

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always reading the blog!
      Thank you for that.

      In the future, I would like to make a video of GT-3 sounds ^^

      > I ’m waiting for the 718 Spider…. (I'll come ... sweat)
      Oh yeah! Please tell me if you order ^^
      Continue to thank you!