Recommended overseas drama recommended for Porsche fans - A way of looking at one unusual movie of husband

Air-cooled Porsche

I like cars, but I am not interested in movies

My husband likes cars both oneself and others admit, but it seems that he is not interested in anything about the movie. Meanwhile, since I like movies, from ordinaryAmazon Prime VideoI am watching quite a few movies.(Have you been increasingly looking at Netflix recently?)

However,When I threw a topic of a movie to my husband, I always responded like "pushing on goodwill",

Me: "I'm pretty good at ◯◯"
Husband: "I do not understand. Everyone looks like the same face."

Me: "Hugh · Jackman starring ◯◯, it was really good!"
Husband: "Who did you listen to it for the first time"
Me: "No, no, I have said about 100 times so far (; ゚ Д ゚)! That person who came out of that X-MEN!"
Husband: "I do not know"

I feel like it.

Once you get talked about cars"That is the latter type of ◯◯" or "Because the shape of the light slightly differs ◯◯"Although I can instantly distinguish it, why can not you distinguish human face so much ... I really do not care.

Speaking of a movie the husband sees

Even such husband sometimes watches movies. When I say "I am unusual to see a movie,"Sure, the main character is on the 911, so I am watching it, but 911 of the bottom is important!"He is doing fast-forwarding while mumbling.

... ... it does not say to the general public that "I am watching a movie" (-_-)

To the best of my knowledge, the movie my husband had watched at home,

① Starring Tom Cruise"Top gun"... The hero's girlfriend's instructor"Porsche 356"Riding in
② Starring Tom Cruise"Graduation white paper"... The hero's father's"Porsche"There is a scene to ride
③ Starring Hugh Grant"About a boy"The hero is"Audi TT"Riding in
④ Starring Jim Carrey"Liar Liar"The hero is"Mercedes · Benz SL"Riding in
⑤ Starring Tom Cruise"Mission Impossible Series"The hero is"BMW"Ya"Audi"Because I am on board
⑥ Starring Jason Statham"Transporter series"The hero is"Audi"Riding in
⑦ "007 series" ... James Bond"Aston Martin"Riding in

About it.(I do not seem to be interested in wild speed)

However, because I am watching it for car purpose"What kind of story is About About a Boy?"Even if you ask"I forgot ... a story where some children come out."It is an end to say.

Californication drama

Such a husband recently"CalifornicationThe American drama is so much funny. I will stop after heading. "It has been said. "Why are you going to have anything Porsche or something?""The hero is on the air-cooled 911 Convertible (964)!"When.

* Image Source: https: //

However, despite starting to watch for Porsche, the content is interesting and seems to be watching until the season 4 this season. By the way it is such a guy.

* Image quotation: Paramount · Pictures "Californication"

"Californication daily life of a novelist" (Californication is too much Californication, Californication)Love comedy of the United States made from 2007 to 2014(TV drama). A total of seven seasons total 84 times (once 28 minutes).
Starring David DucavnyIn this role of Hank, in addition to winning the 65th Golden Globe Award TV Division's Best Actor Award (Comedy Division), received high praise such as being nominated for numerous awards,Masterpiece after "X file".

Synopsis seems to be like the following.

Novelist Hank Moody, although his debut work was a best seller, the work to be announced later is not sung, it does not fly, he can not write a novel at all. Karen who was parted is still incompetent Talatara, even though he loves daughter Becka, who is living separately from the heart, he lived a life that drowned in drinking by hands to women at random. Still, Hank desperately seeks Becka's attention, but it will cause various uproar.
* Source: Wikipedia "Californication"

Light broke 911

This californication seems to be interesting because the content is comedy and it's hard to see"911 Convertible (964) frequently appears after all"It seems.(Moreover, the right light was broken at the beginning, but the hero is running with no light)

* Image Source: http: //

I feel scared as if my eyes were plucked out without any light ... it hurts ... (; ゚ Д ゚)). My husband,

Normally, saying that a car appears in a movie or drama, when it comes out at the time of car action, it gets frustrating,In Californication, 964 appears frequently as "main partner"And. The main character riding this 964 often talking to the daughter and moving, ... Anyway, since there are many scenes of car appearance than other movies and dramas.

He said. By the way, the roof of 911 Convertible (964) coming out in this drama seems to be always open.

If you are a car lover, someone wants to see a car that appears in a movie or drama(Do you have such a person?)"Californication"I heard that it is recommended.

Well ... recently my husband said "air cooling! Air cooling!" Is not the effect of this drama perfectly ... ((゚ Д ゚))! What?

The day when my husband purchases an air-cooled Porsche may also be really close ... (Continued)

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