Porsche new Macan, production starts-Japan will be released in early 2019?

Porsche Makan

* Image Source: Porsche Japan official website "Porsche The new Macan"

Mass production first car, line off

Last 30th August"The first mass-produced car of the new type Makan was completed", Porsche announced.

Makan at the Los Angeles Motor Show in the fall of 2013,Compact SUV which is one size smaller than "Cayenne"It was announced as. It began selling in 2014 the following year,Since the world cumulative sales since popular models exceeding 350,000 sinceAnd grew up.

And this time,At the Leipzig factory in Porsche, Germany, the first improved 2nd model Makan line 1 was offThat's why.(The 2-door model is headquartered in Stuttgart Factory, 4 door models such as Panamera, Makan and Cayenne are produced at Leipzig factory)

Exterior of new type makan

New Makan is equipped with the latest LED headlights as standard.

It seems to mess up far. And when you look closely it is "PORSCHE" logo in the light.(In the light of Panamera of our house, there was a logo when I looked for it)

Like the new model such as new Panamera and the new Cayenne,A newly designed tail lamp connected in a row, 4 light bulb lampWas adopted.

Interior of new type makan

The interior dashboard design has also undergone a major change, the touch panel of the center console is large and easy to operate.

For steering, it is optionalSelect GT sports steeringIt is also possible. When "Sports Chrono Package" is selected, a mode switch and a sports response button are arranged on the steering wheel.

As a result of pursuing the driving performance exceeding the conventional type,It seems that he succeeded in improving comfort while maintaining running stability.It is rumored that 420 new machines will be produced per day from the beginning of September and will be released as early as 2018 or early 2019 in Japan.

I wrote about the appearance of a new type Macaca in July this year at Shanghai World Premier in China in this article.

→ 【Reference Article】 New type Macacan announced at Shanghai World Premier in China! - What has become new?

Also, on youtube's Porsche channel, a new model Makan 's exterior and some interior videos are released. It is a movie whose concept is completely different from 911 and Panamera, in a sense that it is not like Porsche ... it was fresh.

* The new Porsche Macan. Exterior design.

Makan, I do not want to try test rides when I come to Japan. I have not tried any new Cayenne yet, so I would like to go to the test drive within close range.

* Article quotation: Porsche Makan Improvement New type, mass production first car off line

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