Driving in Kyoto with BMW – Tips and Tricks on the Way of Kyoto


Go to Kyoto home with BMW

I had a lot of things to do recently,The eldest daughter's kindergarten is on summer vacation and I cannot work in my homeBecause of the situation, I decided to take my children and go home for a few days before the Bon Festival.

Until now, I went back home with golf almost every time.This is my first time to return with BMW320i. From my parents who are worried about driving,

"Don't fly on the highway, please come back safely"

I was reminded many times, but I was able to arrive at my parents' house safely.

All the housework was thrown by my mother, my father was my child, and I went to my computer all day.(The real family is heaven w)Thanks to that, the work to be done was completed unexpectedly.

So I decided to go out with the children the next day.

Drive in Kyoto with BMW

I tried thinking about where to go, but it was a hot day with the highest temperature exceeding 35 degrees every day.To go to Mount Hiei in search of cool. If I was going to Mt. Hiei, I wanted to run up Mt. Hiei driveway with BMW ...

The childrenI want to get on the ropeway!“While I was telling my eyes to shine,” the Hieizan Driveway was a side note.

First, go to “Demachiyanagi” by car, and from thereYase Hiei Yamaguchi on the Hiyama Main Line of Hiyama Electric RailwayAnd then head for the summit on the Ulsan Cable Ropeway.

I was born in Kyoto and raised in Kyoto, but since I was born at Hiyama Electric Railway, I had never been on this side, so I was a little looking forward.

The only concern is "Heavy traffic on the way to Demachiyanagi" “It might be a bit cumbersome to drive in a traffic jam in Kyoto with a manual car,” and the morning of the day was greeted.

About the streets in Kyoto

The center of Kyoto cityA structure that looks like a “grid board eye” where north-south and east-west roads go straightIt has become. Very easy to understand,The east-west street in Kyoto city is quite narrow and has many one-way streets.So when I run in Kyoto, I usually go through the main street.

By the way, each street in the city has a name, but it has been around for a long time.Kyoto street name"Can remember the street order and name immediately. From the north,

"Maru (logarimachi), Take (Takeyacho), Ebisu (Yodogawa Dori), Ni (Nijo Dori), Oshi (Oshikoji Dori), Oike (Oike Dori) ..."

It is a song with the initials of street names arranged, but I was also taught by my mother from Kyoto when I was little, so I can still talk(I rarely use it w)

The intersection where the streets intersect is "North and southStreet name + East / West street name(And vice versa)It ’s easy to understand.

For example, Karasuma(Karasuma)The intersection between Todori and Shijo DoriShijo Karasuma”Or the intersection of Horikawa Dori and Imadegawa Dori is“Horikawa ImadegawaAnd so on,Turn right on Horikawa Imadegawa"For now, let's go straight to Karasuma Marutamachi"It's convenient because you can immediately imagine the place."

By the way, in Kyoto,Going north is "up", going south is "down"Say. When I was in college, when I said to my friend “I'm going to go up that road soon”, I was asked, “What ’s up…?”"Upper, lower" is not a national common languageI knew.

When I write this way, I feel like "Kyoto is a very quaint city ~"The central road in Kyoto has a lot of traffic.Other cities like Osaka and Kobe have a lot of traffic, but more than that, Kyoto is a tourist city,There are few route buses and sightseeing buses.

If you are driving in the left-hand lane, you will be able to use the route bus that stops in front of you, and you will often be blocked from going to the sightseeing bus that turns right.

I wonder if there is a way in Kyoto for these parts too.

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  1. PorscheDreamer

    I am reacting to the local bed.

    If you are in the north of Kyoto, R367 likes to drive leisurely. It ’s an image through the cedar forest. If you have time to get to the northern end of Lake Biwa, it is the best.
    R162 is also good. However, it may be crowded because the entrance from the city is a sightseeing spot.
    R477 also has a taste around Hanatsubashi, but it is very narrow when entering from R367, so it is safer to go up F (prefecture) 38 from Kurama. If going around from R367, will it be in the form of F40 heading west on F40?

    If you do not want to go out and only need to make one run, it is easy to make a U-turn from Kita-Shirakawa to Shiga Crossing Road (F30) to the entrance of Hieizan Driveway. It is a course that runs to prevent the battery of the car in your home from running out. There will be no traffic signal after passing Betsutocho (be careful of the temporary stop of Tsubakicho T!). The route bus runs, and it is also a commuting route for houses in Hieihei, but it is a mountain path that is rich in variety.
    If it is better not to go on a mountain path, why not go out of Yase at R367, turn left at F40, enjoy a drive around Shizuhara and return to Iwakura (reverse direction is also acceptable).

    I'm looking forward to Mina's video.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much! !
      I am very happy to receive detailed information.
      Next time I will run!

      Hana back, I heard it after a long time (laughs)
      I remember going to a junior high school or something, but the nature was beautiful,
      The road is narrow.

      Kyoto driving road is almost undeveloped,
      I thought it would be a very fun way to go in Boxster.
      Thank you!